Full video: leaked DomOfTheYear video The Talks Today
Full video: leaked DomOfTheYear video

Full video: leaked DomOfTheYear video

DomOfTheYear video leaked on Twitter, Redit and Youtube (watch the complete video)

The finest Dom video of the 12 months This movie was leaked within the United States and may be very standard. However, if you do not know the content material of the video or why Dave Portnoy and Dom acquired into such a heated argument, it’s best to learn extra right here.

The use of social media has been a incredible supply of leisure. Through their social media profiles, persons are extra related to their favourite celebrities, athletes, actresses, and so on. This time, the 2 well-known personalities Dave Portnoy and Boston rapper Dom Of The Year have been standard.

That’s as a result of the rapper was proven sparring with Dave Portnoy in Dom’s Video of the Year on TikTok, which rated the pizza on a scale of 0-10 from varied areas.

Dave had a confrontation with the proprietor of Dragon Pizza on the sidewalk whereas evaluating the restaurant’s pizza. Additionally, Dom acquired into the argument throughout this change of phrases with one other viewer.

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Because he claimed to get higher yearly, he dubbed himself “Dom of the Year”. His scathing responses made him intriguing to the general public, and the video of this argument rapidly gained reputation on social media.

Leaked DomOfTheYear video

Reports on-line declare that whereas Barstool Sports proprietor Dave Portnoy was discussing the worst pizza, Dom, the Boston rapper, and Dave acquired right into a livid altercation.

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The altercation began between Dave Portnoy and the proprietor of Dragon Pizza, however later Dom joined them each. Dom, a passerby, acquired concerned within the debate between Dave and the proprietor of Dragon Pizza after they have been at odds.

The disagreement was recorded on tape and posted on TikTok, which is how the video turned standard and other people have been drawn to the leaked Domoftheyear tape on TikTok. People reacted to the favored video and a few of them discovered it humorous.

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