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Elizabeth Olsen on Filming the Blip & Why Certain Marvel Scenes Are ‘Embarassing’

Elizabeth Olsen on Filming the Blip & Why Certain Marvel Scenes Are ‘Embarassing’

Avengers: Infinity War had a terrific ending and one that serves as the most shocking within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The ‘Blip’ scene, as it’s come to be known, where many of our favorite heroes turn to dust, will undoubtedly go down in cinema history. Infinity War was the culmination of the 18 MCU movies before it, resulting in the stunning twist from Thanos as the film comes to a close.

As it turns out, Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda Maximoff, was completely unaware of the scene along with her co-stars. During an interview with Variety, the 33-year-old actress discusses her scenes in Infinity War and what it was like on the final days of shooting. “I mean, those movies I really don’t know what’s going on. I just get my pages, so I understand part of the story I’m fulfilling,” she explains. “I get a story that is told to me from the Russos about what’s happening in the rest of the movie. And it isn’t in the script that everyone gets blipped.”


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She continues, saying she thought the movie would have ended differently. “But we called it ‘The Wedding’ on the schedule. But I didn’t know I got blipped away until we shot it. That was told to us that day,” she says. “All of us went to the van where they had a bunch of equipment to show us pre-viz: Scarlett [Johansson], Chris [Hemsworth], Chadwick [Boseman], Sebastian [Stan]. We were all just in this van, and they said, ‘This is what’s happening. You guys will disappear.'” Olsen continues, “And we’re like, ‘OK.’ It was shocking. I mean, we didn’t know. We thought the movie ended differently.”

Olsen was in the same boat as many fans, as most didn’t expect the ending the Russo’s gave us with Infinity War.

Olsen Says Filming Certain Scenes Can be Embarrassing

The Marvel Cinematic Universe can sometimes be a bit over the top, even if the films have given audiences the most extraordinary connected universe ever put on the big screen. Elizabeth Olsen recognizes the nature of the movies, saying she does feel embarrassed shooting specific scenes. However, she also claims it takes fantastic acting to make the world believable.

“So, it’s very embarrassing shooting those kinds of things, because, like, the world depends on you doing it. And we did some improvising, which is hard to improvise those moments. But it also felt good, because at that point, Paul [Bettany] and I really had each other’s back. It was one of the last things we shot. I felt really comfortable with him as an actor if we had to improvise that beat a little bit. We were trying to find it, with the Russos guiding us. And then, once it was over, it was a huge amount of relief. And I just remember being giggly the rest of the day, while Brolin had his helmet on. And I don’t know. These movies are very silly, but you have to act your ass off for them to work.”

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She adds, “you have one hand out that’s stopping something with energy. And then you’ve got another hand that’s extracting this fake thing from this dotted face,” while Paul Bettany is wearing a heavy layer of glitter on his face, covered in purple. “It’s just silly, there’s a lot of silly stuff. I always wish that one day they just release a version of this film without any special effects because then you understand how ridiculous it feels.” But, of course, when it’s all put together, Marvel has given us some of the best films from the past decade. Fans hope to see more of Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, with her arc coming to a mysterious end during Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Given the popularity of her character, don’t be surprised to see more Wanda in the MCU.