Explained Damien Hardwick And Girlfriend Alexandra Crow Age Difference

Explained Damien Hardwick And Girlfriend Alexandra Crow Age Difference

Explained Damien Hardwick And Girlfriend Alexandra Crow Age Difference

Damien Hardwick has a new girlfriend named Alexandra Crow. He has moved on with his life. After he and his wife, Danielle Hardwick, got divorced, he made some significant life changes.

In 2021, when Hardwick and Crow were first seen walking their dog in the streets of Melbourne during the weekend together, it sparked and rattled the internet, which led to the beginning of the Hardwick and Crow romance.

As a result, the media began to take an interest in Alexandra because she was dating Damien, who had won three consecutive premierships. In addition to that, they both worked for the same company before she moved on to another one.

The former athlete turned coach has been working in the Australian Football League as a senior trainer for the Richmond Football Club since 2010. He has the most extended continuous service (12 years) of any current AFL coach.

In a similar vein, his girlfriend has a wealth of experience working in the sporting and entertainment industries; she started working with Richmond in 2013, but left the organization in the early 2022 after their relationship became public knowledge.


Damien Hardwick

How Old Is Alexandra Crow?

In spite of the fact that Alexandra Crow is currently in her 30s, she has not disclosed to the media either her date of birth or the day that she would be celebrating her birthday.

Crow is an enthusiastic consumer and commercial sales leader who started his academic career at the University of New England (AU) in 2011 with the intention of earning a Bachelor of Sports Studies degree.

On the other hand, she postponed her enrollment and went on to start in the Sports and Recreation Administration program at Victoria University in 2007. In the same vein, she went to Fitnation in 2009 to get her certifications as a personal trainer (Cert III & IV) and a group fitness instructor.

After that, Alexandra started working as an active life coach with ESS Gumala PTY LTD in April 2011 and remained there until February 2012. Between the months of April 2011 and March 2013, she worked at the Perth and District YMCA as a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor.

Timeline of the Relationship Between Damien Hardwick and Alexandra Crow

Damien Hardwick is a coach for the Australian rules football team and a former player. Alexandra is his girlfriend, and ever since they were seen hanging out together in public, the public has been interested in the two of them.

Both Hardwick and Crow were employed by the Richmond Football Club at the same time, thus they worked together there. Hardwick, a former athlete, started working for the club in 2009 as a senior coach, and he has been with the team ever since. Crow also worked for the club.

However, prior to beginning her connection with the retired athlete turned coach, the current chief of consumer and commercial sales was in a relationship with Daniel Giese, an executive with Carlton Football Club.

A Fond Farewell To The Richmond Football Club

After the story spread like wildfire, Damien’s girlfriend, who was a member of the Tigers’ commercial sales team, quit her job. Damien’s girlfriend, Alexandra, also worked for the football club for almost ten years.

According to Heraldsun, she resigned because the situation grew awkward as a result of her relationship with the head coach. This was due to the fact that several members of the staff were close to the coach’s ex-wife Danielle.

She is competent in building consumer marketing and sales strategies, acquiring stakeholders, campaign generation, retention, and development, business relationship management, and directing teams. However, because of her expertise, she soon found another employment.

Alexandra Crow Is Employed At Sportsbet

Crow was an employee of the Richmond Football Club from July 2013 until April 2022. She began her tenure with the club in the role of Member Communications and Engagement Officer before being elevated to the position of Corporate Relationship Coordinator in March 2014.

She was promoted to the position of Corporate Relationship Executive in June of 2015, and then Corporate Sales Manager in 2016. In a similar fashion, she held the position of Head of Consumer Sales from January 2018 to March 2020.

Later on, the consumer and commercial sales leader worked until she departed the football club in a full-time capacity as the Head of Stakeholder Engagement. She held this position for the longest amount of time. After leaving her previous job, in April of 2022, she started working full-time with Sportsbet in the Customer Operations Lead – Premium role.

Between the months of February 2012 and March 2013, Alexandra worked as the Membership Satisfaction and Retention Coordinator for the West Coast Eagles. Prior to joining Richmond FC, she held this position. In a similar manner, she worked as a program manager at The Reach Foundation in Melbourne, which is located in Australia.

Age Difference Between Damien Hardwick And Girlfriend Alexandra Crow

The age difference between Damien and Alexandra is between ten and fifteen years; Damien is in his early 50s, and Alexandra is in her mid-30s. Damien is the coach, and Alexandra is his partner.

The leader of sales for both consumers and businesses is significantly younger than her boyfriend, who is 50 years old. Hardwick celebrated his birth on August 18th, 1972, and his birthday falls under the fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leo, which is symbolized by a lion. Each year, on August 18th, he raises a glass in celebration of his birthday.

He went to school at St. Joseph’s College in Ferntree Gully and was an important member of the school’s football team while he was there. The athlete was a tough, hard-working, and versatile player who was typically on the field for the majority of the game. He or she played a significant role in winning the game.

