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Honor Among Thieves Prequel Novels Help To Flesh Out The Movie’s Characters
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Honor Among Thieves Prequel Novels Help To Flesh Out The Movie’s Characters

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves hits theaters at the end of March, but fans can find out about the past of the characters in two new novels.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves aims to bring elusive success to the D&D franchise. Ahead of the movie’s release, a pair of new prequel novels are being released to give a little bit of background to the wave of new and unknown characters to help audiences become a little more invested in the rag-tag team led by Chris Pine’s thief, Edgin.

Published by Random House, YA novel The Druid’s Call is a short novel focused on Sophia Lillis’ Doric as she learns the powers she displays in the movie and uses her shape-shifting abilities to save the place she calls home. The novel is a prequel within a prequel, charting how Doric is sent to the Emerald Enclave to develop her Druidic skills while interspersing another story of how Doric was originally abandoned by her human parents and left to fend for herself, lost and alone in the woods.


While a quick read, the story is engaging enough, and although it does act as a very “nice to know” category, for those who like to know just a little more about the characters they see on the big screen, then The Druid’s Call is the equivalent of an MCU Disney series.

The second book is The Road to Neverwinter, a much broader novel that introduces Chris Pines’ Edgin as well as Michelle Rodriguez’ barbarian Holga, and a number of the other main characters of Honor Among Thieves. The story itself is one that Edgin tells to his daughter and is a tale that spans many years and delivers an advanced look at Edgin, Holga, Forge Fitzwilliam (Hugh Grant), and Simon the Sorcerer (Justice Smith). The novel itself is an involving story, with plenty of action and adventure, that not only allows audiences to go into the movie with a good idea of the central characters’ motivations but also brings readers into this particular iteration of the Dungeons & Dragons world.

Both books are available to buy from Feb. 28.

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Dungeons & Dragons Could Finally Be Getting Some Worthy Adaptations.

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Having failed to make the most of the sprawling D&D franchise in the past, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is looking to push the franchise forward into what could be an endless run of movies and shows. The film certainly seems to be doing things right, bringing in just enough D&D lore to keep on the right side of fans of the tabletop game, but also bringing accessibility to the story that doesn’t mean you need to be fully invested in the world of D&D to enjoy the adventure.

In addition to the movie, it was revealed late last year that Paramount+ has given the green light for a new 8-part series based on the franchise, and last week Joe Manganiello revealed that he is working on a documentary about the role-playing game and a TV show. While it was revealed whether this is the same show that Paramount is working on or another project entirely, it certainly makes it look like the world of D&D is finally getting the chance to shine on screen. Whether it succeeds is something that could be seen next month when Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves hits theaters.