Dayz Update 1.49 Patch Notes, Dayz Update 1.49 Released For Patch 1.20 The Talks Today

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Dayz Update 1.49 Patch Notes, Dayz Update 1.49 Released For Patch 1.20
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Dayz Update 1.49 Patch Notes, Dayz Update 1.49 Released For Patch 1.20

Dayz Update 1.49 Patch Notes

The newest Dayz update version 1.49 is presently being released on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. As per the official Dayz 1.48 patch notes, the most recent update deals with the problem of a player’s character staying on the server for an extended period of time in the event of a connection disruption. Along with this fix, the Dayz patch 1.49 released today also includes enhancements to server stability.

In the past, a significant Dayz update version 1.20 introduced fresh Mime and Carnival masks, among other features. Unfortunately, players have still encountered glitches while playing the game. Dayz’s PS4 version 1.49, released today, will address some of these issues.

Dayz Patch Notes

We strongly advise wiping the contents of your community server or reverting to a previous storage version if it has been affected by the creation of duplicated objects through the use of an object spawner. Failure to follow this procedure may lead to significant instabilities in the game. The game, which has been receiving regular updates since its release in 2018, has been given a new patch today. The latest update from Bohemia Interactive brings a variety of changes to both the PC and console versions of the game, consistent with previous updates. Please see the patch notes below for a full list of changes and fixes included in the DayZ 1.49 update.

  • When a player left a simulated vehicle, they would teleport locally.

  • After a server restart, vehicles could fall through structures.

  • The placement system desynchronization issue has been fixed.

  • Various problematic ladders in Chernarus have been adjusted.

  • Both types of fish could be caught in any water source.

  • Interacting with deeper levels of water was not possible.

  • Melee finisher attacks were damaging vests and backpacks of infected.

  • Loading bullets from a ruined magazine caused weapons to become bugged.

  • Collisions with other entities could cause heavy shaking of the player camera.

  • During vaulting, the 3rd person camera could clip with objects.

  • Sprinting and turning from side to side caused the camera to briefly zoom out and in.

To obtain Dayz patch 1.49 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, download it for free.

Dayz update 1.49 Released For Patch 1.20

Using the Object Spawner to create items with the suffix “_DE” may lead to their replication with each server reboot. To restore the functionality of weapons that were previously affected by a bug caused by loading a bullet from a damaged magazine, it is necessary to load a new bullet into the chamber. Additionally, shifting the M1025 into drive mode may cause a desynchronization issue with its gearbox.

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