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Sonny Bill Williams
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Fun Facts On Sonny Bill Williams Brother and Sister From Rugby Sevens

Fun Facts On Sonny Bill Williams Brother and Sister From Rugby Sevens

John Arthur Williams used to be a promising rugby player. Two of Sonny Bill Williams’ siblings are also well-known athletes.

She has a big brother named John Arthur and a little sister named Niall. She plays rugby for New Zealand. We’ve always known Sonny Bill Williams as an athlete who can do many things. He is the best heavyweight boxer in the world, and he also had a great rugby career.

Sonny is one of only 21 players who have won the Rugby World Cup more than once. He is also only the second person to play for New Zealand in rugby union after having played for the country in rugby league.

The winger has played in the National Rugby League (NRL) three times, and he has won 12 caps and two World Cups. He stopped working in March 2021 and went on to become a professional boxer.

Sonny Bill Williams has been in the ring nine times, and he has won every single heavyweight fight he has been in. He used to be the heavyweight champion of New Zealand and the international heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA).

Few people don’t know what Sonny Bill Williams has done around the world. In the meantime, fans also want to know about his family and personal life. Here are a few things about the athlete’s family and siblings that we tried to cover.

Sonny Bill Williams was born on August 3, 1995, and he grew up with three brothers and sisters. He is the brother in the middle.

John Arthur Williams is the younger brother of the rugby player. But his two sisters are younger than him. Their names are Niall and Denise, and they are twins.

Sonny Bill Williams and his siblings grew up in an Auckland neighborhood called Mount Albert in a working-class family. They came from a family that was having trouble. Still, the family of the SBW has more than one sports star.

In his autobiography, Williams has written a lot about his family. He has also talked about a terrible accident he had as a child, which he thinks helped him win the World Cup with his national team.

Sonny Bill Williams

When Sonny’s rise to fame turned a corner

When Williams was four years old, he was in a terrible accident. He had been hurt badly in the back of his leg, but he was still alive.

Sonny said that a young cook near his house had gotten scared after burning a pan. The cook was so scared that she threw the burning pan into the backyard, where young Williams was playing. In the end, the hot fat on the pan got on the back of his legs.

His legs were badly hurt because the boiling fat had burned them. Young Sonny’s mind was also changed by what happened.

Neighbors heard him yelling, and they ran to help him calm down. Williams stayed in the critical burns unit at Auckland City Hospital for more than sixty days before being sent home in a wheelchair. His parents couldn’t touch him because his skin grafts were so fragile.

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His older brother is John Arthur Williams

John Arthur Williams is Sonny Bill Williams’s oldest brother. He is a well-known member of a famous New Zealand family.

Arthur and Sonny grew up in a big family of six in New Zealand’s Auckland. But they were both grown up and worked in the same field. John picked up rugby union. On the other hand, Sonny went from rugby union to rugby league to heavyweight boxing.

We think that John Arthur Williams is between 38 and 40 years old. If he is Sonny Bill Williams’ older brother, the well-known boxer was born on August 3, 1985, making him 36 years old.

We can’t change the exact date of Arthur’s birthday. Still, he is proud to be a New Zealander from the Samoa clan, even though his family is from Australia.

The college team that Sonny Bill Williams’ brother was on played rugby

John Arthur Williams played for the Rugby Union in the past. He used to play in the Phelan Shield for the New Lynn stags.

In 2011, John Arthur played in the Phelan Shield final at the Mt Smart stadium. He also took part in the Queensland Cup and the NSW Cup. Also, he played for the New Lynn stags against Kurt and Cheung Muaiava.

John Arthur and his brother, Sonny Bill, used to live together in Christchurch. He left the place to work at the New Lynn stags and get ahead in his life.

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Get to know the sisters of John Arthur Williams and Sonny Bill Williams

Niall and Denise are John Arthur and Sonny Bill’s two younger brothers. Having two sisters is a blessing for the rugby players.

Their youngest sister, Niall, played touch football and rugby sevens for New Zealand on an international level. She was also chosen for the 2016 Summer Olympics, where New Zealand came in second to Australia and won the silver medal.

