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England Rugby Players Hannah Botterman And Partner Holly Aitchison Are Officially Dating

England Rugby Players Hannah Botterman And Partner Holly Aitchison Are Officially Dating

England Rugby Players Hannah Botterman And Partner Holly Aitchison Are Officially Dating

Hannah Botterman is a forward for the English rugby union team, and she is currently dating Holly Aitchison.

She plays rugby for the club team Saracens Women and for the England women’s national team. Her partner is also on her team. At their club, on the national team, and in their personal lives, they call each other their partner.

The couple started dating in 2020, and their relationship has been praised and criticized by different people. But what’s more important is that they didn’t let the hate stop them from growing as people and as professionals.

Holly played rugby union for England in both the Six Nations Championships and the Olympics. Botterman has also played for both Saracens Women and England’s national team, making her debut against Canada in 2017.

Hannah Botterman

They are best friends, and what more could you want from a partner than that?

Hannah Botterman is dating Holly Aitchison, who is also on her team.

Hannah Botterman and Holly Aitchison, who is also on her team, have been dating for a while now.

From 2020 on, they were together during the Covid and national lockdowns, and they seem to spend a lot of quality time together.

At the end of 2021, Hannah told everyone that she was seeing Aitchison. She posted a picture of the couple on Instagram with the caption, “Cheers to the biggest accomplishment of the year, thank you 2020 @hollyaitchison_.” This meant that they began dating in the year 2020.

Botterman and Aitchison spent Valentine’s Day together, and Hannah didn’t hesitate to show their fans some photos of them.

A picture of them with their pet and the caption “The prettiest girl, the most handsome boy, and an average-looking girl who looks like a boy = the best of friends” has also gotten a lot of positive comments.

They are breaking all the stereotypes and doing their best at both the club level and the national level. Most of the couple’s fans love and support them, but when they came out and said they were gay, they got some negative feedback.

Holly Aitchison’s brother Ben Aitchison doesn’t seem very happy about their relationship, and he has often said bad things about them on social media.

But they are not the only rugby players from England who are in a relationship. Rugby is where Emily Rudge met her partner, Gemma Walsh.

They’ve broken all the stereotypes and shown young people how to live. Emily and Gemma’s hopes of being role models and giving young players the courage to be open about their sexuality are also coming true.

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Hannah Botterman and Holly Aitchison are both sports and life partners

Hannah Botterman and Holly Aitchison have been friends for a long time and play on the same club and national teams.

They are both on the Saracens Women team. Hannah’s first season with Saracens Women was in 2017–18, when she was 18 years old. She scored the winning try in the 2017–18 Tyrell Premier 15s final against Harlequins Women. This helped Saracens win back-to-back championships.

On the other hand, in September 2020, I joined Saracens Women.

Holly Aitchison and Hannah Botterman For the UK

Botterman was chosen for the England women’s rugby team in 2017 after a strong season with her club, Saracens. In her first game, she played against Canada.

Botterman played in the 2019 Super Series in San Diego. After that, the Rugby Football Union gave him a full-time professional contract for the 2019–20 season. She was on the team that won the Grand Slam at the 2019 Women’s Six Nations Championship.

She was picked for the England team that would play in the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in October and November 2022, which had to be moved from 2021.

In the same way, Holly was on the Great Britain Rugby Sevens team that placed fourth at the postponed Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics in 2021. In her first game with the England 15s team in October 2021, she scored a try.

She was picked up by the England team for the 2021 Rugby World Cup, which was moved to October and November 2022 in New Zealand. Also, she was picked to start in the World Cup final against New Zealand.

Hannah Botterman
Hannah Botterman

Hannah Botterman Talks About How She Was Raised

Hannah Botterman said in a recent episode of the England Rugby Podcast that she just wants to be with Hannah Botterman and that being bisexual doesn’t define her.

The Red Roses and Saracens prop introduces herself by talking about her friendship with the club and international teammate Holly Aitchison, her unconventional path to Test rugby, eating cakes and pasties while working as an artist, painter, and decorator, and her relationships with her family.

She also talks about how at first she didn’t feel ready to play rugby on an international level and how much she likes being a role model. She also talks about why she didn’t think she had to “come out.”

She also knows how important relationships are in the life of an athlete, whether those relationships are with teammates, coaches, family, friends, partners, or fans. Hannah was open in the program about who he was and what he liked.

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An international job

Botterman was asked to play for the England women’s rugby team in 2017 after a strong season with her club, Saracens. She played her first game against Canada.

