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Brain Teaser: Can You Fill The Box With The Missing Number?
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Brain Teaser: Can You Fill The Box With The Missing Number?

Brain Teaser Challenge For Excellent Minds

A brain teaser is also a challenging game for your mind. It is not like an ordinary game. Ensure there is no shortcut or cheating procedure to arrive at the answer. It would be best if you arrived at the answer with a logical reason. Especially in maths puzzles, you can’t be able to escape because, in maths quizzes, the answer should be correct. After all, maths itself has its formula and format.

It does not mean that other puzzle answers do not require the answer with reason. Every answer should state why the answer arrived. So every puzzle ends with reasonable answers. Don’t worry; we are here to guide you. Let us see the question first, and then we will figure out the answer later. Continue reading the article to know the question and answer to the puzzle.

Brain Teaser: Can You Fill The Box With The Missing Number?

Not all the challenging questions are brain teasers, but all the brain teasers are obviously fun and challenging. Here we go, for one such brainstorming question! Mathematical puzzles mostly involve addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. 

These four processes form the basis of any mathematical problem. Following the correct sequence of these operations gives us the exact solution for our question. 

The picture below will give you an idea of what this math puzzle is. 

This question will let you think analytically and ponder you to search for all possible ways to get its solution. 

Though it looks complex, it is so easy when you find the exact way to solve it.

The happiness and pride you feel after solving each of these mathematical expressions are incomparable. 

But if you were unable to solve this brain teaser check the next section to get the answer. 

Brain Teaser: Can You Fill The Box With The Missing Number? – Solution

The most exciting part of all the puzzles is finding its solution. Here we are here to provide you with the best ways to get your solution. 

Normally, a mathematical expression involves one or more of the four processes mentioned above (i.e., addition, subtraction, division and multiplication). 

But using simple calculations with the right sequence is all you need to solve these mathematical expressions. 

Box 1

(7+4-1)x2 = 20

Box 2

(5+7-3)x2 = 18

Box 3

(10+1-3)x2 = 16

Box 4

(6+2-1)x2 = 14

So the missing number is 14.


Mathematical puzzles may seem challenging at first but when you find the solution for your first puzzle, you will get yourself wanting more of them. 

You need not be a mathematical expert to solve these kinds of puzzles. All you need is at most concentration, creative thinking, and little mathematical knowledge.


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