Sexy Happy Couple’ Videos

Full Video Tape: University Of Wisconsin Chancellor Joe Gow Sex Video Leaked

Full Video Tape: University Of Wisconsin Chancellor Joe Gow Sex Video Leaked (Watch)

The chancellor of a state university in Wisconsin was fired this week after posting p()rn() videos with his wife online.

The University of Wisconsin System’s Board of Regents unanimously decided to dismiss the chancellor, Joe Gow, who had led the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse since 2007 and was its longest-tenured leader since the 1960s.

Carmen Wilson, Mr. Gow’s wife, was also removed from her unpaid position as associate to the chancellor.

Joe Gow And His Wife, Carmen Wilson Video Tape Leaked (Watch)

Karen Walsh, the head of the board, which oversees the system’s 13 universities, said in a statement that the board was “alarmed, and disgusted, by his actions,” without specifying what they were.

In an interview on Thursday, Mr. Gow and Ms. Wilson said that they believe they were fired over the videos, which included s$x scenes together and with others under the username S$xy Happy Couple.

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Both said they felt it was wrong for the university to punish them over the videos, arguing that doing so infringes on their free speech rights.

“It’s not what we’re about in higher ed, to censor people,” Ms. Wilson said. She added that the videos are only available to those who are looking for such content. “If they seek it out, they’re free to do so,” she said.

Sexy Happy Couple’ Videos

Sexy Happy Couple’ Videos

Mr. Gow, 63, said he and his wife, 56, have made videos together for years but had decided recently to make them publicly available on p()rn websites and had been pleased by the response.

They said they never mentioned the university or their jobs in the videos, several of which have racked up hundreds of thousands of views. The couple also has made a series of videos in which they cook meals with porn actors and then have S$x.


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