After finishing high school, Hardwick went on to play football for the Essendon Football Club from 1994 to 2001. During that time, he participated in 153 matches and scored 13 goals. In a similar fashion, he played for the Port Adelaide Football Club from the years 2002 to 2004, prior to transitioning into a career as a coach. As a member of Port, he made a total of 54 appearances before announcing his retirement at the end of the 2004 campaign.

Damien Hardwick And Wife Danielle Are No Longer Together

Hardwick was a man who had a happy marriage until his relationship with his wife, Danielle, began to deteriorate and eventually ended.

The head coach of the Tigers and his significant other were both public characters, and the head coach of the Tigers referred to his significant other as “Mrs. Hardwick.” Throughout her husband’s extraordinarily successful career as a football player and coach, Danielle had never left his side.

However, the couple eventually went their separate ways, and the athlete went on to find a new love interest in Alexandra Crow. But in the aftermath of the divorce, Mrs. Hardwick has kept a low profile and guarded the privacy of information relating to her personal life.

Inside Damien Hardwick And Danielle Married Life And Split

Danielle and Damien met during the 1990s while the athlete was playing for the Essendon Football Club; she left everything behind to go with the athlete’s then-husband to Adelaide in advance of the 2002 season. Damien and Danielle have been together ever since.

Following the athlete’s retirement from his playing career in 2004, the couple discussed the possibility of purchasing a few hectares of land in the Adelaide Hills; however, he ultimately decided to focus on his profession as a coach instead.

In addition, Mrs. Hardwick was referred to as her husband’s rock since she stood by his side as he kept his position and turned Richmond into a powerhouse. She did this the entire time they were married. In addition to this, she showed a deep interest in the club and its members, and she contributed to the head coach in making important decisions.

However, after spending the previous three decades of their lives together as a married pair, they ultimately decided to go their own ways but kept the specifics of their split hidden from the public view.

Damien Hardwick Has Three Children With Danielle

Isabelle Hardwick, Imogen Hardwick, and Benjamin Hardwick are Damien’s grown children; they are his daughters and son, respectively. Damien and his ex-wife have three children together.

The siblings Isabelle and Imogen Hardwick are active on social networking sites under the identities @immihardwick and @issyhardwick; nevertheless, the Hardwick sisters have decided to share the postings they have made with a limited number of followers.

In a similar manner, mama Hardwick has informed the 947 individuals who follow her about the 302 attachments she has created and attached to her posts. @danni.hardwick is the handle that Danielle uses on Twitter, and she is followed by 1,600 other individuals.

On the 25th of December in the year 2020, Tigers captain Trent Cotchin and his wife, Brooke, posted a photo to Instagram with the two sisters as they were celebrating Christmas together. In the post, the couple referred to the sisters as their “second family.”

Damien Hardwick Net Worth In 2022

Hardwick has amassed a respectable net worth as a result of his playing career as well as his coaching profession; the head coach has been involved in the field of athletics since the year 1994.

He was a professional athlete for ten years, during which time he participated in 207 games and scored 14 goals. After some time, he became an assistant coach for the Hawthorn Football Club. In 2009, the former athlete was given the position of senior coach at the Richmond Football Club for a period of three years.

In March of 2012, the coach was able to replace Richmond’s caretaker senior coach Jade Rawlings and extend his contract for a further two years. Since then, he has extended the terms of his agreement with the organization and will continue to serve in the capacity of head coach until the 2022 season.

Together with his girlfriend, Alexandra Crow, Damien Hardwick has a home worth $2.3 million.

According to the Daily Mail, in June of 2021, Hardwick and Crow bought a brand-new home in the Melbourne suburb of Elwood that cost a total of $2.3 million.

This lovely home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as open-concept living and dining areas that are generous in size. However, they transformed it into two flats, each having one bathroom, two bedrooms, and an exterior stairway to access the upper and lower levels.

The two homes have been subdivided into a place on the ground floor and a place on the first floor, each of which has been upgraded with a modern kitchen that is equipped with high-end gas equipment, timber floors, original fireplaces, central bathrooms, and exquisitely high ceilings.

Damien Hardwick’s Instagram

The happy couple has decided to keep their admirers and friends up to date on their adventure as they make improvements to their beautiful home by starting an Instagram account.

Instead of sharing about their personal lives, Damien and Alexandra use the name @bayside terrace on Instagram, where they write about the renovations they do to their property. Their social media account currently has 1,300 followers, and they have uploaded 107 photos and attachments to share with the community. The account is filled to the brim with stunning images of their home.

On social networking sites, Hardwick and Crow will occasionally share photographs of themselves, but more frequently they will upload videos that show them putting together the components of a masterpiece. They also have a cute puppy that they treat as if it were their own child and carry the pet about with them everywhere they go.

Damien Hardwick
Damien Hardwick

Quick Facts

Name Damien Hardwick
Date of birth 18th of August 1972
Girlfriend Alexandra Crow
Spouse Danielle Hardwick (ex-wife)
Children Benjamin Hardwick, Isabelle Hardwick, Imogen Hardwick

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