Find Her Boyfriend History Here

Find Her Boyfriend History Here

In 2014, when people saw Catherine and Justin Bieber together, they thought they were dating.

Catherine Paiz is one half of the team that runs the ACE Family channel on YouTube. The Ace Family has a son named Steel, two daughters named Elle and Alaa, a man who used to play basketball and his wife named Catherine Paiz.

Since it started its YouTube channel in 2016, more than 18.8 million people have signed up to watch it. The ACE Family wouldn’t be as successful as it is now if it weren’t for Catherine. Read more to find out more about her past relationships.

Catherine Paiz

Was Justin Bieber in a relationship with Catherine Paiz?

In 2014, Justin Bieber hung out with models Chantel Jeffries and Catherine Paiz over the weekend. The three friends took some very close selfies together. In the picture, Chantel is seen cuddling up to the hot guy and looking coyly up at the camera.

Catherine was lying next to him. He was on his other side. Even though he was stuck between two beautiful women, the pop star didn’t seem to mind as he stared straight into the camera.

Catherine and her best friend Chantel were seen leaving his house. They were both wearing all black.

This was the first time that Catherine and Justin were in the news. They haven’t seen each other since then, which means they weren’t dating.

Also, Justin and Selena Gomez were on and off with each other when this happened. In the past few years, Justin and Selena’s relationship has changed so much that it’s hard for fans to keep up.

But now that Justin is married to Hailey Bieber, they are done with each other. Selena is also happy being single and focusing on her career. When you talk about Catherine, you should know that she is engaged to the famous YouTuber Austin McBroom.

The Story of Catherine Paiz’s Boyfriends

The relationship between Catherine Paiz and Michael B. Jordan

There was never proof that Catherine Paiz and Michael B. Jordan were dating (or denied). But Paiz was seen with him in Miami a year before she met Austin.

During their summer vacation, which included trips on jet skis and to sunny beaches, it was hard for the two to get away from all the press. A few months after that, Austin and Catherine started going out together.

Austin said that he shook her hand when they met for the first time at a dinner party, and that she had been thinking about him ever since. Catherine, on the other hand, said that she was still dealing with some feelings from her past relationships. You might have thought of Michael B.

Catherine didn’t pay attention to Jordan at the basketball game

At a basketball game in 2021, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz met Michael B. Jordan. Fans went crazy when they saw her ignoring Jordan, who was said to be her ex-boyfriend.

A Twitter video shows that Austin, Paiz, and Landon hugged Drake while Austin ignored Michael B. Jordan as the other two passed him.

Fans were able to think back to times when Catherine Paiz and Michael B. Jordan were seen together in public. At the time, many fans were in favor of their relationship.

Many people thought it was a “downgrade” when she seemed to break up with Austin McBroom and then ended up dating him anyway.

At the basketball game, the embarrassing video showed Austin how his fans felt about him.

A lot of people on Twitter talked about the video right away. One person said, “I can’t believe she messed up Michael and ended up with Austin.” Others wrote things like, “Right omg, that was the mistake she made….”

Catherine Paiz
Catherine Paiz

What’s the deal with Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom?

Austin McBroom is an American celebrity who is three years younger than Catherina Paiz. They have been together for a long time. Catherine and Austin met for the first time at a dinner party where McBroom fell in love with Paiz. Paiz, on the other hand, did not like the mood as much as Austin did.

Austin finally told Catherine how he felt about her after she reluctantly agreed to go on a date with him. Paiz didn’t think her relationship with Austin would last, so she didn’t pay much attention to Austin’s declaration of love.

Catherine gave the following answer when asked on YouTube how long she thought the relationship would last. Paiz finally realized that she and Austin were meant to be together, no matter how hard she tried to deny it.

A year later, they made a YouTube channel called The ACE Family. Their YouTube channel, which they named after the first letter of each of their three names, went live soon after their daughter Elle was born in 2016. A year after Elle was born, the two of them decided to get married.

The Ace Family Q&A, their first video, was posted on July 27, 2016. Austin and Paiz’s funny prank and challenge videos helped the channel grow quickly. Paiz said that the channel’s quick growth caught him and his partner by surprise.

In their first YouTube video, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz talked about the future of The Ace Family. Catherine said she would be happy with two or three more kids, even though she had a feeling she would have three kids in the end, based on a prediction made more than ten years ago.

Catherine and Austin had a secret wedding

Paiz told the truth about her secret marriage to Austin for two years on January 3, 2020. The witnesses were Austin’s grandmother and Catherine’s brother. Neither of their parents were there.

For several years, the couple told their fans that they were still together. The couple said they wanted to get married but weren’t ready for a big ceremony, so they chose to have a small ceremony in a garden.

Paiz also changed the last name of her Instagram handle from Paiz to McBroom. She says that she didn’t change anything because of what was found out. If Paiz hadn’t forgotten the password to her account, she might have changed the name sooner.

They are the parents of three lovely kids

Elle Lively McBroom, their first child, was born on May 28, 2016. On October 17, 2018, Alaia Marie McBroom was born. She is the second daughter of the ACE family.

