Big Mouth – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

Big Mouth – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

Episode 15 of Big Mouth starts with the funeral for Chairman Kang, where Chang-ho threatens the mayor and his job. Chang-ho calls the mayor by his real name, Cho Sung-hyun, which Joo-hee hears.

Prosecutor Choi sets up a meeting between Gong Ji-hoon and the lawyer for Chairman Kang. After Ji-hoon helped him, the lawyer showed him the chairman’s will. He has given everyone an equal share of everything. Ji-hoon is upset, but the lawyer doesn’t want to change the will.

Chang-ho calls Ji-hoon, but Ji-hoon doesn’t answer. Chang-ho and his men then corner Ji-hoon in the parking lot. Ji-hoon doesn’t want to work with Chang-ho anymore. Chang-ho says Ji-hoon will soon come to him and beg for help.

Chang-ho and his people hire repairmen to put a camera inside the place where the will will be read. They watch as the old attorney is joined by a new one, and the chairman’s new will, which he made a week ago, is read out loud. It gives Choi Do-ha and Joo-hee most of the chairman’s assets.

Mi-ho gets a call from a hospital telling her that the results of her blood tests are bad and she needs to have more tests done. She tells her dad a lie about it.

Chang-ho finds Ji-hoon asking for help, just as he thought he would. Chang-ho tells him the real story about who Do-ha is. In exchange, he wants Ji-hoon to help him run for mayor.

Do-ha tells Joo-hee at the mayor’s house that he wants to run for mayor again instead of the national assembly. He says this is what the chairman would have wanted. He asks Joo-hee if she trusts him or not.

Big Mouth Episode 15

Later, he tells everyone about it. They start their campaigns together

Mi-ho goes to a hospital to find out the results of her tests. She has stage four lymphoma and needs chemotherapy right away.

Chang-ho and Mi-ho go for a walk on the beach after getting drunk to celebrate Chang-rise ho’s in the polls. She tells him that she and her father know he is Big Mouse. She wants Chang-ho to be a good Big Mouse who will take down people who are strong and take advantage of others. When they talk about the best time they’ve had together, they both say it was when they opened Chang-law ho’s office. They talk about how Mi-ho used to bring him dinner at work.

Ji-hoon calls a meeting of the NR Forum, but when he gets there, he finds out that everyone has gone to see Choi Do-ha instead. He runs there and makes a scene, but even after they find out who he really is, they have already promised to help Do-ha. In a flashback, we see how Do-ha also told Joo-hee who he was and persuaded her of his good intentions.

Chang-ho is getting ready for a TV debate when Ji-hoon comes to his office. He gives Chang-ho a flash drive with information about how he helped the NR Forum when he was mayor of Do-ha. Chang-ho asks the chairman about his son. He says he is in the United States. Chang-ho says that they can use him to sue Chairman Kang’s will over his inheritance.

Ji-hoon tells Prosecutor Choi to find the son when he gets back to his own office. He also says that the son is a serial killer and that someone else went to prison instead of him.

Mi-ho gets a call telling her that Tak Kwang-hyun, who is on death row, is dying. She finds him when he is dying and tells him that his mother is still alive and well. His sister tells Mi-ho that he was innocent after he dies. He took the blame for a wealthy man who was actually a psychopath and serial killer. Mi-ho tells Joo-hee the truth in front of him. Joo-hee says that telling the truth doesn’t make a difference, so Mi-ho promises to show her that she’s wrong.

While Chang-ho works all night, Mi-ho comes by with a packed dinner, just like she used to do all those years ago. She tells him to come see her more often, and he promises that once he’s done with Do-ha, he’ll always be there for her. Mi-ho watches him work with longing.

Jung Chae-bong tells Do-ha about Chang-role ho’s in the cryptocurrency fraud case from Episode 1. Later, Do-ha and Lee Du-geun meet the lawyer in charge, who agrees to help Do-ha.

At the same time, the show’s format is explained to the candidates’ representatives at the TV studio. It has a part where citizens can ask questions on the spot. Soon-tae says this part of the story wasn’t there before. Later, we find out that this is how Do-ha told the person in charge to set it up.

The news comes out that the person who stole the cryptocurrency paid Chang-ho 5 billion Won to let him lose the case. Chang-ho and the other people talk about how it will affect his reputation. He says he has to talk about it directly during the TV debate.

Mi-ho runs to the bathroom in the middle of the night. She thinks about the pipes that the prisoners were sent to work on in the work zone.

Mi-ho talks to Jerry after Chang-ho leaves for the TV debate. He looked into the fish farm where the pipes came from and found that there was a lot of security that didn’t seem right. He says that the fish farm’s owner used to be in charge of security at NK Chemicals. Chairman Yang and his people are brought together by Mi-ho and Jerry. She tells them that what they do next will decide whether they win or lose the election.

As the timer for the TV debate hits zero, the episode ends

A campaign for mayor seems out of place for this show. Even though the actors do a great job, it’s not as interesting as the other power plays. On the other hand, it was great to find out that the man on death row had taken the blame for, presumably, Chairman Kang’s son.

Chang-plan ho’s to get rid of Choi Do-ha seems a bit off. Didn’t NK Chemical cause the death of Noh Park’s daughter? And didn’t Do-grandfather ha’s think that was a bad idea? Isn’t Do-ha taking revenge for him? Has he changed what he wants to do? How is Gong Ji-hoon not to blame if Chang-ho is still getting back at Big Mouse?

