Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian Phone Call Leaked On Twitter and Reddit (Full Conversation)

Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian Phone Call Leaked On Twitter and Reddit (Full Conversation)

Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian Phone Call Leaked On Twitter and Reddit.

Knowing that Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have never been friends does not require inside information. Kim and Beyonce have hardly ever been pictured together and are always as far away from one another when in the same room, despite the fact that their husbands have been close for years (up until lately).

Because of this, even though we tend not to accept most of the Hollywood rumor, we can’t help but believe a recent report of a phone chat between Queen Bey and Kimmy K might be true.

You might recall that Kanye ranted about his former friend and collaborator on stage before having a breakdown, attacking Jay for never coming over after Kim was robbed at gunpoint, and lamenting the fact that their daughter Blue Ivy had never had a playdate with North. Kim reportedly called Beyonce recently to try to mend her and Kanye’s relationship with Bey and Jay.

Yeezy brought out Beyonce during his tirade, saying, “Beyoncé, I was offended because I heard that you said you wouldn’t perform [at the VMAs] unless you won Video of the Year over me and over Hotline Bling. In my perspective, occasionally we play politics too much and lose sight of who we are in the process, all in the name of winning. Screw winning. F*** trying to be hip. S*** being hip.

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But regrettably, Queen Bey seems to have swiped Kim’s peace offering away.

According to a person who spoke to the newspaper, “Beyonce freaked out on Kim when Kim contacted her to try and ease tensions after Kanye’s hospitalization.”

She basically warned Kim to never, ever get in touch with her or her husband again and stated things like she believed the two of them were destined to be together since they are both pathetic and without skill.

It’s difficult to image Beyonce, who is always calm, saying such things, but Kanye’s public criticism of his erstwhile allies could have given her the final straw. Being known for preferring to keep their private lives just that, private, Beyonce and Jay Z would not have taken kindly to Kanye criticizing them in front of the public.

Kanye and Beyonce have very different political ideologies, which may also account for the intensely emotional response. Beyonce and Jay Z have strong ties to Hillary Clinton, who lost the US presidential debate to Donald Trump following a bitter and brutal campaign. Just last month, Kanye publicly sided with Trump, meeting with him at his New York offices and posing for pictures afterward.

Since many people had a tough year in 2016, it appears like Beyonce and Jay Z’s relationship with Kimye is being left behind as well as we enter a new year.

We just have one qualm with the tale, and that is… Beyonce is aware that Kim frequently records her phone calls, right?