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Anthony Rumble Johnson Girlfriend Belinda Was A Victim of Domestic Violence

Anthony Rumble Johnson Girlfriend Belinda Was A Victim of Domestic Violence

Anthony Rumble Johnson Girlfriend Belinda Was A Victim of Domestic Violence

In 2009, Belinda, Anthony Rumble Johnson’s girlfriend, said he was violent at home.

He was arrested and then released on bail, but he also had a three-year restraining order against him.

She told the police that he attacked her at work by coming up to her, grabbing her shirt behind the neck, and lifting her off the chair she was sitting on. In September 2014, the report was made public.

Johnson is said to have attacked her and knocked out two of her teeth. In 2012, the mother of two of Johnson’s children called the police to say that Johnson’s friends were making threats against her.

Anthony died at the age of 38 from a long-term illness. His violent behavior toward his ex-girlfriend has come back to light, and the details of how it all happened are a hot topic on social media.

Anthony Rumble Johnson

Domestic violence was done to Anthony Rumble Johnson’s girlfriend.

Belinda, who was with Anthony Rumble Johnson, was a victim of domestic violence. The police reports cover the years 2008–2014.

The person who was hurt says that the alleged assault by Johnson happened at the supplement store where she worked. Even though she had the security footage of what happened in 2012, she was convinced not to file a complaint.

In 2009, he was arrested after an argument with a different woman. He was accused of domestic violence, battery, making criminal threats, and breaking a phone to keep someone from calling the police.

She said Johnson pushed her, grabbed her under the arms, and threw her to the ground. He then grabbed her by the head and dragged her up the stairs.

Johnson started to pack up his things as he said that their fight over the weekend was the reason for the fight. Even though he told the woman to leave him alone, he said, she followed him into another room and kept arguing with him.

He said he picked her up and moved her to another room when she didn’t stop arguing, but the judges didn’t believe him and said he was abusive.

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Two of Anthony Rumble Johnson’s children are with his girlfriend

The woman who is dating Anthony Rumble Johnson is a mother of two kids.

Because of different types of domestic violence, his girlfriend didn’t want the media to know who her children are. She doesn’t want her kids to be watched by the media.

Anthony loved his kids very much and did everything he could for them. They were close friends and were seen together a lot. His children can’t get over the fact that he died recently.

Anthony’s relationship with the mother of her kids is not that great. When his father fought in the UFC, his kids would cheer and clap for him.

People know that they used to live with their mother and didn’t see Anthony very often. Online, it’s not easy to find out more about the children.

Anthony’s children lost a wonderful father when he died from his illness, and Anthony’s friends and family are sad about this.

Even though she was a victim of domestic violence and criminal threats, Johnson’s girlfriend never put her children in danger and always protected them from their father’s abuse and anger.

Anthony Rumble Johnson
Anthony Rumble Johnson

Early years

Anthony Kewoa Johnson was born in Georgia, in a town called Dublin. His grandparents raised him and adopted him when he was 2 years old. Early on, his grandfather and football player Walter Payton were the people he looked up to. He went to West Laurens High School and then got a wrestling scholarship to Lassen College in Susanville, California. There, he won the national junior college wrestling title. After college, he worked as a bouncer. At age 20, a friend suggested he try mixed martial arts because of his wrestling background.

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Mixed martial arts career

At UFC Fight Night 10, Johnson fought for the first time in the UFC. He knocked out Chad Reiner just 13 seconds into the first round. He took the fight with less than a week’s notice because Steve Bruno had to pull his rotator cuff and couldn’t fight. He was also seen in a past video for The Ultimate Fighter trying out for season six. However, he did not make it on the show for reasons that were not made clear.

At UFC 76, he fought Rich Clementi in his next match. In round two, a rear-naked choke put an end to the fight.

Johnson fought Tom Speer at UFC Fight Night: Florian vs. Lauzon right after his first loss as a pro. He won the fight by knocking out his opponent in the first round.

On July 19, 2008, Johnson fought Kevin Burns at UFC Fight Night: Silva vs. Irvin, which was shown live on Spike TV. During the fight, Burns kept poking Johnson in the eyes, even after being warned several times. In round three, Johnson was again poked in the eye, which caused his retina to crack and make it impossible for him to continue. But it was a controversial decision for referee Steve Mazzagatti to give Burns the win by technical knockout. Johnson tried to appeal the loss, but it was turned down because there was “no way out.”

