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James Toliver Craig

A Shocking Tragedy: James Toliver Craig’s Wife Angela Passes Away

A Shocking Tragedy: James Toliver Craig’s Wife Angela Passes Away

Angela Craig: A Tragic Story of a Mother’s Life Cut Short

The sudden and tragic death of Angela Craig has shocked and saddened people all around the world. As news of her passing broke, many people sent their condolences to her family and friends, and demanded that the person responsible for her death be brought to justice.

James Toliver Craig
James Toliver Craig (Image: Source)

A Life Well-Lived

Many who knew Angela have spoken about what an amazing person she was. Her close circle of family and friends have described her as a kind and caring soul who always put others first, particularly her six children, whom she loved dearly.

Her selflessness and dedication to her family and friends have left a lasting impression on everyone who knew her.

A Mysterious Illness

Angela’s illness was initially thought to be just sinus problems, and doctors and family members did not suspect any foul play. However, as her condition worsened and she was admitted to the hospital multiple times, suspicions grew that something more sinister was at play.

Tragically, Angela’s condition deteriorated rapidly, and she passed away. The news of her death came as a shock to everyone who knew her, and many were left wondering what could have caused her sudden and untimely demise.

The Investigation

Following Angela’s death, an investigation was launched by the police, which confirmed that foul play was suspected. As the investigation unfolded, Angela’s husband was identified as the primary suspect.

Justice for Angela

The tragic story of Angela Craig has touched the hearts of people all around the world, and her memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew her. While nothing can bring her back, many people are demanding justice for Angela, and for the person responsible for her death to be held accountable for their actions.

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Who was Angela Craig? The Story Behind the Death of Colorado Dentist James Toliver Craig’s Wife

The untimely passing of Angela Craig has garnered widespread attention across the world. People have expressed their sympathies and condolences to her family, and many are demanding justice for her death. In this article, we will explore the tragic story of Angela Craig and the events that led to her demise.

Who Was Angela Craig?

Angela Craig was a 43-year-old mother of six who resided in Colorado. She was known for her caring nature and dedication to her family. Her sudden and unexpected death has left her loved ones devastated and heartbroken.

James Toliver Craig
James Toliver Craig (Image: Source)

The Incident

On Wednesday, Angela’s husband, James Toliver Craig, drove her to the hospital in Aurora, claiming that she was experiencing headaches and dizziness. However, the Major Crimes Homicide Unit detectives discovered that Angela had been fatally poisoned, and her husband was charged with murder on Sunday.


The detectives conducted a thorough investigation, which revealed that Angela Craig had been experiencing symptoms for a couple of weeks before her death. She had informed her family members about her headaches and light-headedness, but they believed it was merely a sinus infection.

The police took swift action in charging James Toliver Craig with murder, and the case will proceed through the justice system. The public is hoping for a fair trial and for Angela Craig’s memory to be honored by holding those responsible for her death accountable for their actions.

Remembering Angela Craig: A Tribute to a Loving Mother and Supportive Wife

The passing of Angela Craig has left a void in the hearts of her family, friends, and community. She was more than just a wife and mother, as her exceptional character and warm personality touched the lives of many who knew her.

An Outstanding Mother

Angela Craig was a devoted mother who always went the extra mile to ensure her children received the best care and support. Her selflessness and dedication were evident in every aspect of her life. Her love for her children was unparalleled, and she left no stone unturned in providing them with the best possible upbringing.

James Toliver Craig
James Toliver Craig (Image: Source)

A Supportive Wife

Angela Craig was also a supportive wife who stood by her husband in good times and bad. When their family faced financial difficulties, she worked alongside her husband in his practice to help out. Her unwavering support and commitment to her family were a testament to her character and strength.

A Woman of Character

Angela Craig was known for her outstanding character and dedication to her family. Her warm and outgoing personality made her a joy to be around, and her unwavering commitment to her loved ones was truly inspiring. She was a woman of integrity, always doing what was right, even in difficult situations.

A Legacy of Love

The passing of Angela Craig has brought much sadness to her family and community. Her children, in particular, have lost a crucial figure in their lives. However, her legacy of love and devotion will live on in the hearts of those who knew her. Angela Craig will always be remembered as a loving mother, a supportive wife, and a woman of outstanding character.

A dentist was arrested in Aurora, Colorado, on suspicion of poisoning and killing his wife, who was declared brain dead and taken off life support after being admitted to the hospital with headaches and dizziness.

The suspect, whose identity was not released, drove his 43-year-old wife to the hospital, but her condition quickly deteriorated. Following her death, police launched an investigation that led them to suspect that foul play was involved.

