How old is He? Cast Information for Avatar

How old is He? Cast Information for Avatar

Filip Geljo, who is 20 years old, is an actor who has worked professionally and is most known for his roles in “The Waiting Room” and “Shahazad.” It was his portrayal as Agent Otto in the television series Odd Squad that brought him to the forefront of public attention.

The actor is now making waves in the popular press as a member of the cast of the highly anticipated blockbuster film Avatar. A few days from now, on September 23, 2022, the film is scheduled to be made available in theaters.

In his youth, he launched an acting career that has continued to this day. After making his debut in Odd Squad, the actor went on to feature in an episode of the television series The Last Chance. In the meantime, he has emerged as a topic of discussion on the internet.

Filip Geljo
Name Filip Geljo
Profession Actor
Age 20 years old
Birthday April 13, 2002
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Mixed race (Bosnian and Filipino)
Parents Father Jasmin Geljo

How old is Filip Geljo?

Despite the fact that he was only a child when he made his acting debut in the television movie “The Last Chance” in 2014, Filip Geljo received a lot of praise for his performance.

When he made his first appearance on screen, the actor was only 12 years old. As of right now, he is 20 years old. In the meantime. In terms of the specifics of his birth, he came into the world on April 13, 2002, in the country of Canada, to his parents.

Geljo has developed into a promising actor over the years since making his acting debut when he was still a teenager. At the age of 15, he appeared in Avatar Universe as the character Aonung, who was a free driver for the Metkayina clan and the son of Tonowari.

It’s possible that the fact that his father is an actor as well sparked an interest in performing at a young age in him as well. Even Filip’s father, Jasmin Geljo, was aware of his son’s enthusiasm and interest in the performing arts. He is an encouraging father who takes pleasure in watching his kid continue on the path to success.

When it comes to his stature, Geljo has an admirable height of 1.83 meters, which equates to 6 feet when measured in feet. In the same manner, when it comes to his bodily measurements and weight, the specific data have not been given up to this point.

Filip Geljo Wikipedia Bio

Filip Geljo is an actor who achieved widespread recognition for his performance as Agent Otto in the television series Odd Squad. A another identity that he goes by online is that of Jasmin Geljo’s son.

Up until this very moment, the performer was not featured on their own dedicated Wikipedia page. Despite this, there is a lot of buzz about Geljo on the internet right now when the release date of the new movie Avatar was announced.

Regarding the beginning of his acting career, the actor made his debut in the film The Last Chance in 2014, when he was only 15 years old. After that, he became known for his role in the children’s television series Odd Squad, which helped him garner significant praise.

On his IMDb site, he brags about the 10 acting credits he has to his name. The Last Chance, Annedroids, The Waiting Room, Shahzad, Odd Squad, and Avatar: The Way of Water are some of the titles that appear in the credits. Additionally, he is a member of the cast of Avatar 4, which is now in production.

Since the actor was born in Canada, he is a citizen of that country by virtue of his birthplace. When it comes to the actor from Canada’s ethnic origin, he proudly claims to be of mixed ethnicity. His Bosnian father and Filipino mother gave him a unique cultural background.

In regard to the condition of his romantic relationships, there are currently no rumors of him having an affair that can be found anywhere on the internet. Although he has shared the screen with a number of beautiful women, he has never been involved in a romantic relationship with any of his co-stars.

Learn More About Filip Geljo’s Family Here

When it comes to the history of Filip Geljo’s family, it should be mentioned that the Canadian actor’s father, Jasmin Geljo, is also a member of the same acting community as his son.

Actor Jasmin is most recognized for his performance as Ryjkin in the television series Cube Zero. The residents of Cyberspace are also familiar with him due to his appearance in The Sentinel. Both the father and the son are well-known actors in their own right.

Geljo receives his Bosnian background from his father, who is of Bosnian descent. His father was born in Sarajevo, which was then part of PR Bosnia and Herzegovina and FPR Yugoslavia. He is of Bosnian and Canadian descent. The actor’s father first appeared on stage when he was only 11 years old.

Father Jasmin received his training in the performing arts at the Academy of Dramatic Arts at the University of Sarajevo. At the university, he was instructed by the renowned director Emir Kusturica as well as the professor Boro Stjepanovic. When his father was in his second year of college, he first started earning acting gigs.

Concerning his mother, on the other hand, there is a dearth of reliable information at the moment. The famous actor from Canada has refrained from discussing his mother in public settings. Having stated that, we are aware of the fact that his mother is of Filipino descent.

Filip Geljo
Filip Geljo

Filip Geljo’s movies and TV shows

Here is a list of all the movies and television shows he has starred in, according to his IMDb profile.

2026: Avatar 4 (filming) as Aonung

2024: Avatar 3 (post-production) as Aonung of the Metkayina Clan

2022: Avatar 2 (post-production) as Aonung of the Metkayina Clan

2016: Odd Squad: The Movie as Otto 2016: Anneroids as Student

2014-2016: Odd Squad as Agent Otto

2015: Shahzad as Philip

2015: The Waiting Room as Dan

2014: The Last Chance as Lee

Some quick information on Filip Geljo

  • Is there an Instagram account that can be found for Filip Geljo? No. The accounts that are now accessible on the platform are shams.
  • The young actor has eyes and hair of a similar color, which is brown.
  • During an interview, he admitted that his true nature is quite like to that of Agent Otto from the television show Odd Squad.
  • On the television show Odd Squad, he shared the role of an agent with the Canadian actress Dalila Bela.
  • Is Otto from Odd Squad Filipino? He is a citizen of both the Canadian and the Filipino governments.
  • In school, mathematics was the student actor’s favorite subject to study.

FAQs about Filip Geljo

What is Filip Geljo’s age?

Filip Geljo is 20 years old presently.

What is Filip Geljo’s nationality?

Actor Filip Geljo holds Canadian nationality.

What is Filip Geljo’s ethnicity?

Filip Geljo flaunts mixed ethnic background. His father is a Bosnian and his mother is a Filipino.

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