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Bad Bunny Throws Away Female Fan’s Phone Who Was Videoing Him (Watch Video)

Bad Bunny Throws Away Female Fan’s Phone Who Was Videoing Him (Watch Video)

Bad Bunny Throws Away Female Fan’s Phone Who Was Videoing Him (Watch Video)

Bad Bunny Throws Away Female Fan’s Phone Who Was Videoing Him: the responses on social media to a video where he throws a fan’s phone that went viral
Social media users have wildly divergent views on the pictures in which the current artist, Bad Bunny, throws the fan’s cellphone while it was being recorded.

Social media debates are to blame for the photographs of Puerto Rican musician Bad Bunny throwing a fan’s phone while they were recording together, which have already gone viral.

The pictures show how a young woman approaches the artist and starts filming a selfie. Bad Bunny starts to move, but after a short while she grabs the phone and throws it into the water, leaving the fan looking surprised and disappointed.

Bad Bunny defended his behavior in response to it.
The “Bad Rabbit” recently defended himself on his personal Twitter account by warning that if people don’t respect him, “I will punish him the same way.”

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“I will always pay attention to and appreciate the individual who approaches me to say hello, share a concern, or just to meet me. She says, “Those that come to bastard a phone in my face, I will consider it for what it is, a lack of respect, and I will treat it the same way.

However, Bad Bunny’s response simply led to a debate regarding this behavior in a number of comments.

“You would better not have mentioned the incident, in my opinion. Other ladies kiss you while requesting your consent. Have you handled them equally? Dual standards, please. One of the most well-liked comments reads, “This is not defendable under any point of view.

“Your supporters helped you get where you are. You have no idea how hard that girl may have worked to get her phone. She appeared happy since you mocked her when she was about to snap a selfie with you. Because you switched out a light, you looked bad. She quotes herself in another, “The girl at least deserves an apology.

A user commented, “You forget what it’s like to not have money to replace a cell phone.”

They defend it as well.
However, just as it drew condemnation, other people also defended Bad Bunny’s right to privacy.

“Let’s normalize the idea that artists are people who should always be treated with respect. Downstage are not part of a performance, so you cannot film them without permission. One of the most well-known is, “Come nearer, say hello, and seek permission.

“Look, folks, this is easy. With respect, everything runs smoothly. ordinary sense No matter if you’re an artist or not, we are all the same. Maybe it wasn’t the best decision to throw the phone away, but do you know what it’s like to have your space violated constantly? You have all been treated with great respect and love, according to a different word of encouragement.