Former AFL player Abbey Holmes and her Hawthorn football partner Keegan Brooksby are engaged

Former AFL player Abbey Holmes and her Hawthorn football partner Keegan Brooksby are engaged

Abbey Holmes is a well-known former athlete who competed in the AFL Women’s tournament for the Adelaide Football Club. Holmes competed in the sport of Australian rules football (AFLW).

In 2012, Holmes joined the Waratah Football Club, which competes in the Northern Territory Football League. Holmes has been playing football since 2012.

As soon as Abbey began her professional career as a footballer, the team she played for won four consecutive premierships, and during those same four seasons, Abbey was the top goal scorer in the league. Abbey’s accomplishments span four seasons.

In 2014, she added another first to her list of achievements when she became the first woman in a recognized football league to score 100 goals in a season. This was one of her many feats.

In addition, Adelaide chose the Australian rules player to represent them in the first ever AFL Women’s draft, which took place later that same year.

In 2019, Holmes took part in the sixth season of Australian Survivor, despite the setback she suffered in her professional career.

However, the Australian competitor was eliminated on day 46 and finished in sixth place overall. She competed in the subsequent season of Australian Survivor All-Stars and ended up placing in eighteenth place.

Abbey Holmes

The news of Abbey Holmes and Keegan Brooksby’s engagement spread like wildfire over the internet

When Abbey announced her relationship to Keegan Brooksby as that of an engaged pair, the internet went into a frenzy to find out more information on the status of the former AFL player’s romantic life.

On November 10, 2020, the Australian Football League footballer and the popular sports pundit confirmed their engagement over Instagram.

The cute engaged couple, Hawthorn player Keegan Brooksby and 7Sport AFL presenter Abbey Holmes, shared the news on Instagram with sweet photographs of the proposal near Uluru. Brooksby plays for Hawthorn, while Holmes works for 7Sport.

As soon as people saw the shot, they were quick to offer their heartfelt congratulations to Holmes and his family.

It should come as no surprise that the engaged couple are now together given that they used to frequently and proudly publish one another’s photographs on each of their different pages.

But it was the announcement of the engagement that took the supporters completely by surprise. The former Australian Football League footballer referred to his engagement photo as “a wonderful moment spent with the perfect person in a breathtaking location.”

In the photographs, Abbey can be seen sobbing as the Hawks player can be seen getting down on one knee and proposing to her. After that, the couple toast each other with champagne to celebrate their engagement.

Is The Ex-AFL Player Already Married To Her Longtime Boyfriend Keegan Brooksby?

After being photographed in a variety of bridal gowns, many admirers could speculate that the former Australian rules footballer has changed her relationship status to that of an engaged couple.

It has come to light, however, that Abbey Holmes and the man she is engaged to, Keegan Brooksby, have not yet tied the knot. The bridal gowns that Abbey posts photos of on Instagram are, in point of fact, for a number of different programs.

On the other hand, the couple that has been together for four years appears to be very much in love with each other. In January of the following year, the newly engaged pair would be commemorating their five years of being together as a relationship.

Abbey and Keegan have been engaged for close to two years, and in that time, they have developed what appears to be a healthy and happy relationship between the two of them. In addition, it is frequently observed that the couple is always posting images of each other to their own Instagram accounts.

Recent Developments In Abbey’s Relationship With Her Hawthorn Football Partner

Former Australian Football League player Keegan Abbey is overjoyed and engaged to the Hawthorn great player who has been her long-term boyfriend Keegan Brooksby.

A reporter for the Australian Football League on Channel Seven, Holmes had previously flaunted her dazzling new diamond ring and declared that she “can’t wait to marry her best friend.”

Two years ago, the couple first connected on a dating app and are now engaged as a result. The first time that the well-known public figures crossed paths was on the mobile dating platform known as Bumble.

Abbey, a former star in the Australian Football League (AFL), revealed that she had met her fiance on the dating app, and she also expressed some respect for the service itself.

Abbey and Keegan appear to be in a happy, healthy relationship at the moment, which allows them to support one another as they move forward in their own lives.

