Explained What Are The Glucose Pills Lionel Messi Keeps In His Socks And Eats During Football Matches

During Barcelona’s victory over Olympiakos in the Champions League in the year 2017, Lionel Messi, a former Barcelona superstar, was seen on camera removing a tablet from his sock and chewing it, know about the glucose pill he houses in his socks

What was that tablet?

What Are The Glucose Pills Lionel Messi Keeps In His Socks And Eats During Football Matches

Whatever it was, it clearly worked for Messi, who led Barcelona to a 3-1 victory by scoring his 50th goal of the year and his 100th goal in all competitions. However, Messi was chewing a glucose tablet. He occasionally takes to treat his occasional nausea before and after games, according to Radio Catalunya. According to the source, Messi did not take a dose regularly, but Barcelona’s medical staff determined that their star player required one for that specific game.

Elite athletes only use glucose tablets under tight medical supervision to restore their muscles’ glycogen stores. For instance, the medication Messi swallowed would have provided his muscles with a sudden surge of energy, which would have helped him later in the match at the Nou Camp score his 100th European goal.

However, there is significant disagreement regarding the ideal timing to take the tablet. Some experts believe that taking it after 15 minutes of exercise will improve performance, while others assert that taking it after warming up and before the major event is preferable.

Check out one of the bizarre incidents going viral on Twitter India ahead of Argentina’s world cup victory.

A Congress MP believes Messi was born in Assam.

On Twitter, Congress MP Abdul Khaleque asserted that Lionel Messi, the legendary Argentinean football player, was born in Assam. He later removed the tweet, though. Khaleque is the Lok Sabha representative for Assam’s Barpeta district.

The MP tweeted his congratulations to Messi after Argentina’s victory in the World Cup in Qatar, writing, “Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. We are pleased with your ties to Assam. (sic). Khaleque responded, “Yes, he was born in Assam,” in response to a question from Twitter user about this Assam link.


The now-deleted post prompted swift responses from internet users, one of whom responded, “Yes sir, he was my classmate. Never forget your roots,” a user tweeted after Messi and his wife visited Assam after the world cup. “Today I discovered that I was born in Assam,” another user made fun of the twice-elected MLA by posting a picture of Messi.



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