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Best Pakistani Dramas to Watch in 2023 ( Must Watch )
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Best Pakistani Dramas to Watch in 2023 ( Must Watch )

Best Pakistani Dramas to Watch in 2023 ( Must Watch )

Best Pakistani Dramas

As a new year dawns upon us, we have bid farewell to numerous things from the past, including old drama plots and personalities. With the advent of 2023, we can anticipate a plethora of fresh dramas featuring novel storylines and fascinating characters. Several gifted actors and actresses such as Sajal Aly, Sanam Jung, Seema Jee, and Faysal Qureshi have returned to the limelight with new dramas. We can only hope that this year will be brimming with the finest Pakistani dramas. Hence, here is a glimpse of what we can expect to witness in the coming months.

Best Pakistani Dramas to Watch in 2023

S.No Pakistani Dramas
1 Kuch Ankahi
2  Pyari Mona
3 Hook Drama
4 Tere Bin
5 Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha
6 Muqaddar Ka Sitara
7 Tere Bina Mein Nahi
8 Samjhota

Best of Pakistani Drama List

1. Kuch Ankahi

Coming to HUM TV in partnership with the Kashf Foundation on January 14, 2023, Kuch Ankahi is anticipated to be among the finest Pakistani dramas. The drama is directed by Nadeem Baig and produced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib, and it presents a lighthearted comedic approach to a serious subject. The cast includes Syed Muhammad Ahmed, Sajal Aly, Bilal Abbas Khan, Qudsia Ali, Mira Sethi, Veneeza Ahmed, and Irsa Ghazal, with Sajal and Bilal Abbas Khan displaying adorable bantering chemistry.

2. Pyari Mona

Pyari Mona is an upcoming drama series that ignites important social issues. The plot revolves around Mona, a girl who is subjected to body shaming by society. In addition to being a comedy, the show also sheds light on the challenges faced by plus-sized individuals in our society. The cast includes Sanam Jung, Adeel Hussain, Mashal Khan, Muhammad Hunbal, and Sabeeka Imam, with Sanam Jung portraying the lead character. The drama will be aired on HUM TV, produced by MD Production.

3. Hook Drama

Hook drama is a iDream Productions is producing which will be broadcasted on ARY Digital, and it features a stellar cast including Kinza Hashmi, Faysal Qureshi, Seema Noor, Shahroze Sabzwari, Zain Baig, Hina Dilpazeer, among others. The plot centers around the life of a young girl named Haya, who wishes to marry Zayan. However, one of her university classmates falls in love with her, only to meet an untimely demise. Faysal Qureshi portrays the character of Shaheer’s brother, who marries Haya to avenge his brother’s death. Faysal Qureshi’s performance in Hook drama is expected to be among the top-notch Pakistani dramas of the upcoming year.

4. Tere Bin

The drama series Tere Bin has caused a sensation among its audience due to the intense chemistry between its stars, Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi. The duo portrays the characters of Murtasim and Merab, respectively, in the series, which is produced by 7th Sky Entertainment and aired on GEO TV. The two characters have vastly different personalities, with Murtasim being assertive and aggressive, while Merab is a strong-willed woman who fights for what’s right.

5. Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha

In her portrayal of Hala in Mere Humsafar, Hania Aamir captivated her fans with her innocent character. But her talents don’t end there, as she is set to win over her fans once again with her performance as Mahler in Mujhy Pyar Hua Tha, in which she stars alongside Wahaj Ali and Zaviyar Nouman. The drama series follows a love triangle and promises to keep viewers engrossed. Produced by Big Bang Entertainment, the series will air on ARY Digital.

6. Muqaddar Ka Sitara

Muqaddar ka Sitara is a daily soap opera airing on ARY Digital, featuring a star-studded cast including Babar Ali, Fatima Effendi, Arez Ahmad, Nadia Khan, Inayat Khan, Laiba Khan, Rimsha Ahmad, and more. The show revolves around Hadiya, who is in love with Raazi but ends up marrying Faizan, a wealthy and spoiled man. Raazi also happens to be Faizan’s cousin, and the three of them live together in the same house. The story is rife with misunderstandings, and Hadiya will face numerous challenges from her husband, who does not accept her as his wife.

