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A Basis For Blackmail Hogwarts Legacy Wiki, Guide And More
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A Basis For Blackmail Hogwarts Legacy Wiki, Guide And More

A Basis For Blackmail Hogwarts Legacy

One of the relationship quests in Hogwarts Legacy is called “A Basis for Blackmail”. In this quest, the player takes on the role of Natty Onai and must speak to Mr. Bickle’s associates to learn more about Theophilus Harlow, the person who killed Mr. Bickle. To access this quest, the player must complete the previous Natty quest called “Mum’s the Word” and the main quest titled “In the Shadow of the Mine”. This guide provides players with detailed instructions on how to find Mr. Bickle’s associates and rescue Natty.

A Basis For Blackmail – Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

Hogwarts Legacy, an action role-playing game developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Games under its Portkey Games label, is set in the Wizarding World universe. The game takes place in the late 1800s, one hundred years before the events of the Harry Potter novels. As the player, you control a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who learns various magical abilities and employs different magical objects with the help of fellow students and professors. Your quest involves discovering an ancient secret of the wizarding world.

In Hogwarts Legacy, “A Basis for Blackmail” is a Side Quest that is not essential to progress through the game’s main story. However, finishing these Quests can be advantageous in obtaining Rewards. These quests may also act as tutorials for new activities and provide some background information or Lore about the Harry Potter Universe.

A Basis For Blackmail Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Guide

Once you have finished “Mum’s the Word” and “In the Shadow of the Mine” quests, Natty will send you a letter requesting a meeting just south of Hogsmeade. Following your conversation with Natty, proceed to Hogsmeade and begin your search for Mr. Bickle’s associates: Daisy Rabe, Otto Dibble, and Agabus Philbert. For information on where to locate each of them, refer to the list below:

  • Daisy Rabe can be found on the third level of The Three Broomsticks.

  • Otto Dibble can be located outside of Gladrags Wizardwear.

  • Agabus Philbert is situated outside of the home that is southwest of The Magic Neep.

Upon completing conversations with all three of Mr. Bickle’s associates, return to the location where you initially met up with Natty. Upon arrival, you will notice Natty’s absence. Proceed towards the small dock behind the Hog’s Head Inn, where you will discover Natty’s wand carefully placed on top of some boxes as a warning. Next, use the spell “Revelio” to reveal Natty’s footprints and follow them toward the southern side of the inn. Here, you will come across an entrance to an Ashwinder Hideout.

As you enter the Ashwinder Hideout, you will come across a dead-end with three barrels. To open the secret entrance, utilize the “Accio” spell to pull the handles of the barrels until they reach the stoppers that are marked by nearby lanterns. If you fail to pull the barrels all the way, they will reset, and the entrance will remain closed.

After entering through the hidden entrance, you will encounter a region teeming with Ashwinders, including the notorious foe Gwendolyn Zhou, whom you must defeat. Along with the primary mission of locating Natty, you will also receive two secondary tasks: finding Agabus Philbert’s book of poems and retrieving Otto Dibble’s love letter.

Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Guide

Finding Agabus Philbert’s Book of Poems

To locate Agabus Philbert’s Book of Poems, head towards the west side of the room, where you will come across a wall of barrels. The Book of Poems can be found inside the chest that is situated on the table positioned in front of the barrels.

Finding Otto Dibble’s Love Letter

To locate Otto Dibble’s Love Letter, make your way toward the southeast and ascend the stairs that are flanked by wooden crates. Continue on to the next platform by performing a “mantle” maneuver, and you will find the Love Letter inside a chest.

Finding Natty

After successfully defeating all the Ashwinders, ascend the northern stairs and proceed through the door ahead. Inside, you will encounter Natty and Isko Rabe. Engage in a brief conversation with Isko Rabe before casting the “Revelio” spell near the table located at the center of the room. This will unveil a chest that holds Mr. Rabe’s wand. Utilize the “Alohomora” spell to unlock the chest and retrieve the wand. Return the wand to Mr. Rabe, step back, and let him free himself along with Natty.

Now, retrace your steps and exit the Ashwinder Hideout. Despite Natty’s warning of an impending battle, no Ashwinders will emerge. After exiting the hideout, converse with Officer Singer to conclude the Natty Relationship Quest titled “A Basis for Blackmail.”

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