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Cool !! This Middle School Canteen in Magelang Uses Biogas – Techbondhu
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Cool !! This Middle School Canteen in Magelang Uses Biogas – Techbondhu

Cool !! This Middle School Canteen in Magelang Uses Biogas – Techbondhu

BNews–MAGELANG– The canteen of SMP Muhammadiyah Plus (SMP M Plus) Sambak, Kajoran District, Magelang Regency makes use of biogas from Tofu Factory Waste for cooking. This was conveyed by Giri Wijayanto, Principal of SMP M Plus Sambak on the launch of the M.Plus Canteen on Saturday, 10/9/2022.

“This school canteen uses biogas from tofu factory waste. Waste from the tofu factory is accommodated in a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), so that it emits gas and the rest of the waste water becomes environmentally friendly. Incidentally, not far from the school there is a Tofu Factory owned by the residents”. he talked about.

He added that the concept of this canteen is inexperienced inexperienced. In addition to utilizing environmentally nice vitality, it moreover minimizes the utilization of plastic. Because as everyone knows plastic can’t be decomposed and is troublesome to recycle. Although the utilization of plastic doesn’t basically disappear, nevertheless a minimum of there are efforts to chop again it.

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“This canteen is probably the first and only one in Magelang district that utilizes environmentally friendly Biogas from Tofu Factory Waste.” he added.

Sambak Village, Kajoran District, Magelang Regency has been typically known as an Energy Independent Village. Because some villagers use biogas from tofu manufacturing unit waste. According to Dahlan, the highest of Sambak Village, most of the residents have used biogas from the Tofu Factory waste. He appreciated the steps taken by SMP M Plus Sambak using biogas.

“Currently, the number of residents who have used biogas from the Tofu Factory Waste continues to grow. We really appreciate what SMP M Plus Sambak has done. Besides introducing environmentally friendly energy, in the future it can be a means of student learning. This is a tremendous breakthrough.” Said Dahlan who was moreover present on the launch of the canteen.

He moreover talked about that he would encourage SMP M Plus Sambak to advance to change into Adi Wiyata School. Adi Wiyata School is a school that cares a few healthful, clear and beautiful setting.

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“We will continue to encourage schools to progress to become Adi Wiyata schools. One of them is SMP M Plus. There are several criteria that enter, namely caring and environmental culture who are able to participate and carry out environmental conservation and sustainable development efforts for the benefit of present and future generations.” he concluded.

The launch of the M.Plus Canteen moreover invited the Head of the Sambak Village and his staff, the Head of the encircling SD/MI, the Head of the Muhammadiyah Sambak Branch and the Head of the Kajoran Muhammadiyah Branch. During the event, the Anti-Bullying Declaration was moreover held. (fiq/bsn)

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