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10 JoJo's Cosplays That Look Straight Out Of The Anime

10 JoJo’s Cosplays That Look Straight Out Of The Anime

The animated series “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” tells the story of a family with a long history of fighting supernatural enemies for decades. Whether they’re vampire minions or shadowy mob bosses, these heroes (each with a JoJo title) use their extraordinary abilities to win.

The show has become a favorite among anime fans for its cross-generational storytelling and colorful manga-like presentation. It’s also an Instagram cosplayer favorite for its unique animation style and elaborate costumes. Some of these fan-made designs are so on-topic they seem to come straight from the anime itself.

Bruno Bucciarati

Bucciarati is the most fan-favorite character in “Golden Wind”, leading a gang of protagonists to which protagonist Giorno belongs. His stand is called “sticky fingers” and can create zippers on any surface. Spanish cosplayer Akimeru perfectly captures the essence of Bucciarati. Although the characteristic facial lines of JoJo cosplay are not prominent, the character’s calmness and intelligence are evident. They pay attention to detail, from their blue eyes to their signature white suits.

Giorno Giovanna

Giorno is the protagonist of the Golden Wind saga. The illegitimate son of the Joestar family has a double called “Golden Experience”, which can give life energy to any object. Cosplayer Shunsuke perfectly portrays Giorno with his slender physique and graceful posture. Although he doesn’t pay much attention to facial lines either, his costumes are impeccably detailed. The blonde wig was styled to mimic JoJo Italy’s signature curls, while the purple suit was adorned with the character’s ladybug brooch and heart-shaped collar.

Kujo Jotaro

Jotaro is the protagonist JoJo in “Stardust Crusaders” and one of the most popular cosplayer characters in anime. He is the grandson of Joseph Joestar and wields the super strength of the Platinum Star double. Cosplayer Kai from Singapore physically embodies Jotaro’s muscular build and tough-guy personality. When the character first appears, he wears a high-necked black trench coat with gold chains and a dramatic sun hat. While Kai avoids JoJo’s facial lines, his outfit incorporates it into the T-shirt.

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Cesar Zibelli

Caesar, an ally of Joseph Joestar in Battle Tendency, has no stand-in but has energy-based ripples; his unique ripples allow him to weaponize bubbles. Makeup artist Vxltaage gave Caesar a glamorous and colorful interpretation with a pink scarf and a powder-yellow headband that embodies the character of the anime.

His makeup in this cosplay is excellent, making perfect use of facial lines that mimic the series’ anime style. He also adds an extra touch by editing Caesar’s signature bubbles.

dior brando

Dio is the most recognizable villain in the series, making his debut in the first installment, Phantom Blood. Later in the series, he acquires a stand-in named “World” that can stop time. Makeup artist A Wild Raggy captures this antagonist in all its menace and cunning through cosplay. Instead of including JoJo’s facial lines, they focused on the darker colors on the lips and eyes to emphasize how evil Dio really is. Raj also donned an identical gold jacket from the anime, complete with a detailed rendition of the Dior heart-shaped headband.

Narancia Gilga

Narancia is part of the gang in Winds of Gold, using a stand-in called Aerosmith, which resembles a micro-fighter. He helps Giorno in his adventures in the Italian underworld. Cosplayer Olivia Joestar truly embodies the wide-eyed youth of the teenage gangster.

While the specifics of Narancia’s signature orange outfit aren’t as clear in this cosplay, the makeup and hair are perfectly styled. What really makes this job work is poise and attitude; an important aspect of a good JoJo cosplay is posing with confidence.

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Josuke Tokata

Jousuke is the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar, the protagonist of “Diamond” is the indestructible arc. His stand-in is the Crazy Diamond, which can restore objects to their previous state. Cosplayer Emely’s look could almost be mistaken for an anime screenshot. The highlight of this cosplay was the hair and makeup; the facial lines perfectly reflected JoJo’s design, and the wig was a perfect replica of Josuke’s famous pompadour, right down to the little curls in the back.

devil dior

Before getting his double, the villain Dio turned into a vampire in order to become the most powerful man in the world. As a result, he was able to wreak havoc on the Joestar family for generations. Alexey Shiryu perfectly captures the essence of this demon through his cosplay. While the clothes are simpler than other Dio outfits, the selling point of this look is the makeup. The face, with its sharply defined lines and bushy eyebrows, puts the spirit of anime at the forefront. The extra glowing eye filter really mimics Dior’s vampiric tendencies.

Jorin Kujo

With the recent announcement that a Sea of ​​Stones chapter is coming to the series, there are sure to be more cosplays of the first female JoJo in the near future. Jorin is Jotaro’s daughter, and her double is Stoneless, which allows her to untie herself into a rope. Russian model Dariana looks exactly like the series’ highly anticipated new heroine. Her use of JoJo’s signature facial lines is subtle, but her other cosplay is exquisite. Not only are her wigs and costumes richly detailed, but they also include Jolene’s unique butterfly tattoo.

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Joseph Joestar Sr.

The elder Joseph, who appeared as a young man and protagonist in “Battle Tendency”, returns to help his grandson Jotaro in “Stardust Crusaders”. He’s the only JoJo who uses both Ripple and a body double. The portrait of Russian cosplayer and make-up artist Siliciummp is an exact replica of Joseph the Elder. With the use of silicone, makeup and the signature wide-brimmed hat, this friendly hero seems to have jumped out of real life straight out of the anime.

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