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Karamo Brown
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Carlos Medel, Karamo Brown Boyfriend Is An Artist

Carlos Medel, Karamo Brown Boyfriend Is An Artist

After she broke up with Ian Jordan, Karamo Brown started dating Carlos Medel, who is now her boyfriend.

Karamo Brown, who is better known as one of the “Fab Five” on “Queer Eye,” seems to be getting a second chance at love. A few months after he broke up with his ex-boyfriend Ian Jordan, the expert on culture posted photos on Instagram of himself cuddling up with someone else. Fans are very happy for the TV star, and it’s easy to see why.

So, Karamo Brown doesn’t have a husband yet, but we are very interested in who he is dating. Well, social media says that Karamo is dating Carlos Medel right now. Carlos Medel is a photographer, retoucher, art director, and artist.

He also has another job as a fashion coordinator. Aside from that, Carlos has been in the news a lot because Karamo Brown is currently dating him. Read on to find out more about Carlos Medel, Brown’s boyfriend.

Karamo Brown

Who is Carlos Mendel, Karamo Brown’s new boyfriend?

Carlos Mendel is a photographer, photo editor, art director, and fashion coordinator.

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From what place is Carlos Mendel?

He was born in the United States of America.

What’s Carlos Mendel’s age?

He is 29 years old right now.

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How old are Karamo Brown and Carlos Mendel compared to each other?

There are 11 years between them

What does he have in total?

His exact net worth is still being calculated.

Carlos Medel, Karamo Brown’s boyfriend, is an artist

As Karamo Brown’s boyfriend, Carlos is getting a lot of attention from the media. Also, Karamo’s partner is a well-known artist.

Carlos Medel is both a photographer and an art director. Even though they haven’t married yet, the couple is in a great relationship right now. Medel is also on Instagram, but his profile is set to private, so he’s probably not going to talk about his private life or his current relationship with Brown.

Who Is Carlos Medel?

His LinkedIn page says that Carlos Medel is a photographer and art director for Chile Bravo at the moment. He has also worked on a number of advertising projects and has some amazing skills, like being able to fix pictures and make videos.

He has also worked as a photo retoucher, in film production, and as a fashion coordinator. As was already said, Medel became well-known because he was dating “Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown. Carlos also says that he is a very useful and practical person.

In the same way, he is a team leader who is creative and responsible for the success of the team as a whole. He graduated from Universidad Cuauhtémoc – Aguascalientes México with a degree in Comunicación Media.

What brought Carlos Medel and Karamo Brown together?

Karamo Brown said he met his current boyfriend Carlos when Carlos liked one of his Instagram photos by chance. He also said that Carlos took pictures of make-up for big companies like Kylie Cosmetics and that he liked to watch videos about hair and make-up to relax.

Sources say that the two had been dating for a while before Karamo Brown announced on Instagram on July 6, 2021 that they were getting married. Karamo said he met someone new during the epidemic. This was just a few months after he broke up with his ex-boyfriend, Ian Jordan. Karamo and Carlos now talk to each other on Instagram, go to the gym together, and visit New York City.

Who Kamaro Brown Used to Date

On the other hand, Karamo used to be with Ian Jordan. Ian Jordan works in the entertainment business as an assistant for TV. He has worked as an assistant director on movies like “School of Rock,” “Instant Mum,” “Cody,” and “Raven’s Home.”

He has also worked as a talent coordinator for shows like “Zoey 101,” “Drake and Josh,” and “All That.”

In 2010, Ian Jordan and Karamo Brown met in front of a bar in Los Angeles. Karamo Brown asked Ian to marry her on May 9, 2018, after they had been going out for almost eight years. She did this by throwing Ian a surprise birthday party.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, the couple had planned to get married, but they had to put their plans on hold.

During the quarantine, they spent a lot of time together, and it wasn’t clear if they fell out of love or fell in love with each other.

Carlos Medel And Karamo Brown Age Difference

Karamo Brown and Carlos Medel are a lot of years apart in age. In fact, he looks a lot younger than his boyfriend Karamo Brown in the pictures of him with Brown.

Sources say that the two LGBTQ people are 11 years apart in age. Carlos Medel is 29 years old right now. On the other hand, his lover, actor Karamo Brown, is 41 years old.

Even though they aren’t the same age, they seem really happy and like each other. Carlos Medel was also born and raised in the United States of America, so he is a citizen of that country. He also has a job in Los Angeles as a photographer.

