Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali (2022)

Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali (2022)

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Hello everyone, wherever you are now which must be good right? In this free opportunity I will review an information related to Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali. Do you feel curious, for that see the discussion or review that I will give below.

Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali is a very romantic film directed by Mohana Krishna Indraganti. The Film has portrayed Sudheer Babu and also Krithi Shetty in the lead roles.

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And the music was also composed by Vivek Sagar. While the cinematography is done by P.G Vinda and edited by Marthand K Venkatesh. The Film was also produced by Mahendra Babu, and Kiran Ballepalli under the banner of Benchmark Studios.

Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali story

Naveen (Sudheer Babu) is one of the top directors in Tollywood who has made a blockbuster movie with the worst story. But in an attempt to see a film with a very good story of course.

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to be able to check the criticisms that came against it, a roll of film was invented. He has become fixated on the heroine after seeing the girl (Kriti Shetty) acting in the scroll.

Artist Performances

In his role as a commercial film director, Sudheer Babu has shown the necessary confidence and arrogance. He had been given a decent performance, but his actions in the emotional sequence of the second half were not right on target. This movie about “ammayi” and Krithi Shetty pulls it off very well.

Vennela Kishore as co-director Sudheer Babu has given some laughs. Rahul Ramakrishna did a neat job. Srikanth Aiynger as Krithi Shetty’s father is fine.

Technical Advantages

PG Vinda’s camerawork gel with a theme. Vivek Sagar’s music is weak. Lately, he gave the song a watch. And he also failed with his background score. The Editor ought to be firm in cutting length and also slow speed.

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