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Fortnite: All NPC Character Locations in Season 4
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Fortnite: All NPC Character Locations in Season 4

Fortnite: All NPC Character Locations in Season 4

Obviously, there are plenty of NPCs to interact with in the new Season 4 of Fortnite. You can find them in different locations across the map, and each of them will have their own unique interaction. Some may sell you items, others may offer tasks and more.

In this guide, we will talk about the locations of all these NPCs for this season.

All NPC locations in Fortnite Season 4

As of now, there are 22 NPCs that you can find on the map this season. However, it is possible that new ones will be added as the season continues. However, here are the NPCs as well as their locations:

Bau Bruce

You can find the good looking Paw inside a vault located a little west of Coney Crossroads.

beach bomber

Just head to SofDeez at Coney Crossheads and you’ll be able to spot an NPC near the front desk.

black Heart

Head to the Lustrous Lagoon and fly your way towards the floating ship. You can find Black Heart walking around the ship.

Jonesy Bunker

You can find it around Fort Jonesy, although it’s not guaranteed in every match.

Jonesy the Untouchable

Like Bunker Jonesy which is located around Fort Jonesy, although you can find it mostly indoors.


Head to Rave Cave and head inside the airship that you can find above the area. Here, you can find hidden walks around the area.


Head to the island that you can find just east of the Lustrous Lagoon. Here, you will be able to see a cute little house on the beach with Evie on the balcony.

fish stick

The odd-looking NPC can be found in the kitchen inside Sleepy Sound.


Another strange looking NPC, you can find Guaco inside a restaurant in the Greasy Grove area.

Jonesy I

As with the first two non-playable Jonesy, you can find the first Jonesy at one of the few potential spawn points in the area.


This cat can be found in a robot in a house on the western side of the map.


You can find Kyle inside the Chop Shop which is a warehouse located north of the map right next to the marina.


This non-playable character can be seen roaming the Rocky Reels.


Head to Maximillian’s Scrap Pavilion which is located south of Shifty Shafts. Once you get there, find a crane and interact with it to propel you to the top. At the top of the platform, you will see Maximilian walking around.


Meowscles is located in another house that you can find in the western part of the map not far from where Kit was found.


Tiger at the gas station west of Shimmering Shrine.

Relax Fit Jonesy

Similar to other Jonesys, this one can be found inside Fort Jonesy.


You can find Rustler walking around the eastern part of Shifty Shafts.


Sabina is located inside a house in Shell Or High Water which you can find just north of Shifty Shafts.


Stash’d is located inside a garage that you can find on Chonker Speedway.


Sunbird is located on top of the Aztec Temple which you can find to the northeast of the Lustrous Lagoon.


The last Underwriter on this list is located inside the No Sweat Insurance building in Tilted Towers.

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