Coronation Street Spoilers: Is Aadi Dead in Coronation Street? Check Out Does Aadi Die in Corrie

Coronation Street

Coronation Street is a British soap opera which was initially released on December 9, 1960, on ITV and is running till now. Based on each week’s episode, there will be several spoilers that will be disclosed on the internet and this time, for the upcoming episode, around 13 spoilers have been let out on the internet.

Coronation Street Spoilers

So among the spoilers that have been there, the one that is going viral is whether is Aadi dead in Coronation Street. So if you people also have the same query as to know whether is Aadi Dead on Coronation Street, then you are in the right place to gather the correct information. Read below, to find out more about the viral spoiler Aadi dead in Coronation Street.

Is Aadi Dead in Coronation Street?

For the people who are wondering about the spoiler whether is Aadi dead in Coronation Street, here is the answer to your query. Let’s see what has happened: when bad thug Kieron is the target of Kelly and Gary’s rooftop fight. The Corrie team went all out to make these some of the most thrilling sequences yet as Kelly and Gary’s journey reaches its dramatic and emotional conclusion.

In order to make it appear as though Kelly killed both Gary and herself, Kieron plans to kill Kelly and frame her for the crime as he walks her to the roof of an old mill. Although Gary and Aadi are already on their way to get her, they are shocked to see her on the roof. Gary suddenly shows up as Kieron prepares to force Kelly off the roof and instructs him to kill Kelly instead.

Does Aadi Die in Corrie?

As for the spoilers mentioned on the internet, the incident that will take place in the next episode is only revealed and whether Aadi dies in Corrie is not disclosed anywhere on the internet. So the people who are waiting to know whether is Aadi dead in Coronation Street need to watch the particular episode to find out, whether Aadi is dead or not, and if further information is known about Coronation Street, keep yourself updated with our website.

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