Anthony Hernandez, the current middleweight champion in the UFC has four kids with his wife

Anthony Hernandez, the current middleweight champion in the UFC has four kids with his wife

Anthony Hernandez is a well-known mixed martial artist from the United States. In the Ultimate Fighting Championship at this time, he competes in the middleweight division. Since 2014, he has competed as a professional in bouts sanctioned by organisations such as Global Knockout and Legacy Fighting Alliance.

In 2010, Hernandez made his debut as an amateur boxer in Ring of Fire 1, facing off against Michael Green Jr. He was declared the winner of the match by all of the judges. This victory would signal the beginning of a winning streak that would last for eight fights.

At the 32nd instalment of the LFA, which took place in 2018, Hernandez and Brendan Allen competed for the organization’s middleweight championship. Hernandez was victorious by an overwhelming margin.

Hernandez faced up against Markus Perez for the first time in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on February 2, 2019, during UFC Fight Night: Assunco vs. Moraes 2. A successful anaconda choke on him in the second round resulted in his defeat.

At UFC Fight Night: Sandhagen vs. Song, which will take place on September 17, 2022, Hernandez will engage in combat with Marc-André Barriault. He has made 9 professional appearances and has been victorious in 7 of them, maintaining a victory ratio of roughly 78% throughout his career.

Anthony Hernandez

A Few Fast Facts

Full Name Anthony “Fluffy” Hernandez
Age 28
Date Of Birth October 18, 1993
Birth Place Dunnigan, California, United States
Profession MMA & UFC Fighter
Years Active 2014-present
Division Middleweight
Height 6 ft
Weight 185 lb
Spouse Kristie Hernandez
Instagram @ilovebamf

Anthony Hernandez And Wife Kristie Hernandez Are Happily Married

On March 19, 2017, the well-known mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and current UFC champion, Anthony Hernandez, wed his wife, Kristie Hernandez, to much joy and celebration. They have been together for over five years and have a thriving marriage.

On her Instagram account, which you can find by searching for her under the handle @kristinelhernandez, Kristie has published a number of images in which she is seen beside her spouse. It is said that she is both the wife and co-founder of the Instagram page that belongs to her husband.

More than 340 postings have been published on the fighter’s wife’s account, which has more than 1860 followers. The most of her posts are focused on her family, specifically her spouse and her children.

On the occasion of her anniversary with her husband Anthony, Kristie writes a sweet post on their wedding anniversary.

According to an anniversary post that Kristie published on one of her social media platforms, she and Anthony have known each other since the year 2014. Even when her husband is unsuccessful in his bouts at the UFC, Kristie will never stop being proud of him.

The greatest admirer that Anthony has ever had in his life is his wife, Anthony. She never stops believing in him and cheering him on to achieve his goals. Anthony has been victorious in a great deal of competition, bringing home prizes like as the LFA Middleweight Championship and the UFC performance of the night.

His name is Anthony Hernandez. Has Four Kids With His Wife Kristie Hernandez

The Hernandez family now consists of four members: Aaliyah Hernandez, Domenick Hernandez, Raphael Hernandez, and Catalina Hernandez. Anthony and his wife Kristie have been extremely fortunate to be the parents of four children.

Aaliyah, the eldest of the three daughters, will turn 12 years old on October 3, 2022. She is presently 11 years old. She is currently in the sixth grade of schooling. In a similar vein, Domenick is currently in the fourth grade and will turn nine years old in the year 2022. On April 6, 2013, he was brought into this world.

Raphael, the third child of the couple, is currently six years old and is enrolled in the first grade. The 28th of June, 2016, was the day he was born. Catalina, the youngest of the four children, is currently four years old. She is the only girl in the family.

On the occasion of Easter, Kirstie posts a family photo on her Instagram account and shares it with her followers.

It appears that Anthony has a healthy and happy family consisting of five people. According to their Instagram photos, they all live in the same place and participate in the same celebrations for each holiday. The couple never passes up an opportunity to spend quality time with their children or experience something new.

On her various social media platforms, you may find Kristie posting new photos of her children on every significant day. She never misses an opportunity to keep her fans up to speed about the many activities that her children participate in, and the most of the photos on her Instagram account are of her children.