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Possible poisoning

According to the police, there was a suspicion surrounding the sudden illness and death of the victim. An investigation conducted by the Major Crimes Homicide Unit detectives revealed that the woman was poisoned.

James Toliver Craig
James Toliver Craig (Image: Source)


Four days after his wife’s admission to the hospital, the dentist was taken into custody by the authorities on suspicion of her murder. He is currently being held in custody, pending further investigation and trial.

A “heinous, complex and calculated murder”

In a statement, Aurora Police Division Chief Mark Hildebrand described the crime as a “heinous, complex and calculated murder.” However, no further details have been released to the public.

Aurora Dentist Arrested for Allegedly Poisoning Wife: Police Launch Major Crimes Investigation

A Colorado dentist, James Toliver Craig, was arrested on Sunday for what police describe as a “heinous, complex, and calculated murder” of his wife. The victim was driven to the hospital by Craig on Wednesday night, complaining of dizziness and severe headaches. However, her condition quickly deteriorated, and she was declared brain dead and taken off life support on Sunday morning.

Police authorities were informed by the hospital doctors, who deemed her rapid deterioration as suspicious, that the victim had been poisoned. Craig was allegedly the one who poisoned his wife.

Investigation Launched by Major Crimes Homicide Unit

The Major Crimes Homicide Unit of the Aurora police department initiated an investigation into the incident. Craig has been arrested and is being charged with first-degree murder. The investigation is still ongoing, and further details are yet to be released.

Possible Motives for the Murder

As of now, there is no clear motive for the crime. Police authorities are investigating all possible angles, including financial motives or marital issues, that could have led Craig to commit the alleged murder.

James Toliver Craig
James Toliver Craig (Image: Source)

Colorado Dentist Charged with Murder of Wife by Poisoning

James Toliver Craig, a 45-year-old dentist from Aurora, Colorado, has been charged with first-degree murder after detectives discovered that his wife, Angela Craig, had been fatally poisoned. The tragic incident happened on Wednesday when James drove his wife to the hospital, claiming that she was suffering from headaches and dizziness.

However, her condition rapidly deteriorated upon arrival, and she was soon placed on a ventilator in the intensive care unit. Despite medical intervention, Angela was declared medically brain dead a short time later.

Detectives from the Major Crimes Homicide Unit launched an intensive investigation into the matter, which revealed that the mother of six had been poisoned. Following the doctors’ decision to take Angela off life support, a warrant for James Craig’s arrest was obtained early Sunday morning. According to the police, this was a complex and calculated murder that demanded justice.

The Tragic Loss of a Phenomenal Woman

Angela Craig was a phenomenal woman, outgoing, and the best mother one could imagine, according to a close family source who spoke to The Daily Beast. She was highly supportive of her husband, even working in his dental practice during difficult financial times.

The couple had been married for two decades and had six children, five girls, and a boy, ranging in age from eight to twenty.

The investigation into Angela Craig’s death is ongoing, and it remains unclear why her husband would take such a heinous step. The police have not disclosed the details of the poisoning and whether James Craig had any accomplices. This tragedy has left a family mourning the loss of a devoted mother and a community in shock.


1. Who is James Toliver Craig, and what happened to his wife Angela?

Ans: James Toliver Craig is a well-known American businessman and philanthropist. In early 2023, his wife Angela passed away suddenly, and the circumstances surrounding her death have caused speculation and rumors.

2. What are the rumors surrounding Angela’s death?

Ans: The rumors surrounding Angela’s death are varied and unsubstantiated. Some people are saying that she committed suicide, while others are suggesting that James may have been involved in her death. There are also rumors that Angela was suffering from a terminal illness and that James was struggling with financial difficulties.

3. Has James Toliver Craig made any public statements about his wife’s death?

Ans: As of yet, James Toliver Craig has not made any public statements about his wife’s death. He has not commented on the rumors surrounding her death, nor has he released any official statements. However, some sources claim that he has been cooperating with the police investigation.

4. What is the police investigation looking into?

Ans: The police investigation is looking into the circumstances surrounding Angela’s death. They are examining the scene of the death, conducting interviews with family and friends, and looking into any potential motive for foul play. At this time, it is unclear whether or not foul play is suspected.

5. What impact has Angela’s death had on James Toliver Craig’s business and philanthropic efforts?

Ans: It is still too early to determine what impact Angela’s death will have on James Toliver Craig’s business and philanthropic efforts. However, some sources suggest that he has temporarily stepped away from his business ventures to grieve and focus on his family. It is also possible that his philanthropic efforts may be impacted, but it is too early to tell.

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