Several burglaries and muggings came about on Saturday, reveal the newest reviews from the Grand Ducal Police.

Watchful neighbours in Rippig turned attentive to noises from one of many close by homes and witnessed burglars coming into the constructing via a damaged window. Realising that that they had been noticed, the burglars fled the scene earlier than police arrived. A seek for them remained unsuccessful.

Further break-ins occurred in Mertzig, Belvaux, and Howald on Saturday night.

In Luxembourg City, 4 muggings came about on Saturday afternoon. Pickpockets stole wallets and telephones from the purses and baggage of their unsuspecting victims. The same incident was additionally reported in Strassen. Police have launched investigations in all circumstances, say officers.

At 6pm, a extra violent mugging was reported within the capital. Three individuals have been ambushed by a gaggle, who stole their valuables and repeatedly hit one of many victims for refusing to surrender the gadgets. An investigation has been opened.