Corey Kent Seizes the Moment in 'Something's Gonna Kill Me' The Talks Today
Corey Kent Seizes the Moment in 'Something's Gonna Kill Me'

Corey Kent Seizes the Moment in ‘Something’s Gonna Kill Me’

Corey Kent Seizes the Moment in ‘Something’s Gonna Kill Me’

Corey Kent doubles down on the reedy, rock-infused sound of his breakout debut, “Wild as Her” in the follow-up track, “Something’s Gonna Kill Me.”

“Wild as Her” established Kent’s bona fides as a windows-down, pavement-pounding free spirit, and “Something’s Gonna Kill Me” doesn’t do anything to contradict that persona. In this song, though, Kent’s decision to keep things wild doesn’t have anything to do with matching his love interest’s free-spirited ways. Rather, he’s living life his own way purely for the sake of finding soul satisfaction and making sure he doesn’t have any regrets on his deathbed.

That means not taking doctor’s orders about some harmful pastimes. Booze, smoke and motorcycle rides all make appearances in the song’s lyrics, and though he knows that any one of those habits could wind up claiming his life one day, the singer also knows that he doesn’t want to live in fear of that eventuality.

In other words: He’s here for a good time, not a long time.

Kent’s sonic stylings match the messaging in “Something’s Gonna Kill Me.” Fans of Eric Church and Kip Moore will find a lot to love about Kent’s gravelly, rough-and-ready delivery, and his reedy, expressive vocals lend extra weight to the lyrics.

“Something’s Gonna Kill Me” comes off of Kent’s full-length debut, Blacktop, which dropped in early June.

Corey Kent, “Something’s Gonna Kill Me” Lyrics:

I’ve watched a California sunset burn from orange to gold / Bought a pawn shop six-string, sold my soul to rock ‘n’ roll / They say if you ain’t busy living, then you’re just dyin’ slow / I wanna say I’ve done it all by the time it’s time to go

Where and when and what’ll be the death of me / Well, heaven only knows…


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It might be the highway and it might be these songs / It might be the whiskey or the smoke inside these lungs / Ain’t no way around it, one day I’m gonna die / If something’s gonna kill me, might as well be what makes me feel alive

I’ve loved a damn good woman, I’ve had to let one go / Rode life’s roller coasters, mountain highs and valley lows / Broke a hundred on two wheels, found revival on the road / The devil’s always on my heels, but I keep him on his toes

Repeat Chorus x 2

I’ve made my peace with God / I ain’t afraid to die / If something’s gonna kill me / Might as well be what makes me feel alive..

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