Steel McBroom was born on June 20, 2020. He was the couple’s first son. Austin told everyone the good news on Instagram, and Catherine’s labor and delivery were later shown on the family’s YouTube channel. Catherine and Austin were thrilled that everything went well with the delivery.

After adding their newest member in June, the ACE family decided to stop adding any more members for the time being. This was shown in a video from August of last year.

In the video, Catherine said it was unlikely that she would want to have another child, even after that, and that she had no plans to do so in the next five years.

Paiz agreed to have an IUD (intrauterine device) put in after her doctor suggested it. This way, she could still get pregnant in the future if she wanted to.

Paiz says that her doctor also told Austin not to get a vasectomy because the ACE family’s patriarch was too young.

Austin was caught on camera shouting at Catherine in front of their kids

On October 15, 2020, a vlog about Catherine’s “day in the life” was posted to the channel for The ACE Family. Before they and their girls shot their happy video introduction, Austin yelled and cursed at Catherine for a short time on a tape that was played at the beginning.

Austin’s ranting segment was later cut from the video, but a worried fan still recorded it and posted it on TikTok, where it had more than 2.4 million views at the time this video came out.

The dialogue is tight and includes a swear word that the ACE Family would never use in one of their family-friendly videos.

Catherine also responded to the video on Twitter, saying that they have “frustrations” just like any other husband and wife. She also said that it is a part of getting married.

Fans have criticized Austin many times in the last year alone. In December 2019, after the McBroom family had moved into a $10 million California home thanks to their YouTube earnings, he made the rude suggestion. He also thought that fans of the ACE Family should have to pay to watch their videos.

Has Austin McBroom been unfaithful to Catherine Paiz?

Tana Mongeau, who is well-known on the internet, is the first person to say that Austin had an affair outside of his marriage. She said in a tweet that Austin’s wife Catherine had been with him more than once.

She also posted a TikTok about what happened, which she later took down. Tana says that Austin’s wife, Catherine McBroom, called her to ask if the lipstick she found in Austin’s car belonged to her.

Tana said that it was up to her to “save the children.” She said in a series of Tweets that the lipstick wasn’t hers after she had told her story.

Austin didn’t decide to keep quiet. In response to Tana’s post, he called her the biggest clout chaser and made it clear that the lipstick was from Erika Costell, not a woman he saw somewhere else.

Erika Costell also said that this was true. She also made it clear that it wasn’t lipstick, but rather a lip liner. She also told a joke and asked that it be given back. But after she got some bad feedback, she made a TikTok video to explain what happened.

Austin’s cheating rumors were also made public by TikTok star Monica Bush

Tana’s serious accusation of cheating seemed to have something to do with another TikToker. Monica Bush says that Austin told her that they really did eat together and that they were only together for publicity.

She said that Austin had asked her if he could send her some of the clothes from his line. She said “yes” with a big smile. Then he asked her to come to Los Angeles so he could give her the box.

She went to a hotel to wait for him. Austin picked her up and took her to a house in Malibu. She thought they would only talk about business. He turned on Netflix after that.

In a later video, she picked up where she left off. She said Austin was wrapped in a blanket and asked her to lie down next to him. Later, she found out that this is something Austin often does. The TikTok star also posted a couple of iMessage screenshots.

After Tana Mongeau said that Austin McBroom had cheated on his wife by hiring her friends as babysitters and masseuses, these claims were made. But Tana isn’t the only one who says these things.

Noelle Levya, a fitness model, came forward to say that Austin

A fitness model on Instagram named Noelle Leyva said some shocking things about Austin. On the Raw Talk podcast, she said terrible things about Austin McBroom and the pop star Jason Derulo.

Austin McBroom, who is famous on the internet, is one of the famous people who has been sending DMs to the fitness model. Still, not all names were made public.

Even just hearing these two names shocked the host and the other guests. Even though Austin and Catherine have been accused of cheating, they are still together.

Catherine’s Answers to Claims of Cheating

When Catherine McBroom found out what was being said about her husband, she did not stay quiet. She said in a video that she hadn’t been on social media for a long time because she had been spending time with her family.

She went on to say that whenever her family is involved in a scandal, it makes her feel stressed and worried. So, she put the phone down and got away from all the hate.

Later, she said that she was worried about the Instagram rumors that Austin McBroom was cheating on her. Catherine Paiz told fans who sent her messages asking if she was okay that she wasn’t using her phone.

Since her explanation “didn’t make any sense,” many of her fans took to Twitter to vent their anger. Several people said that the former model looked “defeated” and “in denial” after finding out that Austin McBroom had been cheating on her.

Since the rumors had already spread, some people even asked why she hadn’t ended the marriage yet.

What is the real name of Catherine Paiz?

Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz is the name Catherine Paiz was born with.

How much money does Catherine Paiz have?

In 2022, it is thought that Catherine Paiz will have a net worth of $2 million.

Where are the parents of Catherine Paiz from?

Catherine Paiz’s parents are from Canada, in the city of Montreal.

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