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6 Anime That Turned Boring Subjects Into Exciting Stories

6 Anime That Turned Boring Subjects Into Exciting Stories

It’s quite a feat to turn a mundane and boring subject into a complex, well-developed storyline that manages to keep the viewer’s interest intact. Imagine finding joy in something like calligraphy or cleaning and organizing. These stories were so well-received that they were turned from manga into anime almost immediately. These kinds of anime excel at turning almost every mundane subject into engaging content. Whether it’s the voice acting, script, or animation, nothing is left unturned. Well, that’s exactly what these anime specialize in. A simple and seemingly boring story can have you clutching on the edge of your seat with excitement. Let’s look at six anime that convert boring subjects into exciting stories.


6/6 Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun (2017)

You can’t get a plot line that deals with such contrasting themes as Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun. As the name suggests, the anime centers around Aoyama-kun, a top sports player in his school, who has mysophobia. Aoyama is obsessed with cleanliness, but plays soccer, a sport that often involves rolling in the dirt. It’s rather interesting to see Aoyama balance his obsession with cleanliness while also playing his part on the field. The audience can see how Aoyama’s mysophobia can become an obstacle for him as he at times spends hours scrubbing the locker room instead of attending practice. Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun is rather heart-warming at times as the viewer can see the relationship between Aoyama and his fellow teammates, and how they all dote on the former. In addition, the show is hilarious. Some episodes might leave the audience with tears running down their eyes, as they watch Aoyama spend an entire episode focusing mostly on how good washcloths smell.

5/6 Tanaka-kun is Always Listless (2016)

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless is one anime that’s bound to take the audience by surprise. As the name suggests, the anime centers around Tanaka, who spends most of his time doing as little as possible. The premise makes one wonder what more could there be to the anime if the main character doesn’t even want to move. Well, one would be surprised at how hilarious the anime can get. Tanaka can be lulled into sleep in any situation (yes, even situations where one would expect an adrenaline rush) leaving the audience in a fit of laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation. In addition, the show does well to highlight how friends can come together to help others work through some of their dysfunctional personality characteristics.

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4/6 Barakamon (2014)

Calligraphy holds quite a lot of historical importance, particularly in Japanese culture. Though not many people would want to watch an anime where the characters spent most of the time perfecting their brush strokes. Well, Barakamon is definitely going to make the audience rethink the earlier statement. Barakamon centers around Seishuu Handa, a man in his twenties who has dedicated his life to calligraphy. The overarching theme of the anime centers around calligraphy, but it sheds light on Handa’s dysfunctional personality. From the get-go, the audience is shown that Handa is definitely dealing with some issues (if him being sent away to a remote island for punching his calligraphy master is something to go by).

The anime tackles quite a few sensitive issues, as Handa slowly learns how to take care of himself and others around him. The anime does well to balance serious topics and more light-hearted ones. One can’t help but melt at the hyperactive Naru Kotoishi and her antics. Barakamon also has a prequel spin-off called Handa-kun, which is about Handa’s high school days. For those who can’t get enough of the hilarious anime, would definitely enjoy the prequel as well. Many fans are even waiting for a well-deserved new season.

3/6 Silver Spoon (2013)

With the fast pace of modern-day life, it’s hard to imagine that an anime centering around farm life would have much entertainment to offer. Well, Silver Spoon is here to prove those assumptions wrong. The anime centers around Yugo Hachiken, who enrolls in an agriculture boarding school to learn how he can support his family farm. The show teaches quite a few lessons to its audience. Some are more sensitive than others. For instance, the anime does an excellent job of depicting the unfair reality of having to give up one’s dream as seen with Hachiken’s classmate, Komaba, who has to give up on his dreams to help pay off his dead father’s debts. In addition, the anime sheds light on financial struggles and dealing with change. What makes Silver Spoon unique is that it does not lull its audience into a fantasy world; instead, the anime shows the audience an unfiltered version of our reality.

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2/6 One Punch Man (2015 – Present)

Even those who aren’t as familiar with anime have probably heard of Saitama or One Punch Man as more popularly known. The anime centers around Saitama, a superhero, who can win any battle with a single punch. The premise makes one wonder if there’s really any room for suspense or excitement if the battle ends after a single hook. Despite the seemingly boring premise, the anime is actually hilarious. Just a few episodes in, and one can understand why the anime has gathered such a few fans following. Saitama’s power seems to know no limit, but his appearance and personality are quite different from your average hero. Saitama is dorky and collects coupons as a hobby. The best thing about the show is that it uses all the cliché shonen tropes, but plays on them in such a way that the audience is left either amused or surprised (or a little bit of both). Moreover, the anime itself is beyond visually stunning.

1/6 Chihayafuru (2011-2013)

Many might be hearing about karuta for the first time, as the card game is quite old-fashioned and definitely an obscure hobby. The game requires players to memorize the positions and cards which contain lines from a popular Japanese poem anthology. Chihayafuru follows Chihaya and her two close friends Arata and Taichi, as the trio form a competitive karuta club at their high school.

While the overarching theme is that of karuta and the show has some analysis and gameplay strategy, the real emphasis of the anime is the characters. Chihayafuru is a contrast to the usual fast-paced, explosive, fan-service-filled anime that have recently flooded the industry. Instead, Chihayafuru has a rather calming pace, giving enough room for each character to develop. Take the main lead, Chihaya, for instance; she’s idealistic and naive, yet one can’t help but grow fond of her and admire her passion. Due to this, it was one of the most anticipated anime of the 2010s.