Alex Snell Bio, Girlfriend, Parents, Height, Too Hot to Handle The Talks Today
Alex Snell Bio, Girlfriend, Parents, Height, Too Hot to Handle

Alex Snell Bio, Girlfriend, Parents, Height, Too Hot to Handle

Too hot to handle premiered in July 2023, and one of the British contestants this season is fitness trainer Alex Snell. This biography covers details about his girlfriend, parents, height and much more in the continuation of this article.

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Alex Snell on Netflix being too hot to handle

Alex Snell is on Netflix Too hot to handle as one of the hot singles competing for the $200,000 grand prize.

Netflix’s description of Alex reads: “This prince charming look is used to worrying about only two things: his hair and his vacation. Alex masked his indecision under the guise of spontaneity. He’s not breaking your heart, he’s just scheduled to leave at the last minute! However, when Lana forces Alex to stay in one place at the retreat and face his feelings head-on, how will this jet-setting Lothario cope?”

The show saw Alex hook up with Megan Thomson, but they were separated at first. Megan was interested in Alex even though he liked Ely Hutchinson at first. The two seemed to agree and they had “great conversation,” but as soon as Elys reached out to Alexa and asked if he wanted to hook up, he quickly forgot about Megan and left her heartbroken.

Before the series premiere, Alex announced: “This British gentleman is like a cup of English breakfast. Strong and full…Catch me on #TooHotToHandle July 14th @toohotnetflix @netflixuk @netflix.”

Alex Snell girlfriend

As of this writing, Alex has not revealed any information about his love situation. Despite this, his on-screen love life has attracted a lot of interest from “Too Hot to Handle” viewers. From the very beginning, the reality TV personality was attracted to Elys Hutchinson and even started an argument with her. Hunter LoNigro, however, was disappointed with her choice to share a bed with him. After learning about the few kisses Elys had shared with Hunter, Alex decided to focus on Megan Thompson instead of pranking her anymore.

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However, Elys also seemed to have a crush on Alex and was hurt to see him with Megan. Lana sent Elys on a date with Alexa to try to make things right, but asked her if she would rather continue dating Alexa. She ended up choosing him over Hunter, and Alex also made the decision to take her out on a date. This marked the beginning of their relationship, although as of this writing there has been no official word on whether they are still together or not.

According to his Facebook, Alex is single.

Furthermore, Alex probably dated someone Bianca Howl before.

How old is Alex Snell?

Alex Snell’s year of birth is 1996. So, in 2023, he turned 27 years old.

Who are Alex Snell’s parents?

Alex Snell is the son of Simon Snell and Jill Southwest. Simon is currently employed as a Training Director at Safeguarding Associates For Excellence (SAFE) Limited. Before he was employed, he served in the police force for 30 years.

During that time he took on various roles in protection. This included the Child Protection Specialist Lead, the Police Representative for the LSCB (including the Vice Chair of the Cornwall Serious Cases Review Group and a member of the Child Death Review Commission) Vulnerable Adults, Domestic Abuse and Family Links.

He went on to specialize in child sexual exploitation research and response. At the time, he oversaw the training committee of the National CSE Action Plan, and as part of that role led the team that briefed ministers on the new threat. For a number of serious child abuse investigations, Simon also took on the role of senior investigator; for his efforts in this regard, he was recognized by the chief constable and the judge.

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After retirement, Simon continued training and consulting in the field of protection. He has delivered training on behalf of several agencies including the College of Policing, Devon & Cornwall Police, Barnardo’s, the NSPCC and the Football Association. Furthermore, in January 2020, Simon became a member of the board of trustees of the Association of Child Protection Professionals (ACPP).

Alex’s mother Jill is also employed as Safeguarding Associates for Excellence Ltd at SAFE Ltd. She also served as a police officer at the age of 29.

Besides Alex, Jill and Simon also have a son named James Snell. James works as a director at Snelsky Studios. Like his brother, he also attended Bournemouth University from 2015 to 2019.

The family came from Exeter, England, where his family still lives.

Alex Snell Business

Alex Snell works as a fitness trainer and encouraged people to stay on track with their fitness goals during England’s second national lockdown in 2020. He provided free personalized training sessions and asked individuals who used them to donate to Devon Mind.

Taking to Instagram in November 2020, Alex wrote: “I’ve been super busy creating a customizable home workout plan so you can keep training and progressing no matter what equipment you have.”

Explaining the design of the plans, Alex added: “Instead of doing random home exercises you find on Instagram or anywhere these templates give you a structured program you can follow to progress. No matter what equipment you have (or don’t have), you’re covered and you can change your workouts as you see fit.”

He continued: “I don’t want money to be the reason people don’t work towards their goals in this strange time. You can donate what you think is a fair price, and if you can afford to donate more, I encourage you to do so!”

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Visit his website to learn more about how he does his volunteer and charity work.

In addition to working as a fitness trainer, Alex also works as a model represented by J’adore Models.

Alex went to Exeter College and was also a student at Bournemouth University in 2014. He graduated in 2016 with a degree in Sports Psychology and Exercise Science, where he also played football for the school team.

Alex has gained a number of qualifications over the years, including a Level 1 Certificate in FA Football Coaching and a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport and Excellence. In addition, he holds certifications in first aid, health and human sciences.

Under the name Snell Fitness, Alex began offering his services as an online personal trainer in August 2019. His expertise in body transformation quickly saw his business flourish. Alex started working as a contract content specialist with Serenity Digital Marketing in September 2021. He is still working for the company as of this writing.

How much is Alex Snell net worth?

As of 2023, Alex Snell had a growing net worth of over $300 thousand.

Height of Alex Snell

Alex Snell, according to his J’adore profile, is 6’2”. His chest and waist were 39″ and 32″. Alex has brown eyes and hair. He believes he is also blessed with effortless hair.

Related FAQs

  • When is Alex Snell’s birthday?

Alex Snell’s birthday is March 4th.

  • Where is Alex Snell from?

Alex Snell came from Exeter, Devon. He now lives in London, United Kingdom.

  • Is Alex Snell on Instagram and Facebook?

Indeed, Alex Snell is on social media. He has Instagram (@alexsnelll), Facebook (@alexsnell10) and TikTok (@snellfit) pages.

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