Are Melinda And Layton Still Together from Married At First Sight? Melinda And Layton Relationship Timeline The Talks Today
Are Melinda And Layton Still Together from Married At First Sight? Melinda And Layton Relationship Timeline

Are Melinda And Layton Still Together from Married At First Sight? Melinda And Layton Relationship Timeline

Married At First Sight Australia 2023 wiki 

Married At First Sight is an Australian reality TV show based on the Danish series Gift Ved Første Blik. The program involves a group of strangers who are paired together by experts in a social experiment. The couples engage in an unofficial commitment ceremony, as the marriages depicted on the show are not legally binding under the Marriage Act. The show first premiered on Nine Network in May 2015 and has since aired ten seasons, as well as a two-part reunion special before the eighth season in 2021. In the show, couples meet for the first time at the altar, go on a honeymoon, and live together for a period before deciding at a weekly commitment ceremony whether to stay or leave the relationship. The experts encourage contestants to fully participate in all aspects of the experiment, which focuses on building relationships and companionship.

Are Melinda and Layton still together from Married at First Sight?

Layton and Melinda, the power couple of Married At First Sight Australia 2023, have placed their focus on their career ambitions instead of love. Despite being a great match on paper due to their shared love for luxury and hard work, their pride has posed as the biggest challenge in their relationship. Upon meeting for the first time, Melinda displayed a lack of trust and suspicion towards Layton, making their first meeting awkward. However, Layton found Melinda very attractive and seemed smitten with her. Melinda struggled to find a physical attraction towards Layton but decided to not give up on their relationship, and it worked in her favor. During intimacy week, they faced some challenges, but Layton stepped up by organizing a private dance class. Though there have been some arguments between the headstrong couple, they continue to persist. Fellow groom Harrison labelled their relationship “fake” and “toxic,” but Layton immediately shut down the claim and called Harrison out publicly, leading to Bronte taking the blame.

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Melinda and Layton where are they now?


Melinda, the CEO of Fashion & Beauty, is a confident and sassy businesswoman from Queensland who can intimidate people with her looks and intelligence. She has no problem attracting men but struggles to find the right kind of men. She can get emotional and pick fights in a relationship when she feels insecure and bored, leading to constant conflict in a relationship. Melinda wants an ambitious man who understands her lifestyle, won’t be clingy, and is equally business-minded.


Layton is a CEO of Biotech from New South Wales who has started multiple successful businesses, including a project in medicinal cannabis for pets. He is motivated and driven in his businesses, but struggles to make love a priority and puts work first, leading to failed relationships. At 35, he’s the only single person in his group of friends and is looking for a woman who shares his work ethic, determination, and drive, ultimately someone to grow his empire with. Layton is close to his parents and wants to be there to care for them as they grow older.

Melinda and Layton relationship timeline 

Melinda and Layton are both incredibly ambitious in their lives, but have struggled to find the perfect partner. They decided to take part in Married At First Sight to improve their work/life balance. Layton admits to having borderline perfectionism while Melinda considers herself a nine and a half on a bad day. They were both looking for someone who could fit into their busy lives and the experts matched them together. However, on their wedding day, Melinda wasn’t completely sure that Layton was the right man for her. In this article, we will follow their romantic journey in Season 10, starting from their first meeting down the aisle, to how their relationship is progressing in the experiment. Melinda had been preparing for her wedding day by getting Botox to reduce sweating, undergoing multiple beauty treatments, and making sure her businesses would continue to run smoothly in her absence

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