Claudia Raia comments on pregnancy: ‘To those who don’t like it, what a pity’

Claudia Raia comments on pregnancy: ‘To those who don’t like it, what a pity’

Asked how the family has reacted after the confirmation of the pregnancy, the actress said that very well. “All happy”


This week, Claudia Raia, 55, announced the pregnancy of her third child. However, the actress received criticism for bearing a baby at an advanced age. In an interview with Fantástico, which airs on Sunday (25), the artist sent a message to these people.

“So, for those who don’t like it, what a pity, because you could be enjoying it with me”, she said, in a conversation with journalist Renata Ceribelli.

Asked how the family has reacted after the confirmation of the pregnancy, the actress said that very well. “Everyone is very happy, because we love babies, we love children. All of us. It’s a drop-dead gorgeous love wave,” she recounted.

The actress, who is pregnant with the first fruit of her marriage with actor Jarbas Homem de Mello, 53, has already decided how the baby’s name will be chosen.

Claudia is seen as responsible for “dictating” the main names of babies in Brazil in recent times. From her 17-year marriage to actor Edson Celulari, she became the mother of Enzo, 25, and Sophia, 19 – names that have had a high number of registrations in recent times.

Asked what will be the inspiration for the name of the third child, the artist burst out laughing and said that it will be of Italian origin.


“We still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. So there are some names going around, but I can say that the Italian saga continues: maybe Pietra, Matteo, Lucca, is out there”, said Claudia Raia.

In the interview, the artist said that she is neutral about the sex of the baby. The husband believes he will father a boy. The complete interview of the couple Claudia Raia and Jarbas Homem de Mello to “Fantástico” will air on Sunday (25), from 8:30 pm (GMT), on TV Globo.


Last Monday (19), actress Claudia Raia used social media to announce to fans that she is pregnant with her first child from her marriage with Jarbas Homem de Mello.

In a post on Instagram, the artist shared a video with Jarbas de Mello pointing to her belly indicating her pregnancy. She further reported that she ended up calling the doctor “crazy” with speculation of a baby.


“When the doctor asked me for a beta, a pregnancy blood test, I said, ‘Honey, you’re really crazy. Where did you get this from? I am 55 years old”. Then she said: ‘But I need to investigate because all your rates are different, they are strange’”, reported Raia.

Faced with suspicion, the artist reported that she ran to the pharmacy to buy a test and joked that she “almost fell hard on the floor” with the news.

“What have I done? I couldn’t stand it, I went to the pharmacy, bought the test, I couldn’t stand it because I said ‘I have to take the test’, a test that everyone does, what is this I’m going to wait a day and a half for a blood test to come? I can not stand. Then I took the test and came, more than 3 weeks pregnant, I said:

‘It’s wrong, it can’t be. Guys, I’m 55 years old,’” the actress recalled.


“I looked up and spoke to God: “I’m 55 years old, do you want to drive me crazy? That’s not how life is.” But then there’s the 99.9% accuracy, precision thing, then I said: ‘Oh my God, I’m pregnant, how did this happen?’. I needed to share this with you, because it even says how many weeks you are, it’s to fall hard on the ground”, he concluded.

In the baby announcement videos, Claudia Raia appeared showing the result of the Clear Blue brand pregnancy test. According to columnist Lucas Pasin, from the website Uol, she earned BRL 250,000 to do the advertising.


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