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Nico Mirallegro
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Does Nico Mirallegro Have A Wife? The Performer of Cal Flannery On Ridley

Does Nico Mirallegro Have A Wife? The Performer of Cal Flannery On Ridley

Does Nico Mirallegro Have A Wife? The Performer of Cal Flannery On Ridley

Fans have looked into Nico Mirallegro’s personal information despite the fact that he does not have a wife and portrays Cal Flannery on the television show Ridley.

English actor Mirallegro is well-known for his roles in Hollyoaks, The Village, The Habit of Beauty, and My Mad, Fat, Diary. In eight episodes of the television show LOl in 2008, the actor made his acting debut as Cam Spence.

He is well-known in the entertainment industry for playing Barry Newton in the soap drama Hollyoaks. The actor was named one of Screen International’s Stars of Tomorrow. The performer has additionally received accolades as one of the UK’s most promising young actors.

For Orpheus and Eurydice, Mirallegro received a BBC Audio Drama Award nomination for Best Actor, and for The Village, he received a BAFTA Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.


Nico Mirallegro

Does Ridley’s Nico Mirallegro Have A Wife?

Mirallegro does not have a wife because he is not married. The actor might be more focused on advancing his career than finding a wife or partner. Dominique Jackson and Nico had allegedly been dating in the past.

However, neither of the famous people said anything about it. In the current situation, Nico appeared to be unmarried and making progress in the acting industry.

Cal Flannery is currently played by Nico Mirallegro on Ridley. The show’s authors are Jonathan Fisher and Paul Matthew Thompson. The West Road Picture Production company’s August 28, 2022, UK debut of the program.

Adrian Dunbar, Bronagh Waugh, George Bukhari, Georgie Glen, Julie Graham, Terence Bhavna, Aidan McArdle, Jacquetta May, Tareq-Al-Jeddah, Kitty Watson, Steve Holness, Zak Douglas, Joanna Riding, Pauline Turner, Lucy Thatcher, and others were among the co-stars Mirallegro shared the screen with.

In addition to this, Nico appeared in the television show We Hunt Together in 2022 as Robert Miller. Even in the television series The Beast Must Die, he appeared as Nicky Toland, Ben Keane/Jamie in Moving On in Weeding Day, and Losing My Religion.

The Knock, The Habit of Beauty, Cardboard Boy, The Pass, Virtuoso, The Ark, The Charlatans: Talking in Tones, The Village, and other shows all included Mirallegro’s work.

Nico Mirallegro: Who Is He?

An English actor by the name of Nico Cristian Mirallegro (/mrlro/ MIRR-LEG-roh; born 26 January 1991). For his roles as Barry “Newt” Newton in Hollyoaks (2007–2010), Finn Nelson in My Mad Fat Diary (2013–2015), Joe Middleton in The Village (2013), and Johnjo O’Shea in Common, he is most recognized (2014). His credits for major motion pictures include Peterloo, The Pass, Anita B., Spike Island (2012), and Anita B. (2018).

He has been praised as one of the UK’s “most promising young actors” and was named one of Screen International’s “Stars of Tomorrow” in 2012.

His nominations for awards include Best Supporting Actor at the BAFTA Awards and Best Actor at the BBC Audio Drama Awards (both in 2016, for Orpheus and Eurydice) (2014, for The Village).

Nico Mirallegro’s Early Years

In Heywood, Greater Manchester, on January 26, 1991, Nico Cristian Mirallegro was born. His Irish mother, Maureen McLaughlin, is from Malin Head, while his Italian father is from Sicily.  For a short while, he went to a boarding school outside of the UK, where he felt lonely and out of place. He also attended the Manchester School of Acting and Siddal Moor Sports College in Heywood. His parents are divorced, and Mirallegro relocated to Spain as a teenager to briefly live with his father who resides there. He can hold a conversation in both Italian and Spanish.

After accompanying his sister Claudia to improv workshops in his mid-teens, Mirallegro claims that he “fell into” acting. He “had to get one of the other lads to say [his] lines” at one of his first acting courses because he was so terrified.

Career of Nico Mirallegro

In 2007, Mirallegro received his first professional acting assignment when he was chosen to play the emo teenager Newt in the enduring British soap opera Hollyoaks. He deliberately left Hollyoaks after two seasons at age 18 to pursue other acting roles, although he was appreciative of the chance to be a part of the program: “I gained a lot of the craft from Hollyoaks, where I was in front of the camera six days a week. You most definitely don’t have that kind of experience in theatre school.”

Mirallegro was portraying Cam Spencer in LOL, a web series that explored sex, drugs, and relationships, when Hollyoaks was in production.

In a 2010 episode of the BBC drama series Moving On, Mirallegro played a gay boy who experiences bullying at school due of his sexual orientation. He had nine appearances in the regular BBC programme Doctors beginning in 2010 as an Italian exchange student.

Mirallegro appeared in the first season of the Upstairs Downstairs on BBC One adaptation set in the 1930s in December 2010. He played Johnny Proude, a young footman who joined the military to leave the poverty of his mining town upbringing in the north. He reprised his role as Johnny when the BBC recommissioned the show for a second season.

When his character participated in a boxing match in the second season, Mirallegro had to undergo boxing training to prepare for the part. In 2011, Mirallegro played the teenage version of the principal character Tom Ronstadt in the three-part psychological thriller Exile for the BBC. He portrayed Sam, a gay heroin addict, in the BBC drama The Body Farm later that year.

