Easy Tips for Overcoming Slow HP for All Brands

Easy Tips for Overcoming Slow HP for All Brands

Immaku.com Easy Tips for Overcoming Slow HP for All Brands – Every day, Android phones experience a decrease in performance which affects sluggishness when used for daily activities.

For multitasking activities, it requires a very high process while the cellphone device cannot execute it optimally so that your cellphone becomes slow and often jams.

Factors that cause cellphone performance to start to slow include decreased battery quality, old cellphones, mostly installing useless applications and devices that are not compatible with the latest versions of applications.

In addition to the internal factors that have been mentioned earlier, external factors from cellphone care are also worth asking because if you take good care of your cellphone then the cellphone’s performance will be stable and not slow.

The cause of the phone is often slow

There are several problems with the phone that cause slow performance and you need to know, they are listed below:

  1. Full Android RAM
  2. Phone storage is running low
  3. Many useless apps are reinstall
  4. Battery too hot
  5. Making a mistake rooting the phone
  6. Upgrade OS Android
  7. Doing an incorrect phone reset

Well, that’s the reason why the phone is often slow and lags, now you can start how to keep your android from slowing down by following the steps below.

1. Cool down HP

A cellphone that is too hot can certainly affect the slowness of android performance. Because the system will continue to work non-stop to process a prioritized data.

If you want to open certain applications, then you are also indirectly adding to the processing load which causes the onsel temperature to become very hot.

We provide some tips to cool the phone so that the slowness goes away:

  1. Make sure the phone battery is not problematic or leaking.
  2. Make sure you are in a room with the right temperature.
  3. Use enough watching.
  4. Stop all applications running in the background of the screen.
  5. Turn off the phone to rest for a moment more than 10-20 minutes.

2. Stop playing the game

Playing games is indeed very fun if you use the highest resolution gameplay to achieve super HD quality video games.

Believe it or not, by increasing the resolution and making HD makes mobile devices slow because they are forced to continue processing graphics so that quality is maintained.

For this reason, if you feel your phone is slow when playing games, take a break from playing games and do other useful activities.

3. Reduce RAM load

RAM is a temporary data storage place that is useful for storing Cache on Android applications so that when they are opened they don’t have to wait for loading again.

If the RAM device on your Android phone is too forced to run all applications then the RAM will work sloppy and slow to process data.

Therefore, reduce the use of unnecessary applications by thirsting for Recent Apps. This feature has existed since the first time you bought a cellphone.

However, deleting recent apps does not necessarily solve the problem of a slow phone. To improve RAM performance so that the phone doesn’t slow down, you can try the greenify application to stop the application process running in the background.

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