Abbey Holmes & Keegan Brooksby
Abbey Holmes & Keegan Brooksby

Career in Football

Early in one’s career (2012–2016)

Holmes and her partner, Nathan Brown, moved to Darwin in the Northern Territory in 2012 so that Brown, who had previously played in the South Australian National Football League for West Adelaide and North Adelaide, could play in the Northern Territory Football League (NTFL) during the summer. Brown had previously played in the SANFL for West Adelaide and North Adelaide (most Australian rules leagues are played in winter). In Darwin, Holmes intended to carry on playing netball, but she also started playing football for the Waratah Football Club in the women’s tournament of the Northern Territory Football League (NTFL). Due to the fact that the seasons did not coincide, she alternated between playing football in the summer and netball in the winter. Upon entering the NTFL, Holmes was almost immediately successful. As a result of the fact that she spent her first four seasons with Waratah as both the leading goalkicker in the league and a premiership player for the team, she became one of the most well-known female footballers in the Northern Territory.

After playing in 15 games during the 2013–14 NTFL season, Holmes scored 105 goals, making her the first female player in an established women’s football league to score 100 goals in a season. This accomplishment was achieved in 2014. She had nine different matches in which she kicked seven or more goals, and she had three matches in which she kicked ten or more goals. One of these matches was against Tracy Village, in which she kicked 16 goals and five behinds. As a result of the accomplishments she has accomplished, her name was brought up in the Federal Parliament.

Due to Holmes’s success in the NTFL, she was chosen to participate in a number of other exhibition matches. She participated in two E. J. Whitten Legends Games in addition to playing in a West End Slowdown, when she was honored alongside Adelaide icon Andrew McLeod as player-of-the-match. Despite this, she was never given any consideration by the Western Bulldogs or the Melbourne Football Club, two teams that competed against each other in yearly exhibition matches. After she was unable to play in the match in 2014, she questioned the coach who was in charge of Melbourne at the time, Michelle Cowan, about what she needed to do to better her game. Cowan responded by telling her that her game was too one-dimensional. She realized that she needed to be able to assist her team farther up the field rather than continuing to play full-forward, and so she began to train on this ability.

Holmes suffered a tear in the cartilage of one of her ribs while playing in the NTFL Grand Final in 2016, the game in which she won her fourth consecutive title. Because of the nature of the injury, the only form of rehabilitation that was available was simply sitting and waiting for it to heal. In 2016, she tore the cartilage in both of the exhibition matches that she played for the Northern Territory. Both times, the injury occurred during the contest. Due to the persistent injury, she was unable to participate in any games for the St. Kilda Sharks in the Victorian Women’s Football League during the 2016 season. Despite her best efforts, she was only able to practice for the upcoming season. Instead, Holmes began working as a boundary rider for the Seven Network’s coverage of the Victorian Football League. This role required him to travel around the state. In addition, she was responsible for presenting the Goal of the Year award to Adelaide star Eddie Betts at the end of the year.

AFLW career (2017–2018)

In the 2016 AFL Women’s draft, Holmes was selected by the Adelaide Football Club with their thirteenth pick, which placed her 103rd overall. Holmes has been a fan of the Adelaide Football Club for her entire childhood and was thrilled to be recruited by the club. She was supposed to be one of Adelaide’s key players heading into the first season of the AFL Women’s competition in 2017, but for the opening match of the season, she wasn’t initially selected to play and was only listed as an emergency replacement. This came as a surprise to everyone. She joined the club at the eleventh hour and made her debut in the game that they won by 36 points against Greater Western Sydney at Thebarton Oval.

At the end of the season, Holmes finished with eight handball matches, which put him in first place to lead the squad in that category.

Her greatest game was in round four against Fremantle. During that game, she had 15 possessions, made three tackles, and scored a goal.

She was a member of the Adelaide team that won the AFL Women’s Premiership after their victory over Brisbane at Metricon Stadium in the AFL Women’s Grand Final by a score of six points.

During the trade period in May of 2017, Adelaide re-signed Holmes for the 2018 season. Holmes will be playing for Adelaide.

At the conclusion of the 2018 campaign, Adelaide decided to delist her from the roster.

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