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Bulls Patrick Williams gets a mean but appropriate nickname
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Bulls Patrick Williams gets a mean but appropriate nickname

Chicago Bulls Patrick Williams

We’ve heard the Chicago Bulls announcer refer to talented but unflowered forward Patrick Williams as “Project Pat.” It’s a nod to the Memphis rapper of the same name, who had a hit with Chickenhead and provided the hook for his brother Juicy J’s group’s breakout hit “Sippin on Some Sizzurp.”

The nickname also refers to Williams as a development project, which is key to determining the bulls’ current ceiling. Like many of King’s nicknames, “Project Pat” has a ring and a certain charm.

Nor is it intended as an insult to the now 21-year-old prospect.

Not everyone is so friendly with their nickname distribution. In a recent article by the Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times, the veteran Bulls beat writer, referred to Williams as a “passive pat.” The nickname is an honest but still sharp moniker for a player whose lack of aggressiveness could ultimately lead to a low level of performance for the group’s first attempt at legitimacy Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley.

“Passive Pat” is not a complimentary nickname for Patrick Williams

“The way this roster is currently structured, it has its seasoned starters in DeMar DeRozan, LaVine and Nikola Vucevic,” Cowley wrote. “It has all-star scoring with the same Big Three. It has experience off the bench with new signings in Andre Drummond and Goran Dragic. It’s got its defensive presence in the backcourt with Lonzo Ball – if he’s healthy – Alex Caruso and possibly even rookie Dalen Terry. What it takes to ensure this Bulls team has playoff staying power past one round, however, is Williams. Not “Passive Pat,” who seemed more interested in scoring his nine points and clinching his five rebounds while letting the adults sit in the front seat and drive the last two seasons.”

Even if you disagree with his choice of words, Cowley’s views are difficult to refute. Throughout the season, Williams appeared content to just hover in the corner or move the ball around the edge, as he was perfectly fine passing open threes and was not at all interested in attacking his man from dribbling .

As Cowley mentioned, they need more from Williams if they want to take the next step as a playoff team. Cowley recognizes Williams’ talent and assets, but like many who are close to and follow the Bulls, he demands more from Florida State’s product — and with specifics.

“No, they need the wing stopper who can put up 18 and 9 while unleashing hell on the opposing team’s best forward on defense,” Cowley continued. “You need Williams to play like a No. 4 sooner rather than later.”

Who supports Patrick Williams?

We know Williams will start as a power forward for the Bulls, but it’s unclear who behind him will provide some minutes for head coach Billy Donovan.

The Bulls just brought Malcolm Hill back on a two-way contract. He’s more of a small forward, but Donovan loves small ball concepts, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Hill got a few minutes in that role. It could also mean the likes of Derrick Jones Jr. and Javonte Green will add minutes for the fourth-placed Bulls again.

Going into another season with a size deficit in the foursome seems far from ideal, but we’re getting closer to the start of training camp and preseason and the Bulls still haven’t pulled the trigger for a signing.

There may be some movement on this front in the coming weeks. If not, the bulls could once again be at a massive size disadvantage against most of the opposing bench. At the start of the 2021/22 season, the Bulls were content with their weakness in defence.

Lonzo Ball had a lot to do with their high level of play on the defensive end of the floor. However, the Bulls’ defense deteriorated dramatically when he went down with a knee injury. With Ball set to miss the start of the season and with no timeline for his return, the Bulls might be wise from a size standpoint to go a little more conventional.

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