Download: Omah Lay - Damburuba (No Competition) Mp3 The Talks Today
Download: Omah Lay - Damburuba (No Competition) Mp3

Download: Omah Lay – Damburuba (No Competition) Mp3

Omah Lay - Damburuba

Download: Omah Lay – Damburuba (No Competition) Mp3

Talented Nigerian music artist Omah Lay has just unleashed his latest single “Damburuba (No Competition)” a free mp3 download. Don’t sleep on this opportunity to add “Damburuba (No Competition)” to your playlist – it’s a must-listen for fans of Afrobeat, pop, and everything in between.

Omah Lay, born Stanley Omah Didia, hails from Port Harcourt in Nigeria. This multi-talented singer-songwriter and record producer has quickly risen to prominence in the Nigerian music scene with his irresistible melodies and soulful vocals. Drawing inspiration from a range of musical genres, he has successfully woven an original tapestry of sound that effortlessly resonates with listeners.

“Damburuba (No Competition)” hit the airwaves with roaring acclaim. Right from the start, this upbeat jam captures your attention with its infectious beat and pulsating rhythm. Masterfully combining elements of Afrobeat, pop, and dancehall, “Damburuba (No Competition)” has audiences dancing and singing along to its catchy chorus.


Omah Lay’s “Damburuba (No Competition)” is the perfect track for those who crave a lively, groovy beat that gets them up and moving. With its catchy chorus and hypnotic melody, this song is guaranteed to make waves on dance floors and playlists everywhere. Be sure to give it a listen and download your copy today.

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