At The Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale, Johnson fought Kevin Burns again in a rematch. Burns was knocked out of the match by a head kick from Johnson. “Knockout of the Night” and a $25,000 bonus were given to the knockout.

Anthony Rumble Johnson
Anthony Rumble Johnson

Johnson fought Luigi Fioravanti on February 7, 2009, at UFC Fight Night: Lauzon vs. Stephens. He won in the first round with a technical knockout.

Johnson was supposed to fight Matt Brown at the finale of TUF 9, but he had to pull out because he hurt his knee. At UFC 104, Johnson instead fought judoka Yoshiyuki Yoshida from Japan. Johnson weighed in at 176 pounds, which is five pounds more than the limit for a non-title welterweight fight, which is 171. He had to give up 20% of his fight pay because of this. Johnson knocked out Yoshida 41 seconds into the first round, but he didn’t make enough weight to get the Knockout of the Night bonus.

Johnson fought Josh Koscheck at UFC 106 on November 21, 2009. He did this right after his fight with Yoshida, in which he didn’t take much damage. Both Johnson and Koscheck won Fight of the Night for their match, which was won by Koscheck with a rear naked choke.

Johnson was supposed to fight John Howard at UFC LIVE: Vera vs. Jones on March 21, 2010, but he had to pull out because he hurt his knee while training.

Johnson thought about moving up to the middleweight division of the UFC because he hurt his knee.

[24] Johnson said on the Inside MMA episode from June 4, 2010, that he usually has to lose 55 pounds to get to 170. Even so, Johnson said that he may fight at 185 pounds, but he doesn’t plan to stay there. Instead, he wants to stay at 170.

In early 2011, Johnson went back into the ring. He fought Dan Hardy at UFC Fight Night 24 on March 26, 2011. Johnson won by unanimous decision because he was better at wrestling than Hardy. In the first round, Johnson dropped Hardy with a left head kick.

Johnson was supposed to face Nate Marquardt in the main event of UFC on Versus 4 on June 26, 2011. This would have been his first main event. However, he got hurt and had to pull out of the fight, so Rick Story took his place.

Johnson then fought Charlie Brenneman at UFC on Versus 6. He won the fight with a knockout in the first round, which was named Knockout of the Night.

Johnson tried to move up to middleweight for his next fight against Vitor Belfort on January 14, 2012, at UFC 142. Before the UFC 142 weigh-ins, Johnson’s doctors told him to stop losing weight and drink more water. Johnson weighed in at 197 pounds, which is 11 pounds more than the middleweight limit. The fight was still going to happen, but Johnson had to make sure he didn’t weigh more than 205 pounds on fight day or he would have to give Belfort 20% of his pay. On the day of the fight, Johnson weighed in at 204.2 pounds, and Belfort won by submitting Johnson in the first round. After the loss, Johnson was kicked out of the competition because he had again failed to make weight.

Championships of Titan Fighting

After being kicked out of the UFC, Johnson fought David Branch, who had also been in the UFC before. This match was at Titan Fighting Championships 22. On the day of the fight’s weigh-in, Johnson was again 8.2 pounds over the middleweight limit of 186 pounds. He came in at 194.2 pounds, which is 8.2 pounds over. Branch found out the morning of the weigh-in that Johnson would not make weight, so he came in at 189 lb. The fight was then set as a catchweight match at 195 pounds. This was the fourth time in Johnson’s professional life that he came in over the weight limit. Johnson won the fight by a vote of all the judges (30–27 on all cards).

Johnson fought Esteves Jones, who had been the King of the Cage Super Heavyweight Champion, in his first light heavyweight fight at Titan Fighting Championships 24. Johnson won by TKO in just 51 seconds of the second round.

On February 4, 2014, it was reported that Johnson had signed a deal with the UFC for four fights.

Johnson didn’t lose weight and fight in the welterweight division (170 lbs) when he came back. Instead, he weighed 205 lbs and fought in the light heavyweight division. In the co-main event at UFC 172, he fought top-ranked light heavyweight Phil Davis. Even though Johnson was a nearly 3-to-1 underdog, he beat Davis in his return fight. He won by unanimous decision after dominating all three rounds.

On July 26, 2014, at UFC on Fox 12, Johnson fought Antônio Rogério Nogueira in the co-main event. At 44 seconds into the first round, he knocked out his opponent and won the fight. Johnson also got his first bonus for Performance of the Night because he won.

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