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FULL VIDEO: Mandy Rose Leaked Videos on Twitter and Reddit

FULL VIDEO: Mandy Rose Leaked Videos on Twitter and Reddit

FULL VIDEO: Mandy Rose Leaked Videos on Twitter and Reddit

Mandy Rose Leaked Videos on Twitter and Reddit.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T praised Mandy Rose, the NXT Women’s Champion, saying she is now “in a class of her own.”

At Halloween Havoc in October 2021, Mandy Rose defeated Raquel Gonzalez to capture the first NXT Women’s Championship of her professional career. Following that, the founders of Toxic Attraction combined the championship with the NXT British Women’s Championship to create a new one.

Mandy Rose’s reign was the second-longest ever by a few days behind Shayna Baszler’s 416-day reign as the NXT Women’s Champion.

Booker T praised Rose and her Toxic Attraction team for excelling for the organization in his Hall of Fame podcast:

Mandy Rose is an exceptional person. Mandy is a special person. That doesn’t necessarily mean Mandy isn’t someone I want to add to the list, though. She is top on the list, as you are aware. I’m thinking of adding another wing for Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction. Man, because your mother simply wants you to acquire a puppy, as I already said.

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Mandy Rose Viral Video

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