In the teen comedy-drama series My Mad Fat Diary on E4, he started playing Finn Nelson in 2013. Nelson is the love interest of the show’s lead female character.

He also appeared in the BBC drama The Village in the same year as Joe Middleton. In the contentious BBC One drama Common, written by Jimmy McGovern, Mirallegro played an adolescent accused of murder under the Joint Enterprise law in 2014. According to one review, Mirallegro “continues to distinguish himself as the best actor ever to graduate from Hollyoaks” in “a grim, dramatic drama loaded with political intent.”

The Ark, a 2015 television movie that included aspects from Islamic culture, presented the story of Noah. Mirallegro portrayed Kenan, Noah’s youngest (and extrabiblical) son, who was drowned in the Great Flood as a result of choosing a different route from his father and brothers. Mirallegro also starred in the HBO film Virtuoso, which was written and directed in part by Alan Ball. Mirallegro, which took place in the 18th century, starred a self-taught violin prodigy who went to Vienna to study with other young musicians.

In June 2017, Mirallegro acted in the BBC’s BAFTA winning real-life drama Murdered for Being Different, about the murder of Sophie Lancaster in 2007.

In 2019, it was confirmed he would be cast as an army soldier in the new series of the long-running BBC One drama Our Girl.

Films of Nico Mirallegro

Mirallegro’s debut film, the short film Six Minutes of Freedom, was shot in 2009.
He starred as a disturbed teenager preparing to be a boxer while his father is in prison. The film was entered into four film festivals, and it won Best New Wave Short Film at the Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival.

Mirallegro completed filming for his part in McQueen the Movie in the summer of 2010. He portrayed Sam, one of the story’s two protagonists who is a Jewish boy. The 1990s North of England suburbs serve as the setting for the movie.

In a feature-length movie from the 1990s about the Manchester-based rock band The Stone Roses, Mirallegro played a young lead guitarist. Spike Island, the movie, came out in 2012. He referred to the six weeks he spent building Spike Island as “absolute ecstasy.”

A 2014 football drama called “Shooting for Socrates” “the underdog tale of a Northern Ireland team that faces up against soccer powerhouse Brazil in the world cup opener. For [Mirallegro’s] character, David Campbell, who makes his Northern Ireland debut in front of 50,000 spectators the day before his 21st birthday, the game is a baptism of fire “. Although the actors of the movie was praised for their talent, the storyline received less favorable reviews.

Stage For Nico Mirallegro

Russell Tovey portrays a football player coming to terms with his homosexuality in the drama The Pass in which Mirallegro made an appearance in January 2014 at London’s Royal Court Theatre.

In a 2016 film adaptation of the play, which had its world premiere at the BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival, Mirallegro reprised his comic role as a hotel bellhop in a “irrepressible performance”. Information On Nico Mirallegro

On January 26, 1991, Mirallegro was born in Heywood, Greater Manchester, England. He is 31 years old right now. The actor is a native of the United Kingdom. He speaks Italian and Spanish well, nevertheless.

Nico Mirallegro
Nico Mirallegro

His mother, Maureen McLaughlin, is Irish from Malin Head, and Mirallegro’s father is an Italian from Sicily. In his teenage years, his parents divorced. His father currently resides in Spain with the actor. As a teenager, Mirallegro relocated with her father.

Mirallegro enrolled at a boarding school outside of the UK. At that place, he had a lonely childhood. In the Deansgate neighborhood of Manchester, the actor joined Heywood at Siddal Moor Sports College and the Manchester School of Acting.

In his mid-teens, Mirallegro took his sister Claudia to improv courses and developed a serious interest in performing. She was born in 1992, one year before the actor, and is his sister. He was anxious in his first acting class. His other partners therefore delivered the actor’s lines.

In the long-running British series Hollyoaks, where he played the teenage Newt, Mirallegro made his acting debut in 2007. He willingly left the soap opera after two seasons when he was 18 to pursue other acting roles. The actor was appreciative of the chance, though.

At the same time, Mirallegro played Cam Spencer in the web series LOL. After that, the actor played Chris, Giovanni Mannasori, and Teenage Tom in Six Minutes of Freedom, Doctors, and Exile. Sam Villiers from The Body Farm and Ben from Wheels of Fortune.

At the Royal Court Theatre in London in January 2014, Mirallegro made his acting debut in the drama The Pass. Even in the 2016 film adaptation of the book’s irrepressible performance, he emerged as a hotel bellboy.

Nevertheless, Mirallegro appeared in a number of 2014 BBC Radio 4 dramas. He portrayed the title male character, which helped him win the Best Actor award for Orpheus and Eurydice.

Mirallegro participates in charitable endeavors. He appeared in celebrity football games for charity as Help for Heroes and Once Upon a Simile. Man Utd FC has the full backing of everyone, including the actor.

The Body Farm, Wheels of Fortune, Upstairs Downstairs, Spike Island, Last Tango in Halifax, Cold Comfort, Anita B. A Gun, Tiny Ruins: Carriages, Common, Shooting for Socrates, and more films and television programs include Mirallegro’s work.

Recent credits for Mirallegro include Ridely, We Hint Together, and Moving On. Diana and I, Murdered for Being Different, Replacement, Our Girl, Penance, Peterloo, On Kosovo Field, Come Out of the Woods, Goodbye Christopher Robin, and more.

The estimated net worth of Mirallegro is $1 million. He makes a living through acting. He might, however, spend some cash on charitable endeavors. The actor has contributed 14 years to the performing industry and is still active today.

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