Full Video: Catalina Jaramillo Leaked Video The Talks Today
Full Video: Catalina Jaramillo Leaked Video

Full Video: Catalina Jaramillo Leaked Video

Catalina Jaramillo Leaked Video Viral On Twitter(X), Reddit & Telegram (Watch Full Video)

Assembly candidate catalina is trending after her leaked videos & photos were leak by an unknown person on twitter, reddit, telegram and other platforms

After a contentious video was released, Catalina Jaramillo, a candidate for the Assembly of Antioquia, gained popularity on social media. The woman in the video, who is seated in bed with her lover, says she had a “spectacular full moon” and “woke up with many orgasms.”

As a result of the photographs’ success, Catalina Jaramillo discussed what had occurred and stressed how worried she was about the information being leaked, especially because it was intended for her campaign team but had nothing to do with her campaign strategy.

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Through his networks, Jaramillo stated, “Your candidate today is very concerned about the leak of a video that is showing on numerous networks as if it were an advertising campaign strategy when it is not.

He added that they are already looking into who posted the video, saying, “Within the campaign, we’re going to undertake all the protocols and investigations to figure out what happened. I beg your patience and understanding, all of my supporters and votes, regarding this incident, of which I was a victim.

Catalina Jaramillo Leaked Video

The lawmaker explained in an interview with El Colombiano that, among other reasons, the video lacks the campaign watermark and she believes the leak of the footage is part of a political attack.

@pulzocolombia Catalina Jaramillo dice que el video íntimo donde invita a que voten por ella a la Asamblea de Antioquia fue filtrado. #antioquia #catalinajaramillo #fyp ♬ News … News style BGM(1148093) – MASK G

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