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A Bird In The Hand Hogwarts Legacy Walkthrough, Gameplay Trailer, Guide, Wiki
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A Bird In The Hand Hogwarts Legacy Walkthrough, Gameplay Trailer, Guide, Wiki

A Bird In The Hand Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

In Hogwarts Legacy, players must first complete Professor Rackham’s Trial before beginning Poppy Sweeting’s questline. They will then have the opportunity to officially meet Poppy by attending Professor Howin’s magical creatures class. Players can anticipate receiving regular owls from Poppy after completing this main quest, asking the protagonist to assist her in rescuing a variety of magical beasts. In Hogwarts Legacy, A Bird in the Hand is the eighth Poppy-related relationship quest that players can complete, making it arguably the most difficult in her quest line. Poppy and the main character must enter some ruins, fight off a group of poachers, and find the Snidgets, bird-like creatures that were thought to have died out.

A Bird In The Hand Hogwarts Legacy Walkthrough

In Hogwarts Legacy, a relationship quest is called “A Bird in the Hand.” This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the A Bird in the Hand mission. 

  • Meet Poppy southwest of Brocburrow

Simply speak with Poppy near Brocburrow. We will need to travel to the hamlet of Brocburrow to begin his quest. This can be found southeast of Hogwarts Castle in the valley across the river. Poppy will be waiting for you by a series of ruins when you arrive. Go southwest. To properly begin the quest, proceed to speak with her here.

Talk to Dorran by following the quest marker. Dorran can be found at a different set of ruins if you follow the objective marker through the Kneazle den and to the southeast. Make your way here and talk to him.

  • Find a way to enter the ruins

The runes above the door in the distance and a set of three pillars in the foreground with several symbols on metal plates on the floor surrounding the pillars will present you with a puzzle after speaking with Dorran. Place the moonstone close to you on the pedestal. Accio/Depulso can be used to move the two pillars on the circular tracks along the tracks. Each pillar also has a lantern attached to it. Now, two symbols will glow on the door behind them. After taking a look at the symbols on the door, look for them both on the ground near the pillars. Now cast Accio and set one pillar on the ground opposite each symbol. Now the door will open if done correctly.

To get to the Gilded Perch, simply move over and enter the door that is now open. In the ruin, take the indicated route. Cast Incendio to break through the barrier after crossing the tree and arriving at a blocked path. You will come to another blocked path after the barrier. You must set two cubes on the ground before proceeding. Around the tree, to the left, is the first cube. To acquire the cube and place it on the left pedestal, cast Wingardium Leviosa. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the nearby crate, then turn around and place the second cube on the opposite side to obtain it. The second cube can be found by climbing it up. After retrieving the cube by casting Wingardium Leviosa once more, set it down on the right pedestal. To reveal the door, cast Glacius on the right cube and Incendio on the left cube, respectively.

If you defeat these individuals, a scene will play in which the centaurs join the battle. You’ll also have some Ashwinder Soldiers in addition to the Poachers, as well as additional Trackers, Stalkers, Rangers, Duellists, and an Animagus, which is just as well because soon afterward more enemies will begin to arrive. You will be attacked by some Poachers after you pass the door. To update your goals, use the centaurs to defeat all of the enemies. 

  • Unlock the doors to the Snidget Sanctuary

Reach the door after the fight, cast Glacius on the door’s lower half, and then open it. Approach the fancy-looking door on the eastern side of the room to continue. To open them, interact with them. To end the side quest, go through the doors and start a scene. This concludes the Harry Potter quest A Bird in the Hand: Legacy of Hogwarts.

A Bird In The Hand Hogwarts Legacy Guide

A Bird in the Hand is a side quest in Hogwarts Legacy’s Poppy Sweeting questline. This Poppy Sweeting quest is a continuation of It’s in the Stars and requires Poppy to solve a Moonstone puzzle and locate the elusive creatures she has been seeking.

  • Meet Poppy south of Brocburrow and lead him inside the ruins jointly to complete Darren and find a Moonstone puzzle.

  • For each statue to shine its light on the moonstone and the sigils behind it, move the sun statue toward the door, then pull the green moon statue toward Darren. You will be able to proceed and enter The Gilded Perch as the door will be opened by this.

  • After passing through the ruin, turn right to find a tree and several branches blocking your path. 

  • After eliminating them with Diffindo or Confringo, run to the far end and turn left. A metal cube on a shelf can be found after you turn left once more to run toward the brown box on the left. Apply Accio to it and place it on the ground’s fiery metal circle.

  • After moving the crate to the right side of the room with Wingardium Leviosa, use Leviosa to raise it and climb up to the second level, where a metal cube with a purple glow awaits. Cast Glacius on it and Incendio or Confringo on the fiery one to open the way, then return it to the icey circle on the ground.

  • To start a fight, go into the courtyard in the next room. After the fight is over, open the door on the other side of the room to find the quest’s end.

Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

Hogwarts Legacy is an action role-playing game released in 2023 by Warner Bros. Games, Portkey Games, and Avalanche Software. The game is set in the Wizarding World universe in the late 1800s, a century before the events of the Harry Potter books. The player takes control of a Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry student who, with the aid of other students and professors, learns how to use diverse magical capabilities and objects and is concerned about the finding of an old wizarding world secret. It was released on February 10, 2023, for Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, after some uncertainties. It will then be obtainable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Trailer

The action role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy is viewed from a third-person perspective. Influenced by the Wizarding World franchise, it is set in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and its surroundings. The Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade can both be explored by the player. Attending classes is one of the most important things for the player to do. There is a distinctive common room in each of the four known Hogwarts Houses Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Only the player’s current house, as selected by the Sorting Hat, can access these rooms. The player receives a variety of exclusive quests in addition to the house they select. The castle’s interior and exterior visually transform with the seasons as you progress through the game. The music in the game also changes as the player character moves through the open world. There are noticeable differences in the specific common rooms that can only be accessed by choosing the appropriate schoolhouse.

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