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Elden Ring: How To Complete Roderika's Questline

Elden Ring: How To Complete Roderika’s Questline

Along the way to Stormveil Castle, Ring of Eldon Defiled will meet a young woman named Roderica. She will sit in the ruins of the Storm Mountain Lodge, near the site’s Grace Site. Players can talk to her multiple times, hear her backstory, and gain Soul Jelly Ash, a summonable ally that can be summoned once the player receives Lanney’s Summoning Soul Bell at the Church of Ayler. Rodrika will also ask the Defiler to “deliver a message to the chrysalis in Stormwind Castle…”.

In order to complete Roderica’s quest and complete her questline, Ring of Eldon Players must enter Stormveil Castle and find a key item called the Chrysalis Memento. To obtain this item, the Defiler must manage to gain access to the castle’s walls, which can be done by asking Gatekeeper Gostock to open the gates or sneaking through an opening in the western outer wall. Once the player reaches the Rampart Tower (the Grace site on the seventh floor), they will find an elevator nearby.This elevator will guide them to an area where there is a Grafted Scion Field Boss Ring of Elden.

It’s up to the Defiler to face the Graftchild in battle, but those who just want to find the Chrysalis’ memento must enter the entrance on the right. Inside the room, the player encounters a horrific pile of corpses guarded by two mad dogs. After defeating Zombie Dogs, players can loot piles of corpses to obtain quest items. Go back to the Storm Mountain Lodge and give Chrysalis’ Memento to Roderica. After some conversation, she will reveal her decision to make the Round Table Center her new home.

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How to Help Roderica in Elden Ring

Next, head to the Round Table Hall to meet Roderica by the fireplace.She will reward the Defiler’s help with golden seeds Ring of Eldon. After the dialogue, talk to Master Blacksmith Sugar in the next room. Open the dialogue menu and select “About Roderica”. Hewg will share his thoughts on the new visitor to the fort, after which the player must return to Roderica. Repeat one more back and forth dialogue between the two to unlock the dialogue option “Spy on Roderica” ​​with the blacksmith.

After refreshing the area via fast travel, Roderica will no longer stand by the fireplace. Instead, Tarnished will find her sitting next to the blacksmith, serving as the player’s new soul tuner. This event ends Rodrika’s questline. However, if players revisit the pile of relics inside Stormveil Castle, they will find that Rodrika’s Crimson Hood replaces the Chrysalis’ Souvenir key item. Ring of Elden.

Ring of Eldon Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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