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Cathy Krauseneck Wiki, 5 Chilling Details About Her Murder

Cathy Krauseneck Wiki, 5 Chilling Details About Her Murder

Cathy Krauseneck Wiki, 5 Chilling Details About Her Murder

Cathy Krauseneck Wiki, New York:- on 19 February 1982, 40 years ago, Cathy Krauseneck was found dead in her Brighton home with an ax embedded in her skull.

She was the mother of one who was found dead in her bed at a horrific crime scene. Her daughter Sara was safe in a separate room.

This incident was considered one of the worst outcomes of domestic violence. Her murder case had been unsolved until 2019 when James Krauseneck (Cathy’s husband) got arrested in connection with her murder.

According to the investigation, he was present inside the house when she was murdered. He was found guilty in September 2022.

On 20 January 2023, NBC’s Dateline released an all-new two-hour episode which is titled The B Man. That episode premiered at 9 pm ET.

Cathy was attacked with a single ax blow to the head. She was found in nightclothes as dead. She was killed in her sleep. James (Cathy’s husband) worked as an economist at Eastman Kodak Co. back.

He told that he arrived home shortly on that day before 5 O’clock in the evening and saw the garage door open. He found glass on the floor and found his wife dead. He rushed over to a neighbor’s house to ask for assistance.

He claimed that he left the house for work at 6:30 am in the morning on the day when his wife was murdered where his wife was killed between 6:55 to 8:55 am.

According to the investigation in 2015, the case was reopened and it was revealed that Cathy was killed between 9 o’clock the previous evening. It meant she was murdered before James left for work.

According to Dr. Michael Baden, she died sooner than what the original medical examiner’s analysis revealed. Her husband James never completed his doctorate. He was able to hold down a job at Eastman Kodak.

He taught economics at Lynchburg College. Police found a pamphlet on marriage therapy in the family’s vehicle. In September 2022, her husband was charged with 2nd-degree murder by a jury.

He killed his wife and left his house for work leaving his 3 and half-year-old daughter alone in the house. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Cathy Krauseneck had a sister named Annet Schlosser. Cather was born to Robert Schlosser (Father). Her father passed away in 2019 at the age of 95. Cathy graduated from Michigan High School.

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