Botterman played for England again in the 2019 Super Series in San Diego, and the Rugby Football Union gave him a full-time professional contract for the 2019/20 season.

She was a member of the 2019 Women’s Six Nations Championship team that won the Grand Slam.

She was put on the England team for the 2021 Rugby World Cup, which was pushed back and will now take place in New Zealand in October and November 2022.

Hannah Botterman
Hannah Botterman

Club career

She played her first game for Saracens Women when she was 18 years old, in the 2017-18 season. She has helped Saracens win back-to-back Tyrell Premier 15s titles. In the 2017/18 final against Harlequins Women, she scored the winning try.

She has played for Hertfordshire, London & South East, and England Under-18s.

Botterman started playing rugby for Datchworth RFC when she was four years old. After eight years, she moved to Welwyn RFC.

Both of her parents played for Datchworth, and other members of her extended family did as well. For example, her aunt Jane Everett was an England international prop. Greg Botterman, who was her uncle, played for both England and Saracens.

She went to school in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, at the Monk’s Walk School. When she was 16, she went to the well-known rugby school Hartpury College.

Botterman was a painter, decorator, and waitress at Harvester before she got a full-time rugby contract.

“I did it for fun at first, but then I trained every day. Hartpury is a great place to be, but it didn’t work for me at that time because of where I was in my life.

Botterman’s life seemed to be going in a different direction until he was invited to play sevens by accident in the summer of 2017. This was the first step to getting back into the game. From there, she joined Saracens to train before the first season of the Tyrrells Premier 15s.

“The season started with a game away at Waterloo. I got up from the bench and just had fun. I thought I was making a difference and bringing the energy. That’s when I realized I needed to put my head down, get better and fitter, and try to go as far as I could.

“I was having fun with it again and fell in love with it all over again.”

Because of how well she did at her club, she was called up to the England team two months after her first game for Saracens. She made her international debut in a 79–5 win against Canada at her club’s home field, Allianz Park.

When asked how she thinks about that time, she says with a look of innocent surprise, “I still don’t really understand what happened. I had just started playing rugby again, and after four or five months, I got my first cap for England. It was crazy. “I don’t know what to say!”

The 2017-18 season would be a big comeback. Hannah scored a rampaging try to help Saracens beat Harlequins in the Tyrrells Premier 15s final and earn two caps. She then went on tour with England Under 20s to Canada.

When you think about it, it makes sense that Botterman would become a Red Rose. Rugby has been a part of her life since she was four years old, when she would go to Datchworth RFC to watch her dad play on Saturdays and her mom play on Sundays. When your uncle, Gregg Botterman, and your aunt, Jane Everett, are both former England front rowers, it shows how close your family is to the team.

“I didn’t use them as often as I should have,” she says now. “I never went to talk to them about what I should have done.

“I just wanted to do what I wanted to do and didn’t want to listen to anyone. Looking back, I can see that wasn’t the best decision.”

When asked which member of her family has helped her career the most so far, Botterman says, “It’s a cliche, but my dad. He was my coach at Datchworth, and he is still my coach now.

“Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am now. He took me everywhere, gave me tips and advice, and did everything else a dad does. Even when I gave up on myself and didn’t want to play rugby, he never gave up on me. He never gave up hope.”

Botterman moved from Datchworth to Welwyn RFC when she was 12. There, she moved up through the age groups until she was in the U18s, where she mostly played center. Botterman played rugby for her club, but she also tried a number of other sports. Rugby, however, was her favorite.

“I’d made some great friends, and it was a place where you could hit a pad or someone, which isn’t bad. It was a good way for me to let out my anger. I wasn’t a mean kid, but I’d never felt so close to a sport as I did with rugby.

This hobby is now Botterman’s full-time job. He quit painting and decorating to be one of 28 players named to England’s full-time professional XVs squad at the beginning of 2019.

Now that she has 20 England caps, she sings God Save the Queen more often while wearing an England shirt. Does the national anthem still give her the same thrill?

“I don’t think you’ll get it until you try it.

“My first couple of caps didn’t go as well as I would have liked because there were a few injuries and I was there because of them. I wanted to be there because I had worked just as hard as everyone else and really deserved to be there. However, I feel more like I’ve earned my place this year.

“It wasn’t that I didn’t deserve to be there, because I was there for a reason, but I hadn’t done the work I thought I should have to get there. After that first cap, I put my head down, worked like crazy, and didn’t stop.

And when asked how it feels to play for England after all that work, he said, “It’s pure happiness, there’s no other feeling like it.”

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