You are currently viewing Celina Powell Net Worth, Age, Snoop Dogg, Offset, Akademiks, 6ix9ine

Celina Powell Net Worth, Age, Snoop Dogg, Offset, Akademiks, 6ix9ine

Who is Celina Powell?

A social media star, model, and YouTuber by the name of Celina Powell is well-known for her contentious claims and scandals involving well-known guys, particularly rappers. “The Black Widow” is another name for her. She has allegedly had relationships and given birth to children with famous people including Offset, Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap, Waka Flocka Flame, and more. On Instagram, she has more than 3 million followers, and on YouTube, she has 121k subscribers. She was born in Denver, Colorado, USA, on June 13, 1995. She is of Puerto Rican descent.

Celina Powell age, height and weight

In 2023, Celina will be 27 years old. Her birthday is July 13, 1995. She is described as being 5 feet 4 inches tall. She is thought to weigh about 128 pounds. Her hair is a deep brown colour, and she has brown eyes.

Celina Powell net worth

The estimated value of Celina is $1 million. She has made this money through her work as a model, businesswoman, and social media influencer. On her platforms, she advertises a number of cosmetic and fashion products, including Fashion Nova Curve, Pretty Little Thing, and Diva Boutique. She also receives compensation through sponsorships and YouTube advertisements. She also made a music song of her own, proud with ayyeyejae.

Celina Powell Nationality and Ethnicity

Since Celina was born in Denver, Colorado, the United States, she is an American citizen. She is of Puerto Rican descent, hence she identifies as Puerto Rican.

What is Celina Powell’s profession?

Celina is an Instagram celebrity and socialite from the United States who is well-known for her contentious accusations against some of the top hip hop artists in the business.

Celina Powell kids

Celina Powell does not have any kids of her own, but she has falsely claimed to be pregnant with other famous rappers’ offspring in the past1. She accused Offset of getting her pregnant in 2017, but then revealed that it was a lie. She also made comparable claims regarding Fetty Wap and Chief Keef, but those were also disproven.

Who is Celina Powell married to?

Celina Powell is not married, however she has had relationships in the past with a number of well-known people. Rappers like Snoop Dogg, Offset, DJ Akademiks, Fetty Wap, Waka Flocka Flame, and many others are among the rappers she has dated or has claimed to have dated. Although some of the artists have refuted or disregarded her claims, the majority of her relationships have been contentious or unproven.