Explained Why Was Deepika Padukone Called To The FIFA World Cup 2022 Final To Present The Trophy

Many among the Left intellectuals incorrectly implied that Deepika Padukone was representing India at the international conference after images of her displaying the FIFA World Cup trophy went viral on the internet, know why was she really present during the 2022 final 

Argentina won the FIFA World Cup on December 18 after defeating France by a score of 4–2. India didn’t compete in the Football World Cup as a team. However, Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, and Ranveer Singh were among the Indian superstars who were spotted at the game. Before the final game, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone really introduced the FIFA Trophy.

Why Was Deepika Padukone Present During The FIFA World Cup 2022 Final To Present The Trophy

The opportunity presented itself for many obvious liberals to jump in and point out that Padukone represented India on a global scale. All they wanted was it’s such a shame that Indians accept mocking of idols like Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan back home when they are the ones to bring all the pride globally. It is really a national disgrace when genuine national heroes are assaulted on social media. Why does the system support such depraved behaviour?

So, did Deepika really represent India in FIFA?

It is without a question a significant event for Deepika Padukone personally. It is puzzling to consider why FIFA would invite a famous individual from a nation that was not a participant in the FIFA World Cup final game. However, Deepika Padukone was there to represent Louis Vuitton, a luxury company for which Padukone serves as the brand ambassador, not India. In actuality, Padukone is the first Indian to represent Louis Vuitton as a brand ambassador. In May 2022, she started working for LV as a brand ambassador.

On December 19, the company also released a video of Deepika preparing to reveal the FIFA Trophy, which was housed in a specially constructed LV luxury trunk book. Before revealing the ultimate football award, the House Ambassador prepared with Louis Vuitton.

Additionally, it explains why Deepika wore LV clothing instead of traditional Indian garb from head to toe. According to reports, Deepika’s ceremony attire garnered negative feedback from online users. They were unaware, though, that a brand ambassador was required to wear the outfit selected by the company for the ceremony. So, the conclusion is that Deepika Padukone attended FIFA to represent Louis Vuitton, not India.


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