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Brain Test: 24/2/2=4 Move 1 Stick to Fix The Equation | Matchstick Puzzle
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Brain Test: 24/2/2=4 Move 1 Stick to Fix The Equation | Matchstick Puzzle

Logical Matchstick Puzzle

Logical Matchstick Puzzle  are one of the types of brain teasers which also includes picture puzzles, maths puzzles, riddles and many more. Brain teaser has been one of the recent trends on social media with many looking for varied types of brain teasers to indulge their minds in and have a mental workout. 

Logical Matchstick Puzzle are basically rearrangement puzzles wherein you need to rearrange matchsticks that are arranged in shapes or equations to fix and solve the puzzle. Generally, matchstick puzzles are in the form of equations that are incorrect and need to be solved. 

For all those looking to improve their intelligent quotient and their mental logical problem solving skills we have in this article one such matchstick puzzle. 

Continue reading the article to find out what this puzzle is and try solving it. We have also included the solution to this puzzle later in the same article. 

Brain Test: 24/2/2=4 Move 1 Stick to Fix The Equation | Matchstick Puzzle

We have in this section one of the most interesting matchstick puzzles wherein you need to rearrange the matchsticks to fix the problem that has been presented. There are in fact different types of matchstick puzzles

Some require you to move 1 stick to fix the puzzle, some require you to move 2 or more sticks, and there are also cases where you might need to add 1 or more matchsticks or remove 1 or more matchsticks to correct the problem.

You will need to find the solution based on the matchstick puzzle you are faced with. The picture below has the matchstick puzzle that you need to solve.

Observe carefully before attempting to solve them as they may test your limits. 

But do not give up!

Keep trying till you solve them

Have you solved this matchstick puzzle?

Was it easy?

If you were able to solve this viral tricky matchstick puzzle you have outdone yourself. 

But if you were unable to solve this puzzle do not lose hope!

We have also included the solution to this puzzle below.

Brain Test: 24/2/2=4 Move 1 Stick to Fix The Equation | Matchstick Puzzle – Solution

This brain teaser matchstick puzzle was one of the hardest puzzles that we came across, we challenge you to solve this matchstick riddle. 

If you find it easy, dare yourself by placing time restraints.

Try solving it in a few seconds if you can.

If you lose in the first try, keep trying until you succeed. 

When you finally do solve the puzzle, the fruits of your efforts will be sweet. 

But do not lose hope if you do not find the solution. We have provided the solution for all of you.

The picture below has the answer to this brain teaser.  

Now that you have the answer, you can also check this solution and find out if you solved it right.

Keep practicing such matchstick puzzles to improve your problem solving skills. We have such interesting and fascinating matchstick riddles 

Tricky Ways To Solve Matchstick Puzzles

Some of the Tricky Ways To Solve Matchstick Puzzles are, There be some reduction in your mental health pressures.

The brain remains sharp and increases your aptitude skills.

Increase your thinking capacity and be capable of boosting your confidence level in mathematics. 

Boost your memory power and skills, and you can also learn some tips to handle your life in this fast-moving and competitive world. 

Takes you for a healthy conversation and develops your solving skills on illusions, puzzles, crosswords, aptitude skills, life problems, etc. 

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