Al-Nassr FC Saudi Arabia Football Team Players, Salary, League, Owner, Trophies

Following Cristiano Ronaldo’s controversial exit from Premier League club Manchester United, the 34-year-old received a surprising offer from Saudi Arabian team Al-Nassr FC, find out who they are, their player, salary and owner

Al-Nassr FC were a relatively unknown club internationally but gained worldwide prominence after offering to sign Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

Al-Nassr FC Saudi Arabia Football Team Players, Salary, League, Owner, Trophies List

The teams total wage bill is: £26,346,060 per year; £506,655 per week · £26,346,060 per year · £506,655 per week. And now Ronaldo is said to have agreed a two-and-a-half year deal with Al Nassr – worth an eye-watering £173m-per-year.

Al-Nassr are currently one of the top teams in Saudi football and a giant in Asian football as well. All the club’s players, standing and results can be found here.

Al-Nassr FC Early History

Al Nassr was founded in 1955 by Zeid Bin Mutlaq Al-Ja’ba Al-Dewish Al-Mutairi. The team initially had its training sessions in an old playground located west of Al-Fotah Garden in Gashlat Al-Shortah. The place had a small football field with a small room to store equipments like balls and shirts.

Besides the Al-Ja’ba brothers, Ali and Issa Al-Owais were also among the early employees of the club. After the club was founded, it remained an amateur club until 1960, when they officially registered with the General Presidency of Youth Welfare.

During this time, Abdul Rahman bin Saud Al Saud had become the club’s leader, and Al Nassr began playing in the league’s second division.

Top-Flight Domestic League Football

Al-Nassr finally made it to the first division in 1963 and went on to win a list of trophies. The club managed to win four Saudi Premier League titles, six King’s Cups, and three Crown Prince Cups besides three Federation Cups during the years between the 1970s and 1980s.

Saudi football’s Golden Trio of Majed Abdullah, Fahd Al-Herafy, and Mohaisn Al-Jam’aan played a major role in the team’s overall success. Al-Nassr further won two Saudi Premier League titles besides a King’s Cup and a Federation Cup, in the 1990s.

International Success

Besides their domestic league success, the club also experienced international success. Al Nassr managed to win two GCC Champions Leagues, one Asian Cup Winners’ Cup, and one Asian Super Cup.

Al-Nasser FC also represented the AFC region during the first ever FIFA Club World Cup in Brazil in 2000. The cub experienced some major setbacks when the Golden Trio retired and narrowly avoided relegation in the 2006-07 season.

The club’s performances prompted honorary club members to take up action and come up with an effective long-term plan. The result was a completely revolutionized management and team members. Following this, Al-Nassr won the Federation Cup in 2008 against their city rivals Al Hilal.

Later in 2009-10, the club managed to finish in the third spot to securing Asian Champions League football next season. Al-Nassr finished as runner-up in the King Cup final in 201-12. Later in 2012-13, Al-Nassr reached the Crown Prince Cup final cementing its place as the Saudi giants again.

Club Logo And Colors

Al-Nassr has a club logo with the colors yellow and blue colors, depicting a map of Arabia. While the yellow color represents the Arabian deserts, the blue represents the water surrounding the Arabian Peninsula in the Arabian Sea, the Arabian Gulf, and the Red Sea.

Presently, the club replaced the old logo with a more modern version, which heavily influenced by the old club logo. The new logo specifically represents the football team, while the old logo represented the entire club.

Trophies And Achievements

Al-Nassr have an impressive trophy haul featuring 20 national top-flight trophies in total, along with 8 regional and friendly tournaments. Besides their trophies, the club also owns an impressive list of domestic and international records.

Al Nassr FC are the first Asian club to compete on an international level and recognized by FIFA as such. They are also the first club to win the FIFA Fair Play Award during the FIFA Club World Cup. Al-Nassr have also competed in four Asian Cup finals, winning twice and finishing second twice.

Owner And Chairman Of Al-Nassr

Musalli Al Muammar is the current owner and chairman of Al-Nassr FC.

Al-Nassr Cristiano Ronaldo Offer Amount

Al-Nassr FC offered a whopping $200 million a year offer to Cristiano Ronaldo.

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