Bee Brilliant MOD APK 1.91.0 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Bee Brilliant MOD APK 1.91.0 (Unlimited Money) for Android

If you like a game you just need to connect the same picture to win, Brilliant bee It will be a good choice for you. Although Bee Brilliant spreads across the puzzle game, players do not have to solve any puzzles. Players only need to connect three bees of the same color to win. During the game, you always meet the bees that are the image of the game. You will feel interested with her. Let’s explore Bee Brilliant.

funny honey bees

Bee Brilliant is one of the very successful games made by Tactile Games. You can play the game for free on mobile devices, and it is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The game is designed for one player. When you play Bee Brilliant, you will come to the world of Beeland and meet the inhabitants of Beeland such as singer Babees, crazy busy bees and cheeky spiders.

They are no ordinary bees, the bees in Bee Brilliant are made up of a wide variety of colours. The color of bees is not only yellow, but also has other colors such as pink, green or red. Also, bees have many different shapes. A special point of bees is always happy. The game space is a forest with many trees and flowers which is very suitable for the image of bees. This element attracted many players. Attractive graphics and bright colors are the attractive point of the game.

Besides, when you start playing the game, it will sound a music track. It is very fun. The music always sounds when you beat a level or when you connect three or more bees. But in Bee Brilliant, the music can be changed when you beat a certain level and have enough stars. For example: from level 1 to level 20, you will listen to a piece of music called “Bee Brilliant”; But you will listen to another track – “Just Bee” from level 21 to level 40, … You can preview the music tracks in Jukebox by clicking on the music box icon.

Connect the bees

Bee Brilliant has a familiar match 3 gameplay. You need to match the same bees to form one line but the line must contain at least 3 bees. Originally, bees sleep in a beehive. After connecting them, they will wake up. Unlike other games, Bee Brilliant does not require you to connect in a row or column. After you win the level, you will get a certain star rating. The stars are the item that helps you unlock the etude. Moreover, you don’t have to be in a hurry, the game beat is unlimited. But the number of transfers is limited. You should spend some time predicting where the bees will end up before you move in. At this time, you should have good judgment and logic.

In addition, a long list of bees will bring you interesting things. When you connect little bees to make a long list of bees, you will have a big bee and it will make a huge explosion. But when you match 2 or 3 big bees, they will make a much bigger explosion. Moreover, large bees can clean all in a row or column. This will be very useful in levels that require you to collect honey, break rocks, break ice and break spider web. Before each level, you will be prompted to watch an advertisement. If you watch the ad, you can get more transfer. You have to save her because the number of transfers is limited.

Key Features of Bee Brilliant

Each game has its own features. Bee Brilliant also has many features. The features will be the specific points that attract the players. Let’s explore it now.

Bee Brilliant has a puzzle game. You only need to connect one line of bees that have the same color. Bee breed will bring you score to escape from this level. This is the first feature. Secondly, the player can play your way in 6 different game modes like popping the hidden spider web, collecting honey pots,… The game does not restrict you to follow a rule. There are more than 1000 levels in the game. You will never get bored of playing Bee Brilliant. Third, although the game is for the player, you can challenge your friends or family via Facebook. Fourth, there are many bees in the world of Beland. You will meet Mrs. Haney, Sgt. Sting, Picasso and others. In addition, children’s singing is an integral part of these premises. They’ll break into the buzzing barbershop disco tune if they get the chance.

There is an important point in Bee Brilliant. These are the events when you unlock a certain level. When you unlock level 51, there’s a big event happening. This is the “tournament” event. You can follow the events in the game “Events”. To enter the game “events”, click on the beehive icon. Besides, there are also daily events. Do not miss the events.

The game that you can share and play with your relatives

With the simple gameplay, the player just has to match the same bees in the list and they will win. Download Bee Brilliant MOD APK Attracted many players thanks to this point. In the game, you will meet many colorful bees from the tempat asal of cute bees. Awaken the bees and receive the results. With more than 1000 levels, the game can be a goal that you want to beat.

Adorable bee with attractive graphics and bright colors will bring you many interesting things. Besides, the lively sound of the game will help you to have minutes of great relaxation after mental stress.

Bee Brilliant is waiting for you to explore.

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