Who exactly is Anthony Hernandez’s mother and father?

Anthony was born on October 18, 1993, in Dunnigan, California, United States, to his parents, which included his father, Hugo Hernandez, and his mother. Hugo Hernandez is Anthony’s biological father. In March of 2018, the mixed martial arts fighter was forced to deal with the loss of his father.

Hugo passed away unexpectedly in March due to an illness affecting his lungs. In addition to his support network and a parent who is an advocate for his family, he is survived by a talented youngster, his son Anthony, who thought of him as his best friend. He also left behind a parent who is an advocate for his family.

Anthony pays respect to his father and expresses his longing for him.

The mixed martial arts fighter often thinks about how much his father would be proud of him if he saw all of the hard work and success he’s had in his career. However, it appears that he does not talk very much about his mother.

You can find Anthony on Instagram under the moniker “ilovebamf,” and his account there has been validated by the platform. His social media network has more than 2500 posts and more than 25,000 followers combined.

Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez

Martial Arts Career

Amateur career

In 2010, at the Ring of Fire 1 event, Hernandez made his debut in the amateur ranks by competing against Michael Green Jr. He prevailed in the bout by way of a unanimous decision. This victory would prove to be the first of an eight-fight winning streak for the fighter, a streak that culminated in an opportunity to compete against Justin Jones for the King of the Cage Amateur Middleweight title. The bout was over after the first round when Hernandez submitted his opponent.

Early in one’s career

At LFA 32 in 2018, Hernandez competed against Brendan Allen for the Legacy Fighting Alliance Middleweight title. Allen was Hernandez’s opponent. Hernandez won a unanimous decision.

Hernandez went off against Jordan Wright in the tenth instalment of Dana White’s Contender Series. In spite of the fact that Hernandez knocked out his opponent forty seconds into the fight, the bout will be ruled a no contest since Hernandez tested positive for marijuana. He was disqualified for a period of six months and fined 15% of his total purse.

Ultimate Fighting Championship is an MMA competition.

When he fought Markus Perez on February 2, 2019, at UFC Fight Night: Assuncao vs. Moraes 2, Hernandez made his debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He was defeated in the second round by a choke from an anaconda.

At UFC Fight Night: Andrade vs. Zhang, which took place on August 31, 2019, Hernandez competed against Jun Yong Park. He won after submitting his opponent with an anaconda choke.

UFC on ESPN: Overeem vs. Harris took place on May 16, 2020, and featured Hernandez’s fight against Kevin Holland. After only 39 seconds, he was knocked out and lost the fight.

On January 16, 2021, Hernandez was supposed to compete against Rodolfo Vieira for the title of Jiu-Jitsu World Champion for the fifth time at UFC on ABC 1. However, Hernandez was forced to withdraw after receiving a positive COVID-19 test, and the fight was rescheduled for UFC 258 to take place on February 13, 2021. A major upset occurred when Hernandez won the bout by submitting his opponent with a guillotine choke in the second round. Because of this victory, he was given the award for Performance of the Night.

The fight between Hernandez and Punahele Soriano was set to take place at UFC Fight Night 190 on June 26, 2021. However, due to an injury, Hernandez was forced to withdraw from the event, and Brendan Allen was brought in to take his place at UFC Fight Night 192.

At UFC Fight Night 199 on December 18, 2021, Hernandez was supposed to fight Dustin Stoltzfus. However, the fight was cancelled. However, Hernandez withdrew from the competition owing to circumstances that have not been disclosed, and Caio Borralho, a rookie, took Hernandez’s position.

At UFC 273, the fight between Hernandez and Albert Duraev was set to take place on April 9, 2022. However, because of an injury to his ribs, Duraev was forced to withdraw from the competition, and Dricus du Plessis was selected to take his place. After some back and forth, the fight between Du Plessis and Josh Fremd was eventually rescheduled, and Hernandez took Fremd’s place on the card. [28] He prevailed in the bout by way of a unanimous decision.

At UFC Fight Night: Sandhagen vs. Song, which will take place on September 17, 2022, Hernandez is slated to compete against Marc-André Barriault.

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