You are currently viewing Chapter 3 School Street in Underground Blossom: resolved

Chapter 3 School Street in Underground Blossom: resolved

Chapter 3 School Street in Underground Blossom: Greetings, fellow avid gamers! Today we dive into Chapter 3 of the thrilling journey sport Underground Blossom. In this chapter, you will want your wits and problem-solving abilities to navigate School Street.

If you end up caught in this a part of the sport, concern not! We have an entire information that can assist you conquer Chapter 3 and unlock these achievements.

Step 1: The energy of peanuts

Your journey begins with a humble peanut. Locate the bag of peanuts and gather one among these crunchy treasures.

Step 2: Chasing a Paper Airplane

Now let’s get inventive. Take this piece of paper you will have and fold it right into a airplane. Don’t fear; no flying abilities required! Just gather the paper airplane.

Step 3: Sausage Surprise

It’s time to fulfill your thirst for progress. Find a noticed and use it to open the can of sausages. Inside, you’ll uncover a tasty sausage.

Step 4: Nerd Nostalgia

In your journey, you’ll meet a nerd holding a listing stuffed with recollections. Start a dialog and assist them kind by means of the pictures in their guide. This act of kindness may even earn you an achievement.

Step 5: Item Exchange

Now that you have made mates with the nerd, it is time for slightly barter. Give him all of the gadgets you will have collected thus far and in return you’ll obtain a worm.

Step 6: Feathered Friend

Walk over to the chicken perched close by. Use the worm as an providing to the feathered companion and watch it lay an egg. Be prepared ; this egg will play a central function in our journey.

Step 7: Johnny’s Jive

There is a mischievous character named Johnny inflicting a ruckus close by. Click on Johnny a number of occasions till a woman yells at him. You will unlock one other achievement by restoring peace to School Street.

Step 8: Johnny’s Bag Bonanza

While Johnny was inflicting chaos, he dropped his schoolbag. Time for old school dig. Explore Johnny’s deserted bag and recuperate the lollipop, pencil sharpener and a mysterious cigarette.

Step 9: Locker Code

Schools are stuffed with mysteries, and one among them is the mysterious locker. Break the code to unlock it. The magic mixture for this locker is 637. Enter these numbers to disclose its secrets and techniques.

Step 10: Lessons from Laura

Laura, one other character you’ll meet, has essential info. Send the pictures again to Laura and she is going to reveal the time, which is about for two:45 p.m.

Step 11: Ticket Issues

Now let’s transfer on to a difficult riddle. Behind Laura there’s a money machine. Follow the arrows and ensure every button is pressed as indicated by the arrows (for instance, ^ means up as soon as and >>> means transfer proper thrice).

Step 12: Triumph Ticket

Once you comply with the arrows, a riddle concerning the ATM ought to seem. Solve it and you’ll be rewarded with a ticket.

Step 13: Time Travel

Do you bear in mind this second that Laura shared? Head over to the clock and set it to learn 2:45.

Step 14: All Aboard!

With your ticket, strategy the controller and hand it in. This step may even earn you one other achievement.

Congratulations! You have efficiently accomplished Chapter 3: School Street in Underground Blossom. Continue these achievements and revel in the remainder of your journey! With your new gadgets and data, who is aware of what mysteries and challenges await you in the following chapter? Good sport !

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