Niall won gold at the Youth World Cups in 2005 and then got silver at the Touch Football World Cup in 2011. She was just put on the Ferns Seven team for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022.

Denise’s job information, on the other hand, is a mystery. But she does have an Instagram account, and her handle is @twinny dee. She also has two beautiful children of her own.

From what I can tell from her Instagram photos, Niall is married to her partner Tama Guthrie and they have two beautiful daughters together, Tatum-Lee and Rema-Rae. @niall williams13 is her Instagram handle, and she has 46.5 thousand people who follow her.

Find out more about the family of Sonny Bill Williams and John Arthur Williams

Lee and John Williams had four children: Sonny Bill Williams, his brother John Arthur, and two sisters.

In particular, John Williams, the father, is Samoan. Since the 1960s, he has lived in Auckland, New Zealand. John doesn’t like to spend his time on social media like his kids do.

His mother did something specific for a living, and his father, John, was a good rugby league player. Even though his father knew how to play, John and his siblings learned about rugby from their mother.

Arthur’s parents loved him and all of his brothers and sisters. All of their children have reached their goals in life because of how well they were raised.

Lee Williams is half New Zealander and half Australian. She is the mother of Sonny and John. She’s taught her kids to be smart, strong, and responsible.

Most of the people in the William family have tribal tattoos because they are Samoans. Sonny and John, for example, have tribal tattoos on their right arms and chests. In the same way, their sisters have used the ink on their thighs and arms in a beautiful way.

Samoans get tattoos that show what their island, community, and family mean to them. These are worn to show who they are. Samoans are also very proud of their tattoos.

Are Sonny Bill Williams and Alana Raffie still married?

Alana Raffie Williams, who loves Sonny Bill, became his wife in 2013. In 2013, they decided to date in the traditional Muslim way.

The rugby player thinks that his wife has been the most important change in his life.

Williams wrote in his autobiography, “You Can’t Stop the Sun from Shining,” that Alana, an AFL player, helped him stop using drugs and going out too much.

Williams says that Alana didn’t give the AFL player her phone number at first. But after two weeks of trying, they finally got together. Even though they started dating without being romantically interested in each other, their love grew stronger over time.

Alana Raffie, who is married to Sonny Bill Williams, has family roots in South Africa. She follows Islam as her religion. Williams says that his wife helped him stop going out and partying.

Alana Raffie is 27 years old right now, and her husband is eight years older than her. She worked at the Sydney store before she met Williams in 2013. She went to school at Westfield Sports High School.

Sonny Bill Williams
Sonny Bill Williams

The Daily Telegraph says that Raffie used to dance in Brazilian nightclubs, but he gave up that job after he became a Muslim. In 2017, she opened Slumber Bumba, a company that rents out equipment. The company helps busy parents give their kids memories they will never forget.

The kids of Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams and his wife, Alana Raffie, have four kids. His daughters’ names are Iman and Aisha, and his sons’ names are Zaid and Essa.

The Mirrors says that Williams’ sons have been very interested in rugby since they were very young. So, they have caught the attention of South Africa in the southern hemisphere and could play in Cape Town.

Even though Williams will have a lot of power in his family when it comes to rugby, his South African-born wife Alana Raffie has won the battle for the boys’ loyalty.

Williams posts a lot of photos of his kids on his Instagram account. He has 1 million people who follow him under the handle @sonnybillwilliams.

How much money will Sonny Bill Williams have in 2022?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sonny Bill Williams is worth about USD 25 million.

The Rugby star has made a lot of money from his great careers in rugby and boxing. He has signed contracts with many rugby union and rugby league clubs over the course of his career. But in the end, he switched to boxing, which made him even more money.

The two-time Rugby World Cup winner has done great things almost everywhere in his career. He has left behind a very successful sporting legacy.

Even though he has sponsorship deals with banks, the rugby star does not have any sponsors on his shirt.

The Mirror says that Sonny Bill switched to boxing to pay off his $1 million debt after leaving rugby league.

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