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Full Video: Born Bold Leaked Video

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Born Bold Leaked Video Viral On Snapchat, Telegram, Tiktok, Reddit (Watch Full Video)

Following the release of a leaked video of her by a disgruntled customer, a Ghanaian h**kup girl allegedly goes by the name Alina Dzifa popularly known as Born Bold replied.

Alina Dzifa Leaked Video

Born Bold had attempted to complete a deal with the customer by sending him the video, but the client instead recorded it and saved it for himself.

They had a small argument, and he posted it online.

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Born Bold, actual name Alina Dzifa, was beaming, in contrast to how some people would feel when their videos of this sort are released.

She asserts that the existence of such a video would actually increase her clientele.

Alina Dzifa Leaked Video

Alina Dzifa Leaked Video

Dzifa boasted that despite being a h**k up girl, she charges a lot and earns more money than the majority of the online trolls.

She claimed that the average person’s monthly pay is equal to what she earns in an hour, therefore before criticizing her, people should think carefully.

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