Karamo Brown
Karamo Brown

In 2022, Karamo Brown will be 41 years old

Karamo Brown was born on November 2, 1980, making him 41 years old right now. His horoscope says that he is a Scorpio. Brown was born in Houston, Texas, and he has three sisters who are older than him.

He also comes from Jamaican and Cuban families. When he was 15, he told his parents that he was gay. Brown was born in Coral Springs, Florida, and went to school there until he graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 1999.

After the school shooting in 2018, Brown got involved with the “Never Again MSD” campaign, which pushed for stricter gun laws.

After “The Real World,” he went to Florida A&M University, which has always been a black school, and got his degree. He then worked in social services for more than a decade.

Carlos Medel’s income

Carlos Medel makes most of his money from his successful career as an artist. Also, he is very good at what he does for a living, so his net worth must be in the millions.

His LinkedIn says that he has been in the photography business for 8 years. He also has a diploma in communication media, which is also found out.

He is also a good photographer and film producer, and he also works as a fashion coordinator. He is a part of Chile Bravo Productora as well. In fact, it is a business that sells makeup.

In the same way, he works there as a photographer and as a Venture Coordinator. A short bio about Carlos is on his LinkedIn page.

How much money Kamaro Brown has

Karamo Brown is an American TV host, reality TV personality, actor, producer, author, activist, and more. He has a net worth of $9 million, according to celebrity net worth.

Brown is best known for being a cast member on “The Real World: Philadelphia” on MTV from 2004 to 2005 and a cultural expert on “Queer Eye” on Netflix (2018–present).

Karamo got the Human Rights Campaign Prominence Award in 2018 for “using his extraordinary skill and public visibility to raise awareness and find solutions to the specific problems LGBTQ people face.”

The Work of Kamaro Brown

Karamo was the first “queer person of color” to join the cast of “The Real World: Philadelphia” when he got a role on the show in 2004.

Kamaro was a host, correspondent, and panelist on “Dr. Drew on Call” from 2014 to 2016. In 2019, he took part in “Dancing with the Stars,” where he came in eighth place.

In 2019, Brown also published “Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope,” a memoir, and “I Am Perfectly Designed,” a book for kids. In 2020, “Ebony” magazine put Brown on its “Ebony Power 100 List.”

Carlos Medel’s Career Details

Carlos Medel is well-known and respected for his work in photography, filmmaking, art direction, and retouching photos.

According to his LinkedIn page, he also has a lot of experience with the creative direction of photo shoots. This includes coming up with the basic idea and choosing all the parts of the production, like makeup, models, and stylists for hair and fashion.

The well-known work of Carlos Medel

His LinkedIn profile says that Medel is a photographer and art director for Chile Bravo at the moment. He has worked on a number of advertising projects and has a lot of amazing skills, like being able to fix pictures and make videos.

He has also worked retouching photos, making movies, and coordinating fashion. Karamo Brown, from the show “Queer Eye,” was the reason Medel became well-known. Carlos also says that he is a very useful and practical person.

In the same way, he is a team leader who is creative and responsible for the success of the team as a whole. He graduated from Universidad Cuauhtémoc – Aguascalientes México with a degree in Comunicación Media.

Carlos Medel has worked in the past

When it comes to Carlos Medel’s past jobs, he has worked for several brands, magazine covers, and magazine editorials.

His Linked says that some of his most popular videos are Kylie Cosmetics, Commercial Closé, Commercial Armor Gym, Commercial La Pelu, Fashion Film, Psique, and Eat my Cake.

But he is also well-trained in advertising photography and product-shot photography. He is in charge of the art production and coordination of advertising campaigns and product shot productions, just like he is in charge of fashion photography.

He has also taken pictures for magazines like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Sport Life, Grupo fila Dixon, Fraiche, and Makeup Cosmetics. On the other hand, he has done work for hotels like Papaya Playa Project Tulum and Sea Dust Cancun.

As was already said, he has been a photographer and picture retoucher for 8 years. He has worked for Marie Claire, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Vanidades Novias, Revista T, Esquire, Sport Life, Open, Flesh Magazine, and Hyperanimals.

Lastly, he has worked as an advertising photographer for companies like Best Buy, Aldo Conti Italia, Pepe Gtz Make-Up Campaign, Ninfas Hair, Belle Marie, Hard Fit, Mane Spa, and Armor Gym.

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