7. Tere Bina Mein Nahi

The talented Sonya Hussain, Aiza Awan, and Shehzad Shiekh star in Tere Bina Mein Nahi, a drama that airs on ARY Digital. The story revolves around Noor-ul-Ain, who is in love with Murtaza but puts her career and needs first. Tenaya, Noor-ul-Ain’s best friend, also loves Murtaza. Noor-ul-Ain sacrifices her love for the sake of her friend, but the story takes unexpected turns.

8. Samjhota

Samjhota, a new drama serial with a star-studded cast, is set to air on ARY Digital. The cast includes Javed Sheikh, Saba Faisal, Shaista Lodhi, Adeel Chauhdry, Ali Ansari, Sidra Niazi, Momina Iqbal, Shazael Shaukat, and more. The story centers around the love life of an elderly couple and their family. When the wife passes away, the husband must compromise by marrying another woman to keep his children happy.

Best Pakistani Dramas of All Time

Whenever we evaluate something, we tend to seek out better alternatives. Likewise, when discussing Pakistani dramas, we typically begin with the most renowned ones. Thus, here are some of the most popular drama series that have been produced in Pakistan:

S.No Pakistani Drama Series
1 Raqs-e-Bismil
2 Parizaad
3 Mere pas tum ho
4 Alif
5 Taiwan
6 Inkaar
7 Ehd e Wafa
8 Do bol
9 Ranjha ranjha kardi
10 Ishq the naseeb
11 Suno Chanda
12 Hum Tum

Top 10 Best Pakistani Dramas 2021

This article presents the Top 10 Best Pakistani Dramas of 2021 that captivated both local and international audiences throughout the year. Although the local drama industry may not always make sense and often features similar storylines across titles, some drama serials manage to attract a larger audience than others. To that end, we have compiled a list of the Best Pakistani Dramas of 2021, which were among the most-watched productions of the year. The Pakistani entertainment industry has been steadily growing year after year, primarily due to the relatable content being produced that resonates with viewers. The screenplays are usually short and air once a week for 2 to 3 months, making it easier for viewers to stay engaged. Despite the competition between different drama serials, which may share similar backstories, they often offer their unique perspective on the topic at hand. Pakistani drama serials are constantly evolving and breaking their own records every year. This post includes a list of the Top 10 Best Pakistani Dramas of 2021.

S.No Pakistani Dramas 2021
1  Khuda Aur Mohabbat – Season 3
2  Raqeeb Se
3 Pehli Si Mohabbat
4 Raqs-e-Bismil
5 .Parizaad
6 Chupke Chupke
7 Laapata
8 Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi
9 Taana Baana
10 Aulaad

Which is the No 1 Pakistani drama?

Sang e Mah is a Pakistani Drama of 2022. Atif Aslam’s presence in this drama series is clearly a plus, but Sang e Mah’s story is far more complex than its A-list celebrity cast may suggest. The play focuses on tribal families and the sacrifices they make for their traditions in contemporary Pakistan. Sang e Mar Mar, which concluded in 2017, and the plot of this series continued. Both programs were essential in bringing to light the undesirable aspects of our culture that we frequently ignore.

History of Pakistani dramas

Pakistan has a rich history when it comes to dramas. When the decision was made to produce and broadcast dramas in Pakistan, there were only a few genres available. However, due to the introspective nature of Pakistani writers, the drama industry decided to start with novel adaptations. In the years following the premiere of the first drama in 1964, many authors made the transition to writing for television, including Umera Ahmad and Farhat Ishtiaq, who had previously written content for digests and TV series. Pakistani dramas have evolved to tackle societal and cultural issues that were once considered taboo. They have become an integral part of the country’s media landscape and are now watched by people of all ages, backgrounds, and regions.







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