A few things just don’t make sense. Also, Choi Do-ha isn’t as interesting as Chairman Kang when it comes to being a bad guy. They let him go too quickly.

The way the show treats Mi-ho is another point of disagreement. They seem to be following the trend in K-dramas of making the female characters into damsels by the end. After all she’s done, it doesn’t seem fair that Mi-ho should be turned into a victim and her pain should be used to help Chang-plan. ho’s

Still, there were some touching moments between the couple in the story. The scene where Mi-ho brings Chang-ho dinner and the walk on the beach are both sweet and heartwarming. We even catch a glimpse of Chang-ho from the past, which shows how much he has changed. Last episode, here we come!

Oh Choong-hwan is in charge of the Korean crime-thriller-mystery TV show Big Mouth, which stars Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah (Yoona), Kim Joo-hun, Kwak Dong-yeon, Yang Kyung-won, and others. The show will air on MBC on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 PM KST, which Doctor Lawyer used to do.

Episode 15 of Big Mouth starts at the chairman’s funeral, where Chang-ho threatens to show everyone how bad Do-ha is. After he leaves, Joo-hee asks him why Chang-ho called him Sung-hyun. Do-ha promises to tell him everything after they put the chairman to rest.

Ji-hoon, on the other hand, is excited to finally get his hands on the chairman’s will. However, it turns out that the chairman gave everyone the same amount of everything. Also, the lawyer is not going to change it in any way. At least they are glad that Do-ha didn’t change the will. Chang-ho calls him at that moment to talk about the election, but Ji-hoon tells him to take care of it himself. Chang-ho, on the other hand, doesn’t let it go that easily and gives him a light threat.

Big Mouth Episode 15
Big Mouth Episode 15

Later, Chang-ho and his team sit down to read Chairman Kang’s will. As everyone can guess, “Chairman Kang” has left everything to Do-ha and Joo-hee. There’s a big commotion in the room, and everyone is shocked by the news. Ji-hoon asks Do-ha why he messed with it, which starts an all-out fight between Ji-hoon and the Three Musketeers as they try to hit Do-ha. As they are being held back, Do-ha walks away with his wife while grinning.

As everyone at the hotel thinks about the shocking turn of events, Mi-ho gets a call from the hospital. They tell her that things are very serious and that she should get a full checkup as soon as possible. As Mi-ho hides the truth from her family, Joo-hee wonders why the Chairman left everything to them and notices that Do-ha doesn’t look very happy. He jokes that the sudden generosity has caught him off guard and he hasn’t figured out how to feel about it yet.

Anyway, Ji-hoon doesn’t have much of a choice, so he calls Chang-ho as a last resort. When they meet, Ji-hoon asks him for help without getting down on his knees. Chang-ho uses this chance to really get Ji-hoon under his control. He tells Ji-hoon everything Do-ha has done wrong, and then he asks Ji-hoon to help Chang-ho win the election so that he can destroy Do-ha legally. Ji-hoon doesn’t have much choice but to agree at this point.

Do-ha also decides to change his plans and run for mayor instead of the National Assembly. Joo-hee asks if it’s because of Chang-ho, but she tells him that she’ll be by his side no matter what he decides. Do-ha asks her how much she trusts him, and she says she has never had any doubts about him. So, after they both said they still trusted each other, Do-ha held a press conference to tell everyone that he would instead run for mayor.

Chang-ho, on the other hand, is not in danger. He kind of says that he will use this election to kill Do-ha.

As the election race heats up and everyone tries to make a difference in the lives of the people, Mi-ho finally goes to the hospital to get checked out. After all the tests, the doctor tells her that she has acute stage 4 lymphoma. She needs to start chemotherapy right away and start thinking about what will happen in the future. Mi-ho is obviously upset, and I can’t imagine how hard it would be for someone to stay together after hearing such bad news if they were alone.

Everyone else is celebrating Chang-victory, ho’s and when Mi-ho joins them, she looks at her husband and her father laughing and having fun, not knowing that someone close to them is dying.

That night, the two of them go to the beach, where Mi-ho, who is drunk, asks her husband a lot of questions, including if he is Big Mouse. It turns out that she knows everything, so Gi-gwang was right. Chang-ho says he’ll stop after he puts Do-ha in jail, but Mi-ho tells him to be the best Big Mouse ever and help the weak and powerless. It’s a heartbreaking moment for everyone who knows the truth and poor Chang-ho doesn’t even have an inkling about it.

On the other hand, Ji-plans hoon’s don’t seem to be working out. The meeting he set up didn’t go anywhere because everyone went to meet Do-ha. At the meeting, it’s surprising that everyone he trusted and everyone who seemed to be against Do-ha just a second ago are now all against him!

Anyway, Ji-hoon tries to scare him into telling the truth about Do-ha, but everyone already knows, and it turns out that Joo-hee is on her husband’s side. She even fights hard for him in front of everyone and says that if he tries to hurt him, he will be shunned. Ji-hoon, now backed to a corner, promises to get his revenge one way or another.

Ji-hoon has nowhere else to turn, so he goes to Chang-ho and tells him what happened. He also tells him that he has no way out, no matter what big things he said in front of other people. He gives Chang-ho a pendrive and tells him that’s all he can do to help since he doesn’t know how else to help.

Chang-ho asks Ji-hoon about Chairman Kang’s son and tells him that they can get the son and use him to sue using inheritance laws. They will get back a lot of money this way, which will weaken Do-hold ha’s and power. Ji-hoon is now talking to Joong-rak. He tells him about the chairman’s son, including that he is a serial killer and that someone else went to jail in his place.

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