Full Video: DeSoto County Bus Driver Video The Talks Today
Full Video: DeSoto County Bus Driver Video

Full Video: DeSoto County Bus Driver Video

DeSoto County Bus Driver Video Goes Viral On Youtube, Twitter(X), Reddit (Watch Full Video)

A distressing occurrence involving a bus driver occurred in DeSoto County, Mississippi on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. The bus driver was taking kids from an elementary school when he suddenly stopped in the middle of the road and wouldn’t let them get off.

An alleged violation of the school’s policy prohibiting cell phone use while riding the bus was the cause of this abrupt action. Online outrage over this occurrence has been extremely strong. We’ll look at what actually transpired in this post.

DeSoto County Bus Driver video goes viral

Cell phone use is strictly forbidden on school buses, according to the Mississippi Department of Education Transportation Handbook. It does not, however, permit bus drivers to detain minors on the bus as a result of such instances. Their only responsibility is to inform the principal of the wrongdoing. Unfortunately, the female bus driver in question disregarded the rule and instead left the kids stuck and upset for around 40 minutes inside the bus.

The internet community voiced fury toward the DeSoto County bus driver after video of the incident went viral on social media. Some people underlined that the kids didn’t deserve to be treated so badly, while others said the driver ought to have handled things differently. The Facebook page where the video was posted by 2WRED News Channel 3 was inundated with comments.

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A female DeSoto County bus driver who was in charge of transferring pupils from Center Hill Elementary School was involved in the incident. She unexpectedly stopped the bus on the side of Braybourne in Olive Branch on Wednesday afternoon, locking the kids inside for a considerable amount of time.

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One of the children was apparently using a cell phone, which was against the established regulation outlined in the Mississippi Department of Education Transportation Handbook, the driver allegedly took this step, according to Fox 13.

DeSoto County Bus Driver video

DeSoto County Bus Driver Video

The children started to scream for aid as they were stuck inside the bus, pleading for help from people passing by outside the windows. After hearing about the incident, outraged parents requested an explanation from the DeSoto County schools.

Concerned parent Missy Grubbs told Fox 13 that her child was also being “held hostage” on the bus. She disclosed that her 11-year-old daughter Bella was able to get in touch with her and let her know what was happening.

Missy Grubbs concerned more and more when she noticed her daughter’s return to the house was greatly delayed. She looked into the bus route because she had concerns about a possible collision or mechanical issue. She eventually came across the parked school bus, which had no air conditioning, the doors shut, and the motor off.

She entered and saw the disturbing scene of youngsters crying and shouting. Missy Grubbs recalled that other parents and bystanders made an effort to speak with the bus driver after noticing anything odd going on. Unfortunately, the motorist ignored them all and would not cooperate.

Following the incident, Missy Grubbs published a Facebook Live video that received a lot of online attention. Users of social media vented their rage and demanded that the DeSoto County bus driver be held accountable for their conduct. Platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter) were inundated with responses in response to a post made by @PizzaPepe.

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Thankfully, none of the kids were hurt physically. They did, however, go through traumatic events. Nearly an hour later, with the help of their worried parents, the youngsters resorted to climbing out of the bus’ windows. Some passengers even left